Контейнерная техника, подъем и крепление груза

Контейнерная техника, подъем и крепление груза

10' container lifting spreader

10 mm g80 short link lashing chain

10' spreader swl 25t

120t lifting set

13 mm g80 short link lashing chain

1400t lifting set

16 mm g80 short link lashing chain

160t lifting set

2 x 1000t cranes

2 x 12 ton lifting beam

2 x 120t cranes

2 x 150 ton lifting beam

2 x 150t cranes

2 x 180 ton lifting beam

2 x 180t cranes

2 x 250 ton lifting beam

2 x 250t cranes

2 x 60t cranes

2 x 700 ton lifting beams

2 x 700t cranes

2 x 80 ton lifting beam

2 x 80t cranes

20' container lifting spreader

20' electric container spreader

20' spreader swl 33t

20' spreader swl 50t

20’ flat rack

2000t lifting set

240t lifting set

300t lifting set

360t lifting set

40' container lifting gear swl 42t

40' spreader swl 42t

500t lifting set

50mm ratchet with elephant foot

50mm ratchet with hook

6 mm g80 short link lashing chain

6 x 19 + fibre core

6” compensating stacking cone

75mm ratchet with elephant foot

75mm ratchet with hook

8 mm g80 short link lashing chain

Actuator pole for semiautomatic twistlocks

Actuator pole for semiautomatic twistlocks

Air operated impact wrench for speed king

Air operated lashing gun

Anchor boom blocks

Angle profiles

Api sheaves

Automatic midlock

B-65 lineload twistlock 55°

Basket for lifting 1 person

Basket for lifting 2 persons

Basket for lifting 3 person

Battery operated impact wrench for speed king

Beam clamps & trolleys

Big surface semi-automatic twistlock

Big surface twistlock

Bin for lashing materials

Bottom corner casting

Bottom guide cone

Bottom guide cone with locking hole

Bottom iso cornercasting left or right

Bottom lifting gear for 20' containers

Bottom lifting gear for 40' containers

Bottom lifting gear for containers

Bottom lifting lug

Bottom side rail

Bottom stackers

Bow shackle

Breech base cover

Breech base d-ring

Breech base socket

Breech base twistlock

Breech base twistlock



Buckles for webbing

Bulk container parts

C hook for lashing chain

Car chock

Car double beam lifting gear swl 3t

Car lashing bl 1,5t coated hooks

Car lashing bl 2t coated hooks

Car lashing points

Car lashing with loop bl 1,5t

Car lashing with loop bl 2t

Car lashings

Car lifting gear with polyester net swl 3t

Car loop

truck loop

Car webbing

Cargo bin

Cargo blocks with becket

Cargo blocks without becket

Cargo keepers

Cargo lashing bl 10t hook / elephantfoot

Cargo lashing bl 10t hook / hook

Cargo lashing bl 5t hook / elephantfoot

Cargo lashing bl 5t hook / hook

Cargo lashing points

Cargo webbing

Carlashing 1.5t

Carlashing 1.5t with loop

Carlashing 2t

Carlashing 2t with loop

Carlashing d-ring 4t

Carloop 2t

Carloop with alcantara sleeve

Carpenter stopper

Carton corner protector

Cast sheaves, rigging

Chain 11mm

Chain 13mm

Chain 9mm

Chain block

Chain short link

Chain sling with 1 leg

Chain sling with 2 legs

Chain sling with 3 legs

Chain sling with 4 legs

Chain strap

Chain tensioners & turnbuckles

Chain turnbuckle hook / elephantfoot

Chain turnbuckle hook / hook

Chain turnbuckle hook/elephant foot

Chain turnbuckle hook/hook

Chainlashing hook/elephant foot

Chainlashing hook/hook

Chainlashing hook/hook-elephant foot

Chainlashing hook/one side only

Chainlashing hook/shackle

Chainlashing shackle/shackle

Chainlashing without end fittings



Choker hitch chain

C-hook 11mm

C-hook 13mm

C-hook 9mm


C-hooks for 11 mm long link

C-hooks for 13 mm long link

C-hooks for 9 mm long link

Circular hole stacking cone

Clevis elephant foot

Clevis or jaw type elephant foot

Closed body chain turnbuckle

Closed spelter sockets

Closed wedge sockets

Connecting link

Connecting link bus lashing

Construction blocks

Container accesoires

Container bottom lifting gear

Container doors

Container hook

Container lifting spreader 50t swl

Container parts

Container spreaders

Container wheels


Corner casting

Corner protector

Corner protector for webbings

Corner protectors



Crane blocks

Crane forks & carriers

Crane swivels

Crinckle bar

Crossbar lashing pot


Csc plate

Cup for lashing hole

Deck lashing turnbuckle

Decksockets and d-rings

Dee shackle

Depot stacker

Din 3064 6 x 36 + steel core

Door gasket / door seal / door rubber for dry airvents

Door locking hardware

Door sill


Double car lashing eye

Double carlashing d-ring 4t

Double d-ring 36t

Double d-ring 50t

Double intermediate stacker

Double lashing plate

Double longitudinal flush iso decksocket

Double longitudinal raised iso decksocket

Double longitudinal stacking cone

Double transversal dovetail decksocket 45°

Double transversal dovetail decksocket 55°

Double transversal flush iso decksocket

Double transversal raised iso decksocket

Double transversal round cup stacking cone

Double transversal stacking cone – cc =203mm

Double u-frame foundation 45°

Double u-frame foundation 55°

Dove tail locking cone

Dovetail line load twistlock 45

Dovetail line load twistlock 55°

Dovetail twistlock 45°

D-ring 20t

D-ring 36t

D-ring 50t

D-ring 67t

D-ring with strap


Drum chain

Dry box parts

Dual wire, semi-automatic, intermediate twistlock

Dunnage bag

Dunnage wood

Electric hoists / winches

Electric spreader

Elephant feet

Elephant foot lashing points

Elongated raised iso decksocket

Elongated u-frame foundation

Elongated u-frame foundation

Emergency tool for t-5

Endless chain sling

Endless polyester flat webbing sling

Extension handle

Extension handle for chain lever

Extension lever

Extension rod

Extension rod hook eye

Extra lifting eyes

Extra sharp priced product

Eye elephant foot

Eye elephant foot

Eye hook

Eye hook for lashing chain

Eye type elephant foot

Eye-swivelhead lashing bar

Fairleads roller

Fast connector sockets

Fast reeve crane blocks

Fixed base twistlock

Fixed lashing (container, roro & general cargo, mooring)

