RICKMEIER company develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality gear pumps, valves and systems.

RICKMEIER is a family company which has grown over generations. We work to international quality standards, and we “live” reliability! Reliability means honesty, responsibility, conscientiousness, loyalty, thoroughness and diligence. These terms summarise the ethos of the RICKMEIER company and characterise our everyday dealings with customers, employees, suppliers and other business partners. The result: products and services bearing the seal Made in Germany and valued throughout the world. The high competence of our employees and the know-how that has grown over many years generate trust and customer loyalty. Only in this way we manage to supply the well-known gear pumps for various applications, pressure relief valves and hydraulic systems in the quality you are familiar with.

RICKMEIER develops, manufactures and sells high-quality gear pumps, valves and oil supply systems. Through continuous further development of its products and services, RICKMEIER offers its customers unique advantages.


Gear pumps / pump units: durable, variable and economical

RICKMEIER gear pumps and pump units perform a broad variety of tasks in a wide range of industrial applications: from lubrication circuits to pressure generation in hydraulic working systems or the transportation of liquids for oils and other flow media.

Pump series R6

Under the headline PUMPED UP, we are starting the market launch of the new R6 Series, which, step by step, will replace the established R5 Series.
The term PUMPED UP refers to the expansion of up to 40 % in the displacement volume in existing sizes and consistently implemented downsizing.

Pump series R5

From the point of view of both purchasing price and operation, the proven external gear pumps of the standard R5 series are the most economical solution for a wide range of applications. Sturdy design and the use of high-quality wear components guarantee long and reliable operation. The rotary shaft seals ensure a particularly long service life.

Pump units series R5

All gear pumps of the R5 series can be supplied as a unit with electric motor, bracket, clutch and other accessories.

UNI pumps

Generally, reversing the direction of rotation at the pump input shaft reverses the direction of flow. RICKMEIER universal pumps always pump in one direction of flow, irrespective of the drive direction of rotation. This characteristic makes these pumps ideal for all applications where a reversal flow direction is undesirable.

Customised pumps

RICKMEIER realises customised solutions for every conceivable customer interface and installation situation (attachment pumps, cartridge pumps etc.) with various pipe connections (DIN, SAE and special designs), even in small quantities and batch sizes. And simple pressure relief valves or pilot-operated, external pressure control valves can be integrated even in the largest pumps.

Valves: reliable and robust

RICKMEIER pressure valves are reliable, robust and extremely durable. They are used all over the world in lubrication technology as well as for all kinds of oils or lubricating liquids.

RICKMEIER valves have been especially developed for installation into pipelines and are used for pressure limitation and pressure control. A spindle allows precise adjustment of the desired opening or working pressure. The valve piston has a low breakaway force and enables a sensitive response of the valve when the set pressure is reached. Sharp control edges on the piston and valve boxes make the valves insensitive to dust particles in the medium.

In addition, we offer pilot-controlled pressure relief and control valves for particularly high flow rates (up to 5000 l/min), optionally with external actuation, as well as pilot-controlled pressure relief valves with electrical or pneumatic change-over or with proportional control.

Directly controlled pressure relief valves RSn / RSn(E) (DN12 to DN50), maximum flow rates: 40 l/min to 650 l/min

Pressure relief valve DBV40

Pilot-controlled pressure relief valve DBV40 (DN40), maximum flow rate: 400 l/min

Pressure relief valve DB9

Pilot-controlled pressure relief valve DB9 (DN80), maximaler Volumenstrom: 1800 l/min
Special versions (examples):

Pressure control valve DBV40

Pilot operated pressure control valve DBV40 (DN40) with external control

Valve DB9

Pressure stage switching valve DB9 (DN80) with electrically or pneumatically actuated directional control valve

Pressure control valve DBV80

Pilot operated pressure control valve DBV80 (DN80) with external control, flanged design for mounting without piping

Pressure control valve DBV125

Pilot operated pressure control valve DBV125 (DN125), maximum flow rate: 5000 l/min

Oil supply systems: solutions for the mechanical engineering industry

For container, base plate, mounting plate or carrier plate systems – RICKMEIER oil supply systems are developed and manufactured at our Balve location, to individual customer requirements and in accordance with the highest standards of reliability and durability.

Extremely high quality and a fair price-performance ratio have established RICKMEIER oil supply systems worldwide and stand for “Made in Germany”.
We offer personal project support from experienced engineers, from concept development to engineering and right through to the construction of the oil supply system. The flexible use of our own in-house gear pumps and pressure control valves allows us to find solutions tailored to specific customer requirements, depending on the application, as container, base plate or carrier plate systems. Verification that each system complies with the highest quality standards is carried out on our own test rigs by correspondingly qualified and certified employees and is a matter of course for RICKMEIER.

RICKMEIER oil supply systems are used in transmission and drive technology, compressor and turbine construction, designed for wind generation plants and for friction bearings in large diesel and electric motors, mills, roller plants, to name a few examples.

Oil supply system with container and base plate for supply of transmissions and slide shoe bearings (example: WS 3500 S-2x R65/400)

Oil supply system for main gearbox of paper machine

Container system for oil supply system to main gearbox of a paper machine (example: WS 400 S-2xR45/80)

Oil supply system of main gearbox of an extruder line

Base plate system for oil supply to main gearbox of an extruder line (example: GP-2xL2NG-116/180)

Base plate system for marine drives

Base plate system for oil supply to marine drives (example: GP-L2NG 164/190)

Oil supply system for supply of transmission and slide shoe bearings

Oil supply system with container and base plate for supply of transmissions and slide shoe bearings (example: WS 6000 S-2xR95/710)

Engineering: profit from know-how developed over generations

Our RICKMEIER engineers and technicians develop gear pumps, valves and systems for widely varying applications using the expertise and know-how acquired over generations.


Customer-oriented development times, reliable products and satisfied customers are the focus of its daily work. RICKMEIER ENGINEERING stands for over 100 years of pump technology "Made in Germany."


  • For customised products, close support from concept planning to prototypes right through to series production, including comprehensive in-house testing and assistance during field tests
  • Continued support following the start of series production by means of systematic product monitoring (aim: product optimisation, predicted service life, determination of wear limits, recommended replacement/maintenance intervals etc.)
  • Long-term supply of spare parts, repair and provision of documentation, including documentation from previous series
  • State-of-the-art measuring and testing procedures as proof of the high in-house standards of quality and reliability
  • Analysis and optimisation of lubricating oil concepts
  • Comprehensive documentation provided on delivery as verification of compliance with high quality standards.