SCHROFF - nVent SCHROFF GmbH is a German manufacturer of electronic packaging products. nVent SCHROFF products include cabinets, housings, chassis and related components for multiple markets such as telecommunications, data centers and traffic management. nVent SCHROFF GmbH is headquartered in Straubenhardt near Pforzheim, and was founded in 1962 by Gunther Schroff. It is now part of the UK-based company nVent Electric plc. nVent employs 9,000 people worldwide of which about 1,500 are part of the brand Schroff. The company runs in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and is certified to OSHAS 18001. Schroff is one of the largest employers in the Karlsruhe/Pforzheim region.

Product List

Cabinets and Racks, Indoor

  • 19" Electronics Cabinets
  • Open Frame Racks
  • Ruggedized Electronics Cabinets
  • Wall Mount Cabinets
  • Components

Server and Networking Racks

  • Server Racks
  • Networking Racks
  • Colocation Racks
  • Panels for Racks

Power Management and Distribution

  • Power Distribution Units with Emergency Stop
  • Busbars
  • Grounding Kits
  • PDUs (Intelligent and Standard)
  • Power Modules

Monitoring and Management

  • Keyboard Drawers
  • Monitor and Keyboard Drawers
  • Door Contacts
  • Management Gateways

Cable Management and Components

  • 19" Front Panels
  • Shelves and Slide Rails
  • Handles and Locks
  • Cable Managers
  • Rack Lights
  • Mounting Hardware