Канаты, тросы, сети и аксессуары

Канаты, тросы, сети и аксессуары

Towing shoes

Towing sleeves


Trawl warps

Triangle plate

Tubular hawser thimble


Twisted, braided, and specialty ropes

Upper and lower panel netting

Vs 16.1 black eagle non rotating steel cable (vs 35)

Winch cable

Winch lines

Winch Rope

Winchline; mooring tails fibre ropes

Wire rope accessories

Wire rope clips

Wire rope end terminations

Wire rope hoists

Wire rope slings – 1 leg

Wire rope slings – 2, 3, 4 legs

Wire tow rope protectors


Yachting ropes

Yellow winch rope

Plasma winch rope

Polyester fibre ropes

Polyester twine

Polypropylene & high tensile polypropylene

Polypropylene fibre ropes

Polypropylene ropes float

Predator netting


Python classic 27

Python compac 35

Python hoist c

Python power 9r

Python power 9s

Python super 8c

Python super 8r

Python super 8s

Python ultra cp

Python ultra r

Python ultra s

Red winch rope

Reinforcement netting

Rope and netting for use in sea based fish farming

Rope and netting specifically for pelagic trawling

Rope slings for 'engineered lifts'

Ropes for mining and dredging

Ropes with a double-braid design

Rotation-resistant hoist wire ropes

Round slings (endless slings)

Roundsling (grommet) - complete with chafe protection

Safety & fall arrest netting

Salvage ropes


Seismic tow ropes


Short bow sockets

Single laid slings

Single leg sling - complete with chafe protection

Single leg slings (eye/eye slings)

Single point mooring

Single point mooring hawsers

Sisal Rope

Sling Webbing

Sling Webbing red color

Sling Webbing Yellow color

Slings & terminations

Socketing compound


Stainless steel wire rope

Steel wire ropes

Studlink chaincable test loads

Super reeve connector sockets

Swaged forestry steel wire rope

Sweeps and bridles


Synthetic ropes



Tow nets

Towing & mooring, anchor and pennant lines

Towing lines

Heavy lifting slings

helicopter landing net

helideck landing net

Helideck Net

High modulus polyethylene fibre ropes

high quality sisal rope

High quality twine

High strength polyester/polypropylene (20:80) fibre ropes

High strength polyester/polypropylene (50:50) fibre ropes

High strength polypropylene fibre ropes

High tenacity nylon twine, twisted and braided

high tenacity polyester flat webbing sling

Higher strength cut resistant debris netting

High-Strength Cargo Nets

Hmpe plus ropes

Htpp rope

Industrial Sling Rope

Industrial Sling Rope

Inner UHMWPE outer polyester braided rope

Iso 2408:2004

Jis g3525

Jute Rope

Kite lines


Lifting & rigging gears

Lifting and coring ropes

Light Duty Cargo Baskets

Light Duty Cargo Nets

Load measuring devices

Main tow bridle

Manila Rope

Manilla ropes

Marine Rope

Messenger lines

Mining Rope

Mixed fiber ropes

Mixed polyolefin(pp/pe)

Mixed pp/pes

Mooring lines: with or without braided jacket

Mooring links

Mooring pendants

Mooring points

Mooring ropes

Mooring ropes (8 strand)

Mooring ropes and lines

Mooring stoppers

Mooring tails

Mooring tails and connections

Multi strand, non-rotating, hoisting wire rope

natural sisal rope

Netting and rope for both inshore and offshore ground trawling


Non-rotating - compacted steel wire rope

Non-rotating - non-compacted steel wire rope

Nylon fibre ropes

Nylon mono and multifilament fibre ropes

Offshore rope

Open spelter sockets

Open wedge sockets

Pick-up lines

Blue winch rope

Border rextremely light landfill netting

Border ropes

Bs 302

Bs en12385

Cable grips

Cable with synthetic cover

Cable-laid & grommet slings

Cargo Net

Chafe protection

Chain systems

Chain through type buoy

CHNMAX uhmwpe Double Braided Rope

Closed spelter sockets

Closed wedge sockets

Cod end netting and codline

Construction 1 x 19

Construction 19 x 7 rotation resitant

Construction 7 x 19

Construction 7 x 7

Crane wire ropes

Custom designed heavy lift slings

D12 duplex ropes with dyneema®

D12 trawl warps, with dyneema®

Deep water scampi en squid trawls

Deep water single net trawls

Deep water twinrig trawls

Deep water wing trawls

Deepwater mooring

Double Braided Rope

Dyneema tails

Elevator wire rope

Emergency tow systems

Endless webbing sling

Euro 4 compacted

Europack 35

Europack 35 p

Europack 6 6 strand compacted + steel core 6 x k19

Europack 6 6 strand compacted + steel core 6 x k31

Europack 8

Europack 8 p

Eye Sling Webbing

Fast connector sockets

Fibre rope protection

Fishing line

Fishing Winch Rope

Flat webbing & round slings

Flex rope

Flexible d12 duplex braided d-tails

Float rope

Floating ropes


Frame ropes

Gangway Net

Green winch rope

Grey winch rope


Grow nets (cage nets)

Hawser thimble


100% high tenacity polyester flat webbing sling

12 strand braided ropes

12 strand with hmpe cover

12 x 1 strand braided

12mm Natural Fibe Sisal Rope

12-strand Braided Rope

12-strand Nylon Rope

12-strand Polyester and Polypropylene Mixed Rope

12-strand polyester rope

12-strand Polypropylene Multifilament Rope

12-strand synthetic winch rope

12strand UHMWPE Mining Rope

12-strand UHMWPE rope

19×7 steel wire rope

19x7 rotation resistant

3 ply polyester rope

3 Strand Manila Rope

3 Strands Nature Color Sisal rope

35×7 compacted steel wire rope

35×7 steel wire rope

35x7 non rotating

3mm-50mm sisal rope

3-strand Nylon Rope

3-strand Polypropylene Multifilament Rope

3-strand Polypropylene Rope

3-strand Twist Rope

4 x 36/39 ws + stc euro4

6 nylon rope

6 strand rope

6 x 19 + fibre core rope

6 x 19 seale (1 + 1 + 9) = 114 cables rope

6 x 36 warrington-seale + fibre core rope

6 x 36 warrington-seale + steel core rope

6 x 37 (1 + 6 + 12 + 18) + fibre core rope

6 x 7, 6 x 12, 6 x 24 + fibre core rope

6×24 fc steel wire rope

6×36 fc steel wire rope

6×36 iwrc steel wire rope

6-strand steel wire rope

6-strand Twist Rope

6x29fi + iwrc steel wire rope

7 x 19 + steel core

8 strand

8 x 19 seale + fibre core 140/180 kg/mm² iso 4344

8 x 19 warrington (1 + 6 + [6 + 6]) = 152 wires

8 x 36 warrington – seale (1 + 7 + [7 + 7] + 14) = 288 wires

8-strand Braided Rope

8-strand Nylon Rope

8-strand polyamide/polyamide multifilament rope

8-strand Polyester Rope

8-strand Polypropylene and Polyester Mixed Rope

8-strand Polypropylene Multifilament Rope

8-strand Polypropylene Rope

8-strand steel wire rope

8-strand UHMWPE rope


Aquaculture Rope

Aramid rope

Atlas Rope

Bleached sisal rope

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