VIPER WRL - Viper WRL Pty Ltd is a family-owned business that manufactures and supplies superior wire rope lubrication equipment and lubricant to the mining, oil, gas, shipping, marine, and other relevant industries. The Viper MK Series enables wire ropes to be safely, quickly, and effectively lubricated and has the potential to extend their life significantly. The Viper WRL MK Series eliminates manual greasing, reduces downtime, and improves equipment availability. It is a safer way to lubricate wire ropes, reduces lubricant usage, has less leakage, and reduces mess. The award-winning Viper WRL is the world leader in wire rope lubrication and has a distribution network in more than 70 countries. In order to maintain our leadership position in the market, we invest in strategic distributorships, innovative design, technical expertise, and dedicated people. We ensure we continue to add value to the businesses we serve.


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Viper WRL MK Series

The Viper MKII Series enables wire ropes to be safely, quickly and effectively lubricated and has the potential to extend their life significantly. The Viper WRL MKII eliminates manual greasing, reduces downtime and improves equipment availability. It is a safer way to lubricate wire ropes, reduces lubricant usage, has less leakage and reduces mess.
See below the range of wire rope lubricators Viper offers.

Suitable for wire ropes – 6MM to 44MM

The Viper Mini MK 3 provides a lightweight, easy-to-use option for smaller or hard-to-access wire ropes—ideal for construction and service cranes, anchor ropes, mobile cranes, etc.
Viper WRL Mid Kit    

Suitable for wire ropes – 6mm to 67mm

Fast and effective lubrication of wire ropes with a diameter between 6mm to 67mm. Ideal for wharf cranes, ship cranes, ROV cables, mine winders, mobile cranes, oil & gas platforms, anchor ropes, deck winches, overhead cranes, ship Loaders, etc.
Viper Wire Rope Lubricator Maxi Kit    

Suitable for wire ropes – 50mm to 165mm

Recommended for use with ROV cables, vessel crane ropes, underwater offshore wire ropes and drag lines.
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Each Viper Wire Rope Lubricator provides grease penetration, moisture displacement, and total coverage. By pushing lubricant into the core of the rope, it helps protect and maintain your wire rope.

The lubricator metal collar has a polyurethane seal that fits over the specific rope size. Once the product is attached to the rope at a fixed point, the rope can be pulled through the collar, allowing the steel scraper to remove dirt or debris and flatten loose strands before lubricating. A high-pressure, high-flow grease pump lets the lubricant penetrate the rope to the core. Able to lubricate at speeds of 1.2 miles per hour, a Viper MKII is the fastest option for lubricating your wire rope.

The Viper MKII Series enables wire ropes to be safely, quickly and effectively lubricated and has the potential to extend their life significantly. The Viper WRL MKII eliminates manual greasing, reduces downtime and improves equipment availability. It is a safer way to lubricate wire ropes, reduces lubricant usage, has less leakage and reduces mess. To remove the build-up of old lubricant, use our Wire Rope Cleaner.

Wire Rope Cleaners


Build-up of contamination can cause accelerated wear on ropes and sheaves, acting as an abrasive on interacting surfaces. The built-up residual lubricant and any associated foreign material encapsulate the rope, keeping in water and increasing the rate of corrosion.

If visual inspections are part of the rope maintenance regime, the old lubricant can effectively hide issues that may lead to failures that could have been managed. Effective lubrication cannot occur until this crust is removed and replaced with a high-quality lubricant.

Viper Rope Cleaners enable the removal of contamination or built-up, old lubricant from the wire rope prior to lubrication, improving the effectiveness of the lubrication process via the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator.

Viper Rope Cleaners (VRCs) are available in left- and right-hand lay, to suit 6- and 8-strand ropes and other strand configurations on request.

For certain types of wire ropes where the standard Viper Rope Cleaner is not suitable, the Viper ‘Smooth Bore’ rope cleaner is available. The Smooth Bore Rope Cleaner would typically be used on hose ropes with a large number of outer strands, some non-rotational ropes, ROV cables, etc., where the valleys between the strands are minimal and do not readily facilitate a standard Viper Rope Cleaner.


Wire Rope Seals

The Viper seal design and carefully tested polyurethane-blend material allow the lubricant to effectively penetrate into the core of wire ropes, where corrosion is most critical and often undetected. Viper MK Series Seals have been field-tested and proven to be extremely durable and wear-resistant, all while retaining their flexibility to achieve best “grease massaging” effects into wire rope cores. Viper MK Series Seals can last for up to 12,000–15,000m of rope lubrication.
What makes the Viper Seal so special?

The Viper seal is made from polyurethane with high abrasion resistance properties, meaning it is resistant to wear. This enables the seal to be used to lubricant thousands of meters of rope without being replaced.

Seal Design/Rib Depth

  • The material and internal design of the seal allow for the seal to mold to the shape of the rope. This creates a pumping action, massaging lubricant into the rope.
  • The seal molds to the rope, which means there is constant contact with the wire rope, which enables consistent lubrication.

