Гидравлические и пневматические компоненты

Гидравлические и пневматические компоненты

Accessories charging and testing units


Ball valves

Bladder- / diaphragm accumulator spare parts

Bladder accumulators


Cooling systems

Cyinders, aggregates and accessories

Diaphragm accumulators

Din screw connections

Displays and spare parts

Elements / process technology

Filter elements / repair kits

Filter systems / compact aggregates

Finished hoses

Fittings & couplings

Fittings for fuel hoses

Fittings for special hoses


Fluid level displays / selector switches

Fuel hoses

Hoses for washing equipment

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic hoses / scuff protection

Hydraulic tubes, cylinder tubes, piston rods

Industrial hoses

Inline filters / return filters and spare parts

Level switches

Locking rings

Measuring instruments

Mobile filters / return filters and spare parts

Mounting technology / clamps

O-lok / triple-lok / a-lok / bv10

Pipe bends

Piston accumulator spare parts

Piston accumulators

Plug-in nipples / push-lok / aeroquip

Pneumatic connectors

Pneumatic tubes

Polyflex / synflex fittings

Polyflex / synflex hoses

Pressure filters and spare parts

Pressure sensors

Pull-out resistant pipe couplings

Pumps and engines

Quick-lock couplings

Return filters and spare parts

Safety and shut-off blocks

Self-fastening hose / push-lok / aeroquip

Shim washers

Spare parts / accessories for cooling systems

Spare parts and accessories for pumps and engines

Special filters / process technology

Stainless steel repair clamp

Suction filters / fill-in, breather filter, spare parts

Support washers

Temperature sensors

Volume flow measuring devices

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