WT HENLEY - WT Henley possesses a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001:2015, is also fully approved with supply chain specialists Achilles for UVDB, Verify and Supply Line (Ireland), together with Link-up, for manufacturers and suppliers of equipment to the Rail Industry. All of the products are fully tested to British or harmonised European or IEC standards.

Products Area

Cable Accessories

W T Henley Manufactures or supplies a complete range of Low and Medium Voltage components, for all your Cable Jointing needs, from connectors and resins to Complete Jointing Systems and mastics.

  • MV/LV Resin Cable Joints
  • Polyurethane Resin Compound
  • Re-enterable Compound
  • Electrical Stress Control Mastic
  • Plastic Compound

Polymeric Insulators

W T Henley was quick to identify the benefits of using composite polymer insulator technology to replace traditional materials such as glass or porcelain for Insulators.
We developed a unique EPDM* cladding material formulation, which has been in service now for more than a quarter of a century and in a variety of applications.
*Most products are now also available in Silicone

Benefits include

Light weight
Impact and vandal resistant
High pollution resistance
Low profile - makes them less environmentally obtrusive
A wide range of substrates and end fittings
Many direct replacement products to obviate the need to re-tension lines after replacement of traditional insulators

  • Distribution Insulators
  • Stand-Off Insulators
  • Insulators for OEM's
  • Railway & Light Rail Insulators

Low Voltage Fusegear

W T Henley manufacture a wide range of low voltage fusegear. Use the links on the right to browse through our catalogue.

Low Voltage Fusegear

  • House Service Cutouts
  • Insulated Connector Boxes (Henley Blocks)
  • Heavy Duty Cutouts
  • ABC Boxes
  • Service Boxes
  • Overhead Service Cutouts
  • Street Lighting Cutouts

Subsea Cable Accessories

Special Products

Our product range includes specially designed pulling heads to ensure that torsionally balanced cables safely reach their destination (at the platform) as well as temporary and permanent armour clamps.

Other products include explosion proof cable termination boxes, 'J' tube bungs and bend stiffeners.
Bespoke Engineering Solutions

The name WT Henley has been synonymous with Subsea Telegraphy and Power Distribution since the company was founded in 1837.

We have an impressive track record of supplying many of the world's largest Utilities, Gas and Oil majors with specialised subsea cable accessories, essential to enable the installation and maintenance of Subsea power and communication distribution systems.

WT Henley is fully audited and approved to ISO 9001: 2008 under certificate number 11261. We can draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design of Subsea cable accessories and the full backing of our team of design engineers further complements this.