PERMA - Perma-tec GmbH & Co. KG. For more than 50 years, perma has stood for innovative and creative lubrication solutions. perma single- and multi-point lubrication systems are used in almost all types of industries and applications around the world. perma’s leadership in the single-point lubrication market is based on numerously patented and specifically certified products. All perma products are developed, tested and manufactured in the company’s headquarters in Germany and meet the quality standard “Made in Germany”. With many years of experience, a global network of own subsidiaries and competent partners around the world, perma can offer customers many solutions that meet the highest technical requirements.

PERMA LUBE BOOK Automatic Lubrication
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PERMA LUBE BOOK Automatic Lubrication

Product List

Single-Point Lubrication Systems (Electrochemical)

  • perma CLASSIC
  • perma FUTURA
  • perma FUTURA PLUS
  • perma FLEX
  • perma FLEX PLUS
  • perma NOVA

Single-Point Lubrication Systems (Electromechanical)

  • perma STAR VARIO
  • perma STAR CONTROL
  • perma ULTRA

Multi-Point Lubrication Systems (Electromechanical)

  • perma PRO MP-6
  • perma PRO C MP-6
  • perma PRO LINE
  • perma PRO C LINE
  • perma ECOSY