MultiMetall is the manufacturer of PolymerMetall®.

For more than 40 years MultiMetall invests in polymer-metallic material technologies for the maintenance of metals and alloys.

In the fight with these special tasks our polymer-metallic materials are professionally equipped.

Tough hard, wear resistant and long-lived – even under more difficult conditions.

Successful on oily or under water lying repair areas.

Good to exceptionally good is the assessment as per certificate 301954. (Lloyds Register of Shipping)

Superiority due to mechanical physical data, which counteracts the constant load.

The continuous compressive strength under load can be more than 160 MPa.

A force of 245 MPa is necessary to reach the upper limit. (Fraunhofer Institut Germany)

Difficult to damage when attacked by chemicals e.g. acids, alkaline solutions, solvents, salts, gases etc.

PolymerMetall® has a high potential of research and development.

The equipment that lets metals live longer.

Product name Properties / usage
MM-metal SS-steelceramic PolymerMetal with the widest range of application for repairs and maintenance of all metals and alloys
MM-metal SQ PolymerMetal with easy processing and extreme short full curing
MM-metal SS-steel 382 PolymerMetal as high quality material with best technical data
MM-metal SS-steel PolymerMetal for repairs of constructions made of steel and iron
MM-metal SS-aluminium PolymerMetal for repairs of constructions made of aluminium
MM-metal SS-copper PolymerMetal for repairs of constructions made of copper
MM-metal SS-bronze PolymerMetal for repairs of constructions made of bronze
MM-metal oL-steelceramic PolymerMetal for repairs and maintenance of oily, greasy or fuel contaminated metals and alloys
MM-metal UW PolymerMetal for repairs under water or on wet metal surfaces
Ceramium® Polymer-Ceramic with maximum wear resistance against continuing material loss on metallic surfaces
Ceramium® CH* Polymer-Ceramic with good wear resistance and high chemical resistance * Product currently not available
XETEX® BD Two-component construction adhesive for high-strength bonding
VP 10-017 Tough elastic Polymer-Ceramic with high impact strength and cavitation resistance
VP 10-500 PolymerMetal for repair and maintenance of metals in the high temperature range
Molymetall® PolymerMetal with a very low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating properties
Sealium® One-component-material to seal metals, alloys and casting materials of all kinds
MM-metal S-steel
MM-metal S-iron
MM-metal S-aluminium
MM-metal S-copper
MM-metal S-bronze
PolymerMetals for optical improvement of metallic components
MM-Elastomer Elastomer with rubber-like characteristics
MM-Sets PolymerMetals with plenty accessories for many different applications at versatile repair problems
Accessories Accessories for easier and extended application of MultiMetall-products