Flag directional blocks

Flat endless lifting slings

Flat rack bin for lashing materials

Flat racks and bins

Flatrack parts

Flush breech base deck socket

Flush d-ring 36t


Flush elephant foot lashing point

Flush elephant foot lashing point with collar

Flush iso/elephantfoot foundation

Flush lashing pot

For cell guides, manual, right handed locked, intermediate twistlock

Forged buckle for one way lashing

Forged buckles for one way web lashing

Forged lifting hooks

Forged sheaves

Fork lift pockets

Forklift pockets

Front bottom rail

Front cornerpost

Front panels

G80 short link chains

Grab hook

Grating hook

Green pin shackle

Grommet according to en 13414


Groove radius gauges

Guide cone

Half elephant foot lashing point

Half flush elephant foot lashing point with collar

Hamburger turnbuck lashing barle

Hamburger turnbuckle

Hamburger turnbuckles

Hand chain hoists

Hanging stacking cone with flange

Hanging stacking cone without flange

Hatch cover lifting gear

Hatch cover lifting gear 20' position

Hatch cover lifting gear 40' position

Hatch cover lifting lug for 20' and 40' position

Hatch cover lifting lug transversal

Heavy duty trailer horse, l= 1700mm

Height adapter cone/cone

Height adapter iso-hole / cone

Height adapter iso-hole/iso-hole

Height adapter turnfoot/iso-hole

Height adapters

High capacity light weight blocks

High tensile steel turnbuckle

Hoist wire rope / slings

Hook / eye lashing rod extension

Hook for iso hole

Hook/jaw turnbuckle, double acting

Horizontal directional blocks

Horizontal twistlock, side twistlock

Hydraulic jacks

Hydraulic trailer horse

Industrial supplies

Inox webbing hook / hook

Intermediate pressure support

Intermediate stacker midlock

Intermediate stackers

Intermediate support

Intermediate twistlock left handed locked

Intermediate twistlock left handed locked for cell guides

Intermediate twistlock right handed locked

Intermediate twistlocks

Iso bottom stacker

Iso bottom stacking cone

Iso flush foundations

Iso foundation for lifting

Iso foundation with eye for lifting

Iso hole / cone

Iso hole turnbuckle

Iso raised foundations

J chasers

Knob lashing bar

Knob lashing rod extension

Knob/jaw turnbuckle

Large seat semiautomatic twistlock

Large seat twistlock

Large seat twistlock

Lashing / winch wire rope

Lashing bar eye hook

Lashing bars

Lashing bars and turnbuckles

Lashing car

Lashing chains

Lashing chains, assembled, different types

Lashing chains, chainturnbuckles and tension levers

Lashing equipment

Lashing parts

Lashing plates

Lashing point

Lashing rod extension with knobs

Lashing rods, extension rod,eye / swivel, eye type, knob / swivel, knob type

Lashing shackles mbl20t

Latch hook

Left handed locked, manual, wide body, intermediate twistlock

Lever hoists

Lifitn wires 6x36

Lifting beam for special purposes

Lifting beams

Lifting beams assemblies

Lifting chains & hooks

Lifting clamp for tubes

Lifting clamps

Lifting clutch

Lifting d-ring

Lifting gear for containers / cargo

Lifting gear for general cargo/empty containers

Lifting gear for hatch cover

Lifting gear for trucks vans & cars

Lifting gear with net

Lifting hook

Lifting hook wll 12,5t

Lifting hooks

Lifting lug for hatch cover

Lifting magnets

Lifting products

Lifting rai sed iso decksocket

Lifting raised iso decksocket with eye

Lifting sets

Lifting shackles

Lifting slings

Lifting straps

Line load u-frame twistlock 45°

Lineload transversal twistlock

Lineload, bottom twistlock


Locked, bottom twistlock

Locking pin for cone

Locking pin for turnbuckle

Locking systems

Long link lashing chains

Longitudinal dovetail twistlock 45°

Longitudinal dovetail twistlock 55°

Longitudinal sliding raised iso decksocket

Loose lashing

Loose lashing (container, roro & general cargo)

Manual twistlock for lifting

Manual, bottom twistlock


Mechanical jacks


Mixed boxes (chains and tension levers)

