Рукава и аксессуары для промышленности

Рукава и аксессуары для промышленности

1181 GGP / 1183 PGP

400M/400H Medium Pressure Annular Hose

402X Series High Pressure Annular Hose

403XM/404XM Series High Pressure Annular Hose

4121 SGF/4124 SSF

460/T321 stainless steel hose

480/880 Large Bore Medium Pressure Annular Hose

860/T316L stainless steel hose

A276 Series Special Alloy Hose

A400 Series Special Alloy Hose

A625 Series Special Alloy Hose

Abrasion resistant ducting hoses

Ac fittings

Ac hoses

AFBX Medium Pressure Annular Hose

AFCX Super Flexible Medium Pressure Annular Hose

Agricultural sludge injection & traveler water hose

Agricultural spraying hose

Air and water hoses

Air blow guns and accessories

Air breathing hose assemblies

Air tool assemblies

Air tool hose assemblies

Air treatment units (frl)

Airbrake coils

Airbrake spiral

Air-conditioning fittings assembling tools

Air-conditioning hoses and fittings

Aircraft refuelling hose, type c

Aircraft refuelling hose, type f

Aisi 316 stainless steel (s code marking – for chemicals, biodiesel and jet fuel, cryogenic fluids)

Aisi 316 stainless steel couplings

All purpose thermoplastic hose

Aluminium (a code marking, for fuels, very lightweight hoses)

Aluminum camlocks (instant locking arm)

Aluminum dry release adapter

Aluminum flange, jump, angle, spool, y, & reducing camlocks

Ammoniac hose

Anfor lever ball couplings

Anhydrous ammonia hose

Anti kinking sleeves

Api dry disconnect couplings

Api flanges and sealing rings

Api fuel couplings

Artificial snow hose

Asphalt heavy duty hose

Asphalt hoses

Automotive refrigerant hose

Automotive silicon hoses and silicon hose connectors

Automotive silicone hose: heater, coolant, radiator, turbo

Aviation refuelling hoses

Banjo fittings

Bauer lever ball couplings

Baylock camlock disconnects, dry breaks

Booster hose for fire fighting fluids

Booster hose for fire fighting fluids - fully luminescent cover

Brake fittings

Brake hoses and fittings

Brass and technopolymer push-in fittings

Brass claw couplings

Brass pipe fittings

Bronze / brass camlocks

Bsp male thread fittings

Bsp, nh, and nps aluminum camlocks

Bsp, nh, and nps stainless steel camlocks

Bulk material handling hoses

Bulk materials suction and delivery hose

Bunker and refuelling hoses, for petroleum products, gases and chemicals

Butt & socket weld-on camlocks, aluminum & ss

Butterfly valves (throttle valves)

Butterfly valves (throttle valves, flap valves)

Cable cooling hose

Cable protection hose

Cam & groove couplings

Camlock couplings

Camlock din 2828 (en 14420-7)

Camlock fittings

Camlock type fittings (type c or e)

Cardan couplings

Cardan couplings and accessories for screed

Cast iron and steel pipe fittings

Cga, lp, propane & natural gas hose assemblies

Check valves and filters

Chemical & chlorine hose assemblies

Chemical and petroleum discharge, pe-x tube.

