STARLINE FRANCE -  industrial valves Since 1989 Starline FRANCE is a company specializing in the supply of manual or motorized ball valves for all industrial fluids: gas, oil, steam, chemicals, petrochemicals, powder, thermal oil, water for low and high pressure. A wide range of high performance products has also been designed to meet the most severe service conditions such as cryogenics, high temperature, abrasion resistance or to secure your installations such as single or double insulation with an upgrade. the vent - DBB / SBB.

Subsidiary of Starline Italy, whose manufacturing quality is a reference in the industrial valve sector, we integrate on our site in Velaux (13) a large stock, an automation center, a design office, means of pressure tests , high-performance machine tools for made-to-measure sets as well as a sales department dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Forged ball valve

Low - medium pressure
Standard No. 2 Standard No. 2
Master Star No. 3 Master Star No. 3
Split Star No. 7 Split Star No. 7
3 and 4 WAYS N° 8 and N°9 3 and 4 WAYS No. 8 and No. 9
Super Star No. 1 Super Star No. 1
Threaded Star N. T1 Threaded Star N. T1
Forged ball valve

High pressure
Mega Star No. 6 Mega Star No. 6
Ultra Star No. 0 Ultra Star No. 0
Forged ball valve

Cryo Star No. 5 Cryo Star No. 5
Metal Star No. 4 Metal Star No. 4
Single Star Single Star
Twin Star Twin Star