Motorcycle lashing s-hooks

One-way webbing

Open spelter sockets

Open wedge sockets

Opentopcontainer parts

Operation pole for semi-automatic twistlocks

Operation pole for standard twistlocks

Oval eye plate

Overhaul balls

Pad eye

Pad eyes type

Panama chock bulwark type

Panama chock deck type

Personnel lifting baskets


Plastic corner protector

Plastic plug for elephant foot foundation

Plastic plug for iso hole

Plastic sheaves

Plates liftingkeys

Plywood / apitong / container flooring


Polyester assemblies

Polyester flat webbing sling

Polyester round sling

Port industry sockets

Protection equipment

Quadruple flush iso decksocket – cc =203mm

Quick release hooks

Railway chock

Railway jack

Raised double iso foundation

Raised double iso foundation longitudinal

Raised double iso foundation one elongated hole

Raised foundations

Raised half elephant foot lashing point

Raised mini car lashing point

Raised single iso foundation

Raised single iso foundation elongated

Ratchet chain block

Ratchet straps

Ratchets – loose

Rear cornerpost

Reefer keeper

Reefer lashing eye

Reefer parts

Reinforced raised elephant foot lashing point

Removable d-rings

Rigging gear

Ring nut

Rised breech base deck socket

Roofpanels / patches

Round overhaul balls

Round slings

Rubber corner protector

Rubber granulated plate 310x150x4mm

Rubber mat 2500x700x10mm

Rubber mat 5000x250x4mm

Rubber plug for iso hole


Running length webbing 2,3t, 5t, 10t

Safety hook

Safety stacker

Safety stacker

Samson wire rope blocks

Screw on lifting point

Screw pin shackle

Securing pad

Self hanging stacker

Self hanging stacker without flange

Semi-automatic twistlock

Semi-automatic twistlock

Semiautomatic twistlock double wire

Semi-automatic twistlock for lifting

Semi-automatic twistlock large base

Separation tape


Sheave pulleys

Short bow sockets

Short link chain

Sidepanels / patches

Signalization cone red / white

Single car lashing eye

Single dovetail decksocket 45°

Single dovetail decksocket 55°

Single flush iso decksocket

Single intermediate stacking cone

Single lashing plate

Single lashing plate

Single lashing plate with stopper

Single raised iso decksocket

Single round cup stacking cone

Single sheave blocks

Single stacker

Single u-frame foundation 45°

Single u-frame foundation 45° elongated

Single u-frame foundation 55°

Single u-frame foundation 55° elongated

Sliding iso foundation

Sliding iso foundation transversal

Snatch blocks


Solid sheaves

Spanbanden / ratchet tie down

Spanner for breech base cover

Spanner for bridgefitting

Spanner for chain and deck turnbuckle

Spanner for open house turnbuckle

Special container accessoires

Speed king elephant foot / chain-clutch

Speed king hook / chain-clutch

Speed king hook for sat deck openings


Speedlash with elephant foot

Speedlash with hook


Split overhaul balls

Spreader exstension

Spreader options


Stacking cone with flange

Stacking cone, bottom cone, with flange

Stacking cones

Stacking cones and twistlocks

Standard intermediate twistlock

Standard reeve crane blocks

Standard trailer horse, l= 1500mm

Standard trailer horse, l= 1700mm

Stopper plates

Super reeve connector sockets

Super reeve connector swivel sockets

Supports and bridgefittings