Chemical and solvents discharge, viton® tube

Chemical ducting hoses

Chemical hoses

Chemically resistant ducting hoses

Chemicals and solvents, pfa conductive tube

Chemicals discharge hose, epdm quality

Claw couplings

Claw couplings made of stainless steel

Claw couplings with brass gasket

Claw couplings with holes for safety clips

Claw couplings with rubber gasket

Clear braided pvc & vinyl hose

Clear pvc & vinyl tubing

Cnc coolant hoses

Combination nipples and fittings

Common pressure washer hose assemblies

Complete fitting for hose

Complete fitting to clamp dn 65 trapezoidal thread

Complete fitting with machined insert dn 65

Composite bio diesel hose

Composite hose fittings

Composite hoses

Composite hoses and fittings

Compressed air hose

Compressed air hose and water hose for mines

Compressed air hose, with insulating rubber compound

Compression fittings

Concrete placement hose

Concrete pumping hose

Concrete pumping hoses and mortar hoses

Concrete vibrator hose

Conductive hose for chemicals, food, petroleum, pe-uhmw tube

Conductive hose to convey chemicals and petroleum products, pe-uhmw tube

Coolant hose assemblies

Cooling water discharge hose with fibre glass cover

Corroflon and bioflex ultra hoses

Corrugated polyamide hose

Corrugated polyurethane hose

Couplings compliant with api standards

Couplings for oil and gas industry

Crude oil drilling hoses

Cryogenic breakaway couplings

Cryogenic Hoses

Cutting ring assembling and tube flaring machines

Ddc, dgc, dac dry disconnect couplings

Delivery and suction-delivery hoses

Delivery hoses

Delivery of chemicals, solvents and food, pe-uhmw tube

Delivery of solutions based on urea

Diesel exhaust (def) transfer hose

Din11851 stainless steel hygienic couplings

Discharge line hose in dredging operations

Discharge of aggressive chemicals, epr quality

Dissipative hose with white tube for dry abrasives

Dock hose

Dock oil hose

Dock oil hose according to en 1765 and bs 1435

Dredge hoses

Dredging delivery hose

Dredging suction hose

Drilling mud and oil delivery

Dry aviation couplings

Dry cryogenic couplings

Dry disconnect couplings

Dry gas couplings

Dry release coupler

Dsp couplings

Ducting and ventilation hose connectors

Ducting and ventilation hoses

Ducting hoses and ventilation hoses

Ducting hoses connectors

Ectfe (fluoropolymer similar to ptfe, hoses for highly aggressive chemicals)

Ectfe lined couplings

Electrically heated hoses

Electrically heated hoses intended for operation in potentially explosive atmosphere (ex)

Electrically trace heated hoses

Emergency breakaway couplings

Epdm chemical suction hose

European air couplings

Exhaust extraction hoses for cars and aggregates

Express couplings

Extra High Pressure Smooth Bore Hoses

Extreme temperature air-brake hose

Extruded hose for air and water

Extruded hose for brake systems

Extruded hose for fuels

Extruded hose for hot water and non aggressive fluids

Extruded hose for non aggressive chemicals

Extruded hose for welding

Extruded hot water washing hose

Extruded petrol and diesel oil hose

Fep chemical transfer hose

Ferrari lever ball couplings

Fiberglass hose

Fibreglass braid

Filters, check valves, relief valves and other

Fire adapters, storz & grooved adapters, couplings

Fire hose brass adapters, valves

Fire hose ends - expansion, threaded, forestry, snow, storz

Fire hose wrenches, hydrants, spanners, adjustable, storz

Fire, rack, & forestry protection hose

Fittings for high pressure gas hoses

Fittings intended for chemical hoses

Flame retardant version of any standard hose

Flange adapters, jic connectors

Flange couplings

Flange fittings e.g. Din (en) pn16, fixed and swivel

Flexible acid and chemical hose

Flexible automotive hose

Flexible boat hoses

Flexible cable protection hose

Flexible compressed air hose

Flexible dredging hose

Flexible ducting and ventilation hose

Flexible durable hose to handle air

Flexible epdm food suction hose

Flexible fire fighting hose

Flexible freon hoses

Flexible hose for chemical industry

Flexible hose for construction sector

Flexible hose for fire systems

Flexible hose for oil & gas

Flexible hose for onshore operations

Flexible hose for railway sector

Flexible hose for suction and discharge of milk from tank truck

Flexible hoses for agriculture

Flexible hoses for metallurgy

Flexible hoses for mining sector

Flexible hoses for peristaltic pumps

Flexible hoses for water and air

Flexible hydraulic oil hose

Flexible metal hose assemblies with fittings

Flexible metal hoses

Flexible platform oil rigs hose

Floating hoses and equipment

Fluorescent hose

Fluoropolymer 1171 GGF / 4171 SGF / 4174 SSF

Fluoropolymer Hoses

Fluoropolymer Vapor 1331 GGF / 4331 SGF / 4334 SSF

Fluoropolymer, kynar/pvdf, ptfe, fep tubing

Foam cleaning, spraying and dosing devices

Foldable flexible connection between sections of discharge pipes in dredging systems

