SAMGONG is a leading company in Marine Equipment Manufacturing its establishment over 50 years.

SAMGONG has been making constant efforts in R&D for land based items as well as marine items. All employees pledge to continue our best in not only improving the product qualities but also to give enhanced services to all customers.

SAMGONG was established in 1971 by my father, H.R.Zong, Chairman of SAMGONG CO.LTD and has devoted itself especially in the field of Marine Equipment Production for 50 years.
As one of the leading companies in Marine Equipment Manufacturing has grown in tough surroundings over a long time and now it is time to get all employees together with enhanced capability to make another success for the upcoming 60 years.

Considering impact of economic trends on Marine Equipment Production, we have been developing in R&D for land based items as well as marine items so that the company profit and growth shall be stably contributed by various items.

Likewise, we keep trying to share company's profit with all employees who do their best in their position. From now on, SAMGONG CO, LTD shall be putting much more efforts into customer satisfaction and quality in order to achieve success for the upcoming 50 years, 80 years or more than that time.

We sincerely believe that we would accomplish our intended goal. Experience, patience and challenge make SAMGONG CO, LTD a bigger and better company.