Swage sockets closed

Swage sockets open

Swivel hook assembly

Swivel latchhook assembly

Swivel lifting point


Tailgrip open wedge sockets

Tank parts

Telescopic actuator pole

Telescopic actuator pole for semiautomatic twistlocks

Telescopic actuator pole quick joint

Tension / pressure

Tension bridge fitting

Tension lever 11mm

Tension lever 13mm

Tension lever 9mm

Tension lever with hook

Tension lever without hook

Tension levers, round type

Tension levers, square type

Tension pressure bridge fitting cl-6a

Tension/compression bridge fitting

Terminal stacker

Tools for container lashing systems

Top corner casting

Top end rail

Top iso cornercasting left or right

Top lifting lug

Top plate for elephant foot fitting

Top side rail

Top support

Trailer chock

Trailer horses and jacks

Trailer jack

Trailer lashing bl 12t hook / elephantfoot

Trailer lashing bl 12t hook / hook

Trailer lashing bl 20t hook / elephantfoot

Trailer lashing bl 20t hook / hook

Trailer parts

Trailer webbing


Trailerlashing 20t, 2,5m hook/elephant foot

Transversal dovetail twistlock 45°

Transversal dovetail twistlock 55°

Transversal sliding raised iso decksocket

Transversal twistlock

Transversal, bottom twistlock

Trapezoid series

Triangle plates

Triple lashing plate

Truck double beam lifting gear swl 15t-40t

Truck lifting gear

Truck lifting gear with net

Truck lifting gear with polyester net swl 32t

Truck loop

Truckloop 10t

Truckloop 5t

Turn foot stacker

Turnbuckle key


Turnfoot / iso hole

Turnfoot cone

Turn-foot d-ring

Turnfoot d-ring 40t

Turnfoot d-ring 40t

Turnfoot d-ring 40t


Twistlocks complete

U-frame bottom locking cones

U-frame bottom twistlock (transversal)

U-frame bottom twistlock (transversal) with side lock

U-frame bottom twistlock for lineload (transversal)

U-frame bottom twistlock lineload

U-frame bottom twistlocks

U-frame d-ring 45°

U-frame d-ring 55°

U-frame lineload twistlock

U-frame locking cone

U-frame raised foundations

U-frame twistlock

U-frame twistlock (transversal)

U-frame twistlock line load (transversal)

U-frame twistlock lineload

Us type shackles

Us type turnbuckle eye eye, drop forged

Us type turnbuckle eye jaw, drop forged

Us type turnbuckle hook hook, drop forged

Us type turnbuckle jaw jaw, drop forged

Us type turnbuckles

Van lifting gear

Van lifting gear with polyester net swl 10t

Vehicle double beam lifting gear swl 8t

Vertical directional blocks

Vertical knob lashing bar

Vertical knob type

Vertical lashing bar

Warping roller

Waste container parts

Web lashings

Webbing hook

Webbing with inox hardware 25mm hook / hook

Webbing with inox hardware 35mm hook / hook

Weblashing 10t, 10m hook/elephant foot

Weblashing 10t, 10m hook/hook

Weblashing 10t, 15m hook/elephant foot

Weblashing 10t, 15m hook/hook

Weblashing 10t, 25m hook/elephant foot

Weblashing 10t, 25m hook/hook

Weblashing 5t, 5m hook/hook

Weblashing 5t, 9m hook/hook

Weblashings, trailerhorses and chocks

Weld on lifting d-ring

Weld on lifting point

Weld onhook

Weldable cones

Welded and stamped one-way buckles – webbing hooks

Welded sheaves

Wheel chocks

Wide trailer horse

Wire rope clips

Wires & grommets

Wires & grommets

Yellow pin shackle

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