Food and beverage hoses

Food flexible hoses

Food grade hot air blower hose

Fuel and oil delivery hose

Fuel and oil hoses

Fuel delivery hose, fire resistant, used in pleasure boats

Fuel din 2817 (en 14420-5)

Fuel dispensing hose fittings

Fuel fill marine hose

Fuel hose for aircrafts, type e

Fuel, oil and petroleum hoses

Fuelling hoses

Fume control service

Function fittings

Gas fittings

Gas hoses and fittings

Gasoline and diesel fuel nozzles

Gate valves

General purpose fuel and oil hoses

General purpose hoses

General purpose no-crimp hoses

General purpose push-on hoses

GGP901 Small Diameter Petroleum Hose

GGP982 Large Diameter Petroleum Hose

Gk couplings

Gravity discharge road tanker hose

Grooved couplings

Guillemin couplings

Guillemin symetrical couplings

Hammer unions

Hastelloy camlocks

Heated hoses

Heavy Duty 3091 PGP/3094 PSP

Heavy Duty Polypropylene Chemical Hose

Heavy duty steel wire compressed air hose

Heavy DuUS Hose Fittingsty 4091 SGP/4094 SSP

Helical hose made of series 300 stainless steel with up to 2 layers of braid

High pressure cleaning hose fittings

High pressure cleaning hoses

High pressure gas hoses

High Pressure Hoses

High Pressure PTFE Hoses

High pressure wash guns and accessories

High temp transfers, rail car loading / unloading, fire safe applications and atex composite hoses en 1474-ii, en 12434 and pgs33-2

High temperature air, water and wet exhaust suction and delivery hose

High temperature ducting hoses

High temperature hose

High voltage cable protection and cooling hose for electric arc furnaces

High voltage cable protection and cooling hose for electric arc furnaces

High-Temp Fluoropolymer Hose 4131 SGF/4134 SSF

Hose and pipe cleaning machines

Hose clamps and hose ferrules

Hose clips and hose clamps

Hose crimping machines

Hose cutting machines

Hose for biofuels

Hose for lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) dispensers

Hose handling equipment

Hose in aisi 304 stainless steel braid

Hose protection covers

Hose reels

Hose safety systems

Hose skiving and fitting inserting machines

Hose testing benches

Hoses and fittings for industry

Hoses fof oil tankers in ports, tank trucks, rail tankers

Hoses for  motor boat or yacht fuel systems

Hoses for biodiesel

Hoses for cold and hot air blowing

Hoses for draining water from floating roofs inside storage tanks with petroleum products

Hoses for exhaust systems and sanitary installations of yachts and boats

Hoses for gas or exhaust extraction and removal

Hoses for high pressure gases

Hoses for hot oiled air

Hoses for industrial vacuum cleaners

Hoses for liquid sulphur and bitumin

Hoses for loose bulk materials

Hoses for road sweepers and street cleaning machines

Hoses for the transfer of commercial gasoline, diesel fuels, oils and other petroleum products including bio-diesel, bio-diesel blends, ethanol and ethanol blends

Hoses intended for crude oil

Hoses intended for food industry

Hoses intended for snow making equipment

Hoses intended to transfer chemically aggressive fumes

Hoses made of polyurethane

Hoses of j1527 a2, iso 7840, uscg, nmma & abyc fuel fill hose

Hoses, couplings and fittings for tank wagon

Hoses, couplings, fittings and rubber compensators for road tankers

Hoses, couplings, nozzles and rubber expansion joints for lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) refuelling, loading and unloading

Hot air blower hose (tank truck, dry bulk transport)

