Водонепроницаемые двери, люки и окна

Водонепроницаемые двери, люки и окна

2 Clip Spray Tight Door

4 Clip Gastight Door

4mm Mild Steel Plate Door

4mm Mild Steel Scuttle

5mm Aluminium Embossed Plate Door

5mm Aluminium Embossed Plate Double Door

8 Shoot Bolt Single Action Watertight Door 15m

A Class Door

A0 A15 Class Internal Door

A0 A15 Class Internal Door

A0 A60 Class Sliding Door

A0 Rated Offshore Window

A60 Class Door

A60 Class Double Door

A60 Class Heavy Duty Fire Door

A60 Class Internal Door

A60 fire door

A60 Module Offshore Doors

A60 Offshore Escape Hatch

A60 Rated Offshore Window

A60 Semi Watertight Door

Aluminium Alloy Hinged Door

Aluminium Alloy Sliding Door

Aluminium flush deck hatch

Aluminium or steel doors

Aluminium, steel or stainless steel frame

B Class Door

B15 Class Sliding Door

B15 Door

Bespoke Windows

Blast Proof Doors

Blast Proof Windows

Bolt-on and weld on hinges for fitting as a replacement on marine doors

Bulwark doors

Central locking system with spoke wheel, handle, disc or loose dogs

Coaming hatches

Commercial and Industrial Doors

Cylinder Mortise Lock

Cylinder Mortise Lock Sliding Door

Electric watertight navy door

Electric watertight sliding door

Electrical spray tight ship double door

External ship door

Fire rated ship windows and doors

Flush door or face-mounted doors

Flush round small hatch

H120 Blast Door

H60 Blast Fire Door

H60/120 Offshore Window

H60/H120 Blast Fire Door

Heavy duty door closers for A and B class doors

Hex-bolt strongback hatches

High quality sliding door locks for marine grade doors C class up to A60 rated doors

Hinged hatches

Hydraulic Deck Hatch

Hydraulic hatches

Hydraulic watertight shell door

Hydraulic watertight sliding door

Indicator Mortise Lock

Lift Off Deck Hatch

Low profile, quickacting hatches

Manual escape hatch

Marine Doors

Marine grade watertight door dogged clips and lever handles to suit watertight and weathertight doors and hatches

Marine Hardware

Marine Windows

Marine-grade handles

Marine-grade locks

Mortise Lock

Multi-bolt manholes hatches

Offshore series single leaf a60 fire door

Oval hatches

Pantograph door

Quick acting, 4 dog hatches

Rim fixed locks suitable for installation on internal and external doors

Round hatches

Round tank hatch

Single point and triple point panic systems rim fixed and working with mortice locks

Sliding doors

Spraytight ship doors

Spring loaded steel hatch

Square hatches

Stainless steel 316l hatch

Stainless steel hatch

Stainless steel tank hatch

Steel a60 doors

Steel deck hatch

Steel escape hatch with 2 handwheels

Steel flush deck hatch

Stock Doors


T-handle strongback hatches

Transom doors

Universal steel hatches hatches

Various types of container doors

Ventilation duct closing systems

Watertight central closed door with 3 lockings

Watertight Hatch

Watertight hatch with coaming and handwheel

Watertight hatches

Watertight machineroom door insulated

Watertight ship doors

Watertight ship hatch

Weathertight central closed door

Weathertight doors

Weathertight fore peak hatches

Weathertight plate hatches

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