Length of Seal

  • Increased dwell time between the rope and the seal allows for increased opportunity for the lubricant to be massaged into the rope structure.

Wire Rope Scrapers

The Viper WRL Scraper plates enable safe entry of broken wires into the seal, ensuring the rope and seal are not damaged. 

Viper recommends that wire ropes be physically measured prior to ordering seals and scrapers, as ropes in service may vary in size. Scrapers are supplied slightly larger than the actual wire rope size to allow for rope flexing.

Approved Wire Rope Lubricants

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Approved Wire Rope Lubricants
Types of Wire Rope Lubricants

When purchasing wire rope lubrication, there are two key types you need to be aware of: Penetrating lubricants and Coating lubricants. Both of these wire lubes have specific uses and benefits, so let’s look at each.
1. Penetrating lubricants

Penetrating lubricants are designed to coat wire rope with a thin lubricant film and penetrate the core.
2. Coating lubricants

Coating wire lubricants are designed to withstand water washout, protect against corrosion, penetrate, and provide extreme pressure protection.
How To Choose Lubricant

There are a few factors to consider when choosing wire rope lube:

  • Size of rope: The diameter of your rope will significantly influence selecting the right lubricator for you.
  • Type of core: Different cores respond better to different types of lubrication.
  • The best application method: If you’ve manually lubricated your ropes in the past, consider whether this is the most effective and efficient available.

Viper WRL Approved Lubricant List

The lubricants listed below have been tested in application with the Viper WRL system and are compatible with all components of the Viper WRL System.

VPG-0 Penetrating Grease

Tacky Fluid Grease Resists Water, Penetrates Wire Ropes

Viper WRL Penetrating Grease VPG-0, is a soft, semifluid formulation designed to coat wire rope with a thin lubricant film as well as penetrate to the core. Its tacky, water-resistant characteristics enable it to adhere strongly and to seal out damaging moisture. Viper WRL Penetrating Gease contains a wear-reducing additive that protects against premature wear and shields metal against corrosive attack.
Why Use VPG-0 Penetrating Grease
Beneficial Qualities
What This Means for you
Wear Reduction & Corrosion Protection

  • Lubricates and reduces wear to wire rope and sheaves
  • Protects wear-intensive areas such as cable drums and cable sheaves
  • Lessens resistance when surfaces slide over one another, ensuring cooler operation
  • Seals all surfaces, protecting against rust and corrosion
  • Sheilds against corrosion attack


  • Excellent for wire rope and cables

Tackiness & Water Resistance

  • Clings tightly to wire ropes
  • Resists sling-off; keeps work area clean
  • Stays in place in presence of heat and moisture for long service life
  • Increases service intervals, requiring less lubricant to be used

Smooth, Quiet Operation

  • Enables strands to move freely, reducing fatigue
  • Softens shocks with its full-bodied, semifluid properties

Performance Requirements Met or Exceeded

  •  USDA H2


  • ypical operating range is -29°C to 77°C (-20°F to 170°F)
  • Not for high temperature use
  • Not recommended for submerged applications

Typical Application

  • Wire Rope
  • Cable Sheaves
  • Crane Wire Ropes
  • Shiploader Hoist Luffing Ropes
  • Mobile Cranes

VCG-1 Coating Grease

For marine and industrial applications which are subjected to water washout such as anchor wires, tow wires, underground winders and any underwater use.

Viper WRL Coating Grease VCG-1, is a technologically advanced lubricant designed to withstand water washout, protect against corrosion, penetrate and also provide extreme pressure protection for winch drums and sheaves. The red tacky NLGI#1 grease will provide superior service life in marine and mining applications with non drip or fling tendencies.
Why Use VCG-1 Coating Grease
Beneficial Qualities
What This Means for you
Provides Superior Protection

  • Minimises friction, heat and wear
  • Protects against shock loading
  • Resists rust, corrosion and oxidation

Increases Uptime and Saves Money

  • Lowers lubrication costs of wire ropes through increased relubrication intervals of wire ropes
  • Reduces machinery downtime when applied with a Viper wire rope lubricator
  • Reduces maintenance costs by reducing friction wear and most importantly corrosion in wire rope applications
  • Simplifies inventory by being used as a bearing grease  and wire rope lubricant.
  • Red colour makes it easy to see in service.

Withstands Heat and Cold

  • Performs well in broad temperature range
  • Has dropping point of up to 177°C (350°F)
  • Offers exceptional lubricating qualities even at high operating temps
  • Maintains excellent pumpability even at low operating temps

Stays Put for Extended Use

    Clings to metal surfaces
    Won’t wash off or pound out

Seals Out Moisture

  •  Will not wash off even in high turbulent water


  • Suitable for all types of wire ropes requiring a coating type outer strand lubricant with some penetration.
  • Ideal for use through the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator
  • Recommended for submersed applications

Typical Applications

  • Crane Wire Ropes
  • Shiploader Hoist Luffing Ropes
  • Anchor Wire
  • Tow Wire
  • Tug Boats
  • Rov Cables