Hot air blower hose from compressor to tank

Hot air blower hoses used on tank trucks

Hot oil hoses 100°c

Hot water discharge hose

Hot water washdown hose

Hydraulic adaptors

Hydraulic ball valves

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic directional control valves

Hydraulic fittings and ferrules

Hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic oil suction and delivery hose

Hydraulic oil suction and delivery hose

Hydraulic power units

Hydraulic pressure measuring instruments

Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic quick couplings

Hydraulic rotary unions

Hydraulic steel tubes

Hydraulic tube connectors

Hydraulic tube connectors din 2353

Hydraulic tube connectors sae-j1453 (orfs)

Hydraulic tube connectors sae-j514 (jic 37°)

Hydrocarbon drain hose

Hydrocarbon Hoses

Hygienic valves

Hygienic valves for the food industry

Ibc coupling (intermediate bulk container)

Idf stainless steel hygienic couplings

Industrial composite hoses

Industrial fittings

Industrial flexible hoses

Industrial steam hoses

Industrial swivel joints

Industrial vacuum hose

Industrial water spray guns

Instrumentation ball valves

Instrumentation ball valves medium and high pressure

Instrumentation connectors single and double ferrule

Instrumentation needle valves

Instrumentation needle valves medium and high pressure

Instrumentation pressure gauges

Instrumentation pressure gauges and accessories

Instrumentation quick release couplings

Instrumentation quick release couplings single shut-off or double shut-off

Instrumentation threaded connectors

Insulation blowing hose

Insul-Flange Insulated Spool Flange

Interlocked Hose

Interlocked Hoses

Internal swaging system

Klaudia lever ball couplings

Large Bore Marine Hoses

Laux 42 lever ball couplings

Lay flat fire hoses on hose reels

Lay flat water discharge hose

Lever ball couplings

Light and flexible oil suction and delivery hose

Lightweight ducting hoses intended for the removal of fumes from tanks and tankers

Liquefied petroleum gas (lpg) composite hose

Liquid asphalt hoses

Live swivel camlocks - aluminum & stainless

Livewell & bilge marine hose

Loading and unloading couplings

Loading and unloading oil and petrol hoses

Loading arms

Loading sight glasses

Lock nut pneumatic fittings

Lock nut pneumatic fittings

Locomotive air brake hose

Low pressure ec type hose fittings

Low pressure fittings

Low pressure gas hoses

Low pressure non-conductive steam hose

Low pressure quick relaese couplings

Low temp oil return hose

Low-temperature hoses for cryogenic fluids (lpg, carbon dioxide, ammonia, ethylene)

Lpg, lng, cryogenic gas couplings

Malleable iron & cast iron camlocks

Marine bunkering hoses

Marine cargo hose

Marine fuel line hose

Marine general purpose hoses

Marine loading arm

Marine Polypropylene Vapor Hose 1321 GGP / 3351 PGP

Marine Polypropylene Vapor Hose 1324 SGP / 4324 SS

Marine safety breakaway couplings

Marine silicone exhaust & coolant hose

Marine wet exhaust gas hose

Marking machines

Material handling hoses

Medium Pressure Convoluted Hoses

Medium Pressure Hoses

Medium Pressure Smooth Bore Hoses

Metal Braided Hoses and Hose Assemblies

Metal ducting & ventilation hose (aluminum & stainless)

Metal flexible water hose

Metal hoses and fittings for metal hoses

Microbe resistant, food grade suction and discharge hoses

Mining conduit hose

Mold coolant quick release couplings

Mortar couplings

Mortar couplings and accessories

Mortar hoses

Multi purpose chemical suction and discharge hose, with cross-linked polyethylene tube

Multifunctional tube processing machines

Multipurpose hose suitable for use in agriculture, car washes, industrial vehicles, compressors

