TRUMETER - Trumeter was founded in 1937 in Manchester, UK, to support the textile industry with mechanical length measuring equipment. We quickly extended this expertise into measurement for cable, rope, timber, carpet, wallpaper and many other materials. By the 1980’s, Trumeter had developed a uniquely strong in-house engineering team and was innovating within a wide variety of measurement product categories including counters, timers and custom water quality indicators. We had also expanded our knowledge base into electromechanical and electronic products, delivering innovations in low power applications, capacitive touchsense and LED control. Today, our measuring wheel is widely known among surveyors and architects as “The Trumeter” is still the standard across many industries for distance measurement. Our line of advanced panel meters has revolutionized the digital panel meter market. And we’ve worked with some of the leading water pitcher manufacturers on custom filter life indicators. We’re not done innovating yet!

Products Area

Advanced Panel Meters

  • Power Meters
  • Process, Rate & Temperature Meters
  • Multipurpose Meters
  • Voltage, Frequency & Current Meters


  • Die Impression Counters
  • Predetermining Counters
  • Rotary Counters
  • Stroke Counters
  • Totalizing Counters


  • Day Timers
  • Hour Meters
  • Time Relays

Measuring Wheels

  • Road Measuring Wheels
  • Rugged Land Measuring Wheels
  • Rail Track Measuring Wheels

Length Measurement Tools

  • Cable, Wire & Rope Measurers
  • Fabric & Carpet Measurers

Other Products

  • Encoders
  • Panel Meters
  • Aura - Social Distancing Monitor
  • Tachometers
  • Thermometers