SOLBERG - Founded in 1968, Solberg has evolved to meet the filtration system needs of customers in a vast array of industries. Our solutions protect industrial equipment and the environment. Over the last two decades, we’ve expanded to serve our global customers and established more than 20 facilities throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Our employees help to create elegant solutions for industrial filtration, silencing, and more. Thanks to our strict environmental and quality standards, we’ve paved a path as innovative leaders in the filtration industry.


 Vacuum Process Filters & Liquid Separators

    Particulate Removal
    Liquid/Mist Removal
    Vapor Removal

Inlet Air Filter and Filter Silencer Solutions: Blowers, Compressors, and Fans

  • FS / PS Series: Filter Silencers for Blowers & Compressors
  • 2G / QB Series: Enhanced Filter Silencers for Blowers, Compressors, and Fans
  • F/FT Series: Inlet Filters for Blowers & Compressors
  • SM SpinMeister® Series: Pre-Cleaner for Air Intake Filters

Industrial Silencers for Blowers, Compressors, & Vacuum Pumps

  • BBF Series: Positive Displacement Blower Silencer Frames
  • CAM Series Air Compressor Mufflers
  • SLCR / SLCRT Series: Regenerative Blower Silencers
  • EFS Series: Exhaust Filter Silencer

Vacuum Pump Discharge & Air / Oil Separation

  • HB Series: Hydraulic Breathers
  • HDL Series: Industrial Oil Mist Filters
  • DSV / DEE Series: Oil Mist Eliminator & Odor Adsorption Filters
  • EE Series: Recirculating Oil Mist Filter
  • EF Series: Small Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Filter
  • EFS Series: Exhaust Filter Silencer

Specialty Housings

  • ASME/PED Code Vessels
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings
  • Stainless Steel Filter Housings
  • Suction Scrubber Vessels
  • Explosion Protection: ATEX Certified Filters

Accessories: Prefilters, Precleaners, Gauges, and More

  • DSP Series: Automatic Pneumatic Drain System
  • SpinMeister® Precleaners
  • Foam Prefilters
  • Gauges
  • O-Rings, Gaskets & Fasteners

Crankcase Ventilation Systems Whitepaper
Oil Mist Eliminators

  • Powered Oil Mist Eliminators
  • CV Series: Static Vent Oil Mist Eliminators

Advanced Closed Crankcase Ventilation

  • Powered Crankcase Ventilation Systems
  • ACV Series: Closed Crankcase Ventilation Filters
  • Advanced Crankcase Ventilation with Vacuum Assist

Suction Scrubbers, Interstage Scrubbers, and Oil Separators for Gas Compressors

  • Scrubbers & Air/Oil Separators

Specialty Coalescing Filter Elements

  • Coalescing Elements

Accessories: Prefilters, Precleaners, Gauges, and More

  • Foam Prefilters
  • Gauges
  • O-Rings, Gaskets & Fasteners

Polyester Filter Elements: Various Micron Ratings
Paper Filter Elements: 2 Micron Rating
High Efficiency Media
Coalescing Filter Elements: 0.3 Micron Rating
Chemical Vapor Adsorption Filters
Specialty Filter Media
Silencer Pack
Foam Prefilters