Multi-purpose low-temperature hose

Multi-purpose rubber hose

Multi-sectional directional control valves

Natural rubber suction & discharge hose

Nylon & polypropylene tubing

Nylon camlocks

Oil and petrol pump hoses

Oil field fracturing hose

Oil field vacuum hose

Other ducting hoses

Other instrumentation connectors and couplings

Other instrumentation valves and filters

Oxygen charging hose

Pantographs hose

Peristaltic pump hoses and tubings

Perrot lever ball couplings

Petrol pump hoses

Petrol station equipment

Petroleum and petrochemical vapor recovery hose

Petroleum dispensing hose

Petroleum transfer hose

PGP998 Large Diameter Chemical Hose

PGP998 Large Diameter Chemical Hose

Pipe and hose mounting clamps

Pipe clamps din3015

Pipe connecting clamps

Pipe deburring machines

Pipe fittings (pipe connectors)

Plaster hose

Plaster pump accessories

Plastic fittings and connectors

Plastic quick release couplings

Pneumatic actuators

Pneumatic fittings

Pneumatic hoses

Pneumatic valves

Polar locomotive hose

Polyamide – nylon-coated carbon steel (n code marking, for biodiesel, jet fuel)

Polyamide (fuel hoses and biodiesel hoses)

Polypropylene (fuel hoses and chemical hoses)

Polypropylene Bottom Loading Hose 1061GGP

Polypropylene camlocks

Polypropylene Oil Hose 1091GGP

Polypropylene reducing camlocks

Polypropylene Vapor Hose 1321 GGP / 3351 PGP/ 222 AAP

Polypropylene-coated carbon steel (p code marking, for chemicals)

Precision pipes in aisi 316/316l stainless steel

Pressure gauges (manometers)

Pressure metal hoses

Protected rail brake hose

Protective Hose Coverings

Ptfe braided hoses

Ptfe brake hoses

Ptfe hose fittings

Ptfe hoses

Ptfe hoses without reinforcement

Ptfe lined hydraulic hose

Ptfe process hoses

PTFE SGF/SSF Small Diameter Hose

Ptfe smoothbore hose in a single or double

Ptfe smoothbore hoses

Ptfe tubings

Push-in fittings for food industry

Push-on hydraulic hose

Pvc ducting hoses

Pvc layflat water hose (discharge)

Pvc sanitation hose

Pvc suction & transfer water hose

Pvdf white camlocks

Quick release couplings for food and beverage

Quick release couplings for steam

Quick release water couplings

Quick-disconnect couplings dn 7.2

Quick-push-in connectors

Radiator hose

Rail brake hose

Rail tanker loading and unloading couplings

Railroad bristle hose

Refueling equipment

RF67 Series Ultra High Pressure Helical Hose

Rjt stainless steel hygienic couplings

Roof drain hose

Rotary joints

Rubber automotive heater & coolant hose

Rubber discharge water hose

Rubber ducting (air ventilation hose)

Rubber freon hoses

Rubber freon hoses for car air-conditioning

Rubber hoses for tank trucks

Rubber marine exhaust & coolant hose

Rubber steam hoses

Rubber transfer & suction water hose

Rubber vacuum & abrasive hose

Rubber xlpe, uhmwp, ptfe, viton, & epdm chemical hose

Sae flange hydraulic connectors

Safety breakaway couplings

Safety valves

Saj2006 r2 for marine exhaust hose

Sand blast hose

Sand blast with dry ice hose

Sandblast & dry ice blast hose

Sandblast couplings

Sandblasting couplings

Sanitary hose for the toilets in the trains

Sanitary marine hose

Self coiling air hose, recoil

Self floating suction and delivery hose for petroleum products

Self floating suction and delivery hose for potable water

Series 300 stainless steel braid

Series 300 stainless steel braid

Sewage hoses used to empty portable toilets and septic tanks

Sewer cleaning & jetting hose

Sewer cleaning hoses and fittings

SGF969/SSF969 PTFE Large Diameter Chemical Hose

SGF969/SSF969 PTFE Large Diameter Chemical Hose

SGP969 Large Diameter Chemical Hose

SGP969/SSP969 Large Diameter Chemical Hose

Ship chandler, nakajima, machino, john morris, guillemin couplings

Ship to ship composite hoses

Ship to ship petroleum products loading and unloading hose

Ship to ship petroleum products loading and unloading hose according to en 1765 and bs 1435

