VICTOR MARINE - Victor Marine Ltd. Victor Marine are specialists in the design and manufacture of Tank Washing Machines, Gas Freeing Fans, Oily Water Separators and Sewage Treatment Systems.

Victor Marine Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of Oily Water Separators, Tank Washing Machines, Sewage Treatment Plants and Gas Freeing Fans. Formed in 2005 from the merger of two established brands in the marine industry, namely Victor Pyrate Ltd and Hodge Separators Ltd, the company has over 100 years of experience in supplying equipment to the marine industry.

Victor Marine is an autonomous company within the Samuel Hodge Group, a British engineering company founded in 1897, with its origins in ship repairing and machine tool rebuilding.

Today, leading the field from its UK headquarters, Victor Marine has forged relationships with representatives worldwide to provide shipbuilders, operators and owners with the most respected and reliable products in the marine industry, including totally bespoke packages, full customer support and unrivalled after-sales service.

Victor Marine’s cutting edge range of equipment is currently supplied to a wide variety of global customers.

Victor Marine’s current product range includes:

Victor Pyrate Tankwash Equipment

Type: VP Twin Nozzle Tankwash Machines

Application: For the thorough cleansing of vessel cargo tanks in order to avoid delays, insurance claims and general pollution.

Victor Pyrate has been involved in tank washing since the formation of the company in the early 1950’s and the recognition we have gained is in no small way due to our active involvement in the writing and implementation of the crude oil washing (COW) regulations during the 1970’s. The company still strives to uphold this hard-earned reputation by continuously developing new products and improving existing products

Victor Pyrate Gas Freeing Fan Equipment

Type: VP Water and Air Driven Portable machines;
Application: For gas freeing operations of vessel cargo tanks in order to avoid explosion and danger to vessel and crew between cargo changes.
Victor Pyrate gas freeing fans can be used to gas free tanks on VLCC’s down to the smaller and more sophisticated product and chemical carriers.

Victor MiniSep Oily Water Separators

Type: Victor MiniSep Oily Water (Bilge) Separators, complying with the latest IMO regulations MEPC 107 (49);
Application: For use on vessels such as chemical, oil and products tankers, ferries, warships, cruise ships, yachts and fast patrol craft. To separate oil from bilge water to the required international
standard of 15 ppm (parts per million) oil content before discharge overboard for a cleaner marine environment and to aid the preservation of marine life worldwide.

The Victor MiniSep range of Oily Water Separators is by far, our best-selling product, and now includes the recently designed and approved CS Lite OWS unit, a compact and lightweight version of the original CS range of OWS. Victor Marine also manufactures the VM Series of OWS units, for the more discerning vessel owner. The complete range of Victor MiniSep OWS units are renowned for their efficiency, economy, ease of installation and servicing and importantly are extremely user-friendly, making the installation and use of these units trouble-free.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Type: FBBR (Fixed Bed Bio-Film Reactor)- A biological Sewage Treatment System, approved to the latest IMO standard MEPC 227(64) (excluding section 4.2) and MEPC 159(55) and certified by Bureau Veritas to EC MED Modules B+D and can be supplied either as a Gravity System or Vacuum System. Supplied with the latest touch-screen HMI display and Programmable Logic Controller for ease of control and monitoring.
Application: Suitable for the treatment of black or black/grey water systems on-board vessels and available in 15,30 and 50 man units.