Ship to shore composite hoses en 13765 / en 13766 (iso 27126 / 27127)

Silicone hoses and silicone tubings

Silicone rubber braid

Small Diameter Chemical Hose

Small Diameter Cryogenic Hose

Small Diameter Petroleum Hose

Sms stainless steel hygienic couplings

Snap coupling complete with gasket and safety pin

Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves (electromagnetic shut off valves)

Spa, pool, pondflex, & hot tub water hose

Special chermical hose

Special guns and lances for steam cleaning

Special hose slings and hosebuns

Special purpose hoses

Special purpose hoses intended to cool furnaces in steel mills, resistant to high temperature and heat radiation

Special rubber steam hoses

Speedfit system

Spiral pneumatic hoses

Stainless steel camlocks (instant locking arm)

Stainless steel camlocks (standard)

Stainless steel claw couplings for water

Stainless steel dry release adapter

Stainless steel hygienic couplings

Stainless steel pipe fittings

Stainless steel reducing, angle, spool, and jump camlocks

Stamped Ends

Standard Duty 3081 PGP

Standard polyamide braid             

Static conductor material handling hose

Static dissipating hose

Steam accessories

Steam hose

Steam hose fittings

Steam hoses and steam fittings

Steel braid        

Steel hoses

Steel reinforced heavy duty yellow air hose

Steel wire compressed air hose

Storz couplings

Straight connector sleeve

Stripwound metal hose    

Stripwound steel hoses

Suction & transfer epdm water hose

Suction and delivery hose for cooling systems

Suction and delivery of chemicals, solvents and food, pe-uhmw tube

Suction and delivery of drilling mud and oil

Suction and delivery of potable water

Suction and delivery of seawater, mud, oil and petroleum products

Suction hose for liquid organic materials with oil traces and chemical residues

Suction hose with rings for dredger

Suction hoses

Suction of abrasive materials specially developed for suction excavators

Suction strainers

Symmetrical couplings

T316L stainless steel hose

T321 and T316L stainless steel hose

Tank cleaning hose

Tank truck drop elbows, camlocks, adapters, and fittings

Tank truck hose

Tank truck hose for the suction and discharge of fuels

Tanker couplings

Tankwagen couplings

Tape Wrap Low Pressure Convoluted Hoses

The inner layer of chemical hoses

Thermal protection hose covers

Thermoplastic hoses

Threaded couplings and adapters

Threaded pneumatic adapters

Transfer of chemical substances

Triclamp couplings

Triclover stainless steel hygienic couplings

Truck brake spiral

Tube bending machines

Tw couplings

UFBX Series Medium Pressure Annular Hose

Uhmw chemical suction & discharge hose

Uhmwp chemical suction & discharge hose

Ultra high pressure adaptors and accesories

Ultra High Pressure Hoses

Ultra high pressure quick release couplings

Ultra high pressure spir star hoses and accessories

Ultra high pressure thermoplastic hoses and fittings

Ultra high psi waterblast, water jetting & cleaning hose

Ultra Lightweight Polypropylene Drop Hose

Universal dispenser hose

Urethane ducting

Urethane hose

Urethane leaf collector hose

Urethane sweeper hose

Urethane transfer hose (for abrasives)

US Hose Fittings

US Hose Stamped Ends

Vacuum lifting hoses

Valve manifolds

Valve manifolds 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-valve

Vapor Recovery GGV944 Polypropylene Hose

Vapour recovery hose

Viton® acid suction hose

Washdown hoses

Water discharge hose

Water discharge hose assemblies

Water removal & hydrant hose

Water suction and discharge hose

Waterblast hoses

Welding fume extraction hoses made of self-extinguishing pvc

Welding hose

Zinc-plated carbon steel (galvanized, g code marking, for fuels)

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