MIBA - Miba develops and produces functionally critical components along the entire energy value chain. Our products make an important contribution to the efficient and sustainable generation, transmission, storage and use of energy. Miba powder metal parts, bearings, friction materials, power electronics components, coatings and components for e-mobility are used around the world in applications like vehicles, ships, aircraft, agricultural and construction machinery, wind power turbines or power grids.

Miba is one of the leading strategic partners to the international engine and automotive industries, from providers in the fields of energy generation and transmission, in the oil and gas industry as well as in plant engineering. Our product portfolio includes sintered components, engine and industrial bearings, friction materials, power electronics components and coatings, used around the world in motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft, power plants, refineries, compressors and industrial pumps.


  • Powder metal parts
  • Hydrodynamic bearing technology
  • Friction materials
  • Miba Coatings
  • Power Electronics
  • Miba Mechanical Engineering for Future Driven Industries
  • eMobility

Powder metal parts

Miba powder metal components are used in a wide range of industries. Whether in robotics, conveyor technology, compressors and eBikes, in medical technology or in the automotive sector - the high precision and high strength of these components means they deliver impressive cost efficiency and reduced weight. Their implementation reduces the CO2 footprint.

Powder metal technology uses several processes to produce high-strength and high-precision parts. First the Miba mixed powder metal material is pressed with in-house built precision tools to form a compact (also called a green compact), which has sufficient strength to be safely handled to the next process step. Then in the next process step the compact is sintered at a temperature of up to 1250°C. During the heat treatment, the individual powder particles combine and the powder metal component acquires its strength.

To achieve the highest possible precision and density, for some applications the component is sized after sintering and - if necessary - heat-treated, surface-coated, mechanically reworked or assembled.
Cost-efficient solutions

  • Maximum utilization of raw materials with lowest energy consumption compared to other technologies
  • A production close to final contour ("net shape") avoids additional machining steps
  • High repeatability in series production

Customized products

  • Complex geometries
  • Optimization in terms of strength and weight
  • Tailor-made materials for every requirement
  • Excellent NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) properties
  • Unique magnetic properties
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Controlled porosity
  • Isotropic properties as well as selectively compacted component areas

High torque capacity through surface compaction

  • Various compaction technologies to increase component strength
  • Spur and helical gearing
  • internal and external gearing

Green technology

  • Metal powder made from recycled steel scrap
  • Maximum raw material utilization, less waste
  • Low energy consumption

Tailor-made solutions thanks to many years of experience

Thanks to our global presence, standardized manufacturing processes and many years of experience in development, we deliver customized powder metal parts at optimum cost efficiency.
Comprehensive application knowledge for fast development cycles

We are close to our customers and adapt to your requirements. Together with Miba, you achieve faster development cycles for powder metal parts. We help our customers in selecting the appropriate powder metal technology, start with their challenge and developing the right solution.
Test bench for function tests on individual powder metal parts
Technological edge thanks to our R&D expertise

Our research & development team offers technical support in design and validation as well as in material and process development.

We have state-of-the-art test rigs for performing near-implementation functional tests on individual components as well as at system level. Thanks to our in-depth know-how in the area of our core processes - combined with many years of application expertise - we offer our customers efficient solutions. Supported by a comprehensive network of development partners, we constantly develop our knowledge further.
Use of material combination for powder metal parts
Individual material combinations for optimum products

We carry out all material and process developments in-house, adapted to the respective application. This enables us to achieve optimum results for your powder metal parts in terms of component strength, quality, resource utilization and costs.
Quality control of powder metal parts by personnel with know-how
Continuous optimization of our operating processes

State-of-the-art production equipment for automated line production enables us to process customer orders efficiently. High process capabilities and productivity levels as well as the continuous development of our processes guarantee the same quality standards worldwide.
The key to a perfect product: high-precision tools

We have our own tooling centers at all production sites. The tools are developed and produced internally using the latest technologies and with cost efficiency in mind.

Having our own tooling shop also enables us to respond quickly to design changes from our customers worldwide. In addition, our tools are very durable due to the use of state-of-the-art tool steels and carbides.

The powder metal process

From powder to precise components!

Hydrodynamic bearing technology

Miba is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydrodynamic bearings for engines, turbines and compressors. A hydrodynamic bearing also offers advantages in the gearboxes of wind turbines and aircraft turbines.

Miba hydrodynamic bearing technology delivers solutions that push other technologies to their limits

Miba hydrodynamic bearings allow a wide range of applications: At moderate speeds, dynamic loads of up to 140 MPa are possible; at low loads, speeds of up to 160 m/s.
Thanks to our extensive expertise in applied engineering and materials, we can offer custom-built and cost-effective solutions where other bearing technologies reach their limits. Our bearings use a hydrodynamic film to contact the shafts. Depending on the application, the use of a hydrdynamic bearing can bring advantages over roller bearings.

Versatile range of applications for hydrodynamic bearings

We have acquired in-depth knowledge over decades on the tribology of hydrodynamic bearings and bearing-mounted drive components. The breadth of our application experience (both in terms of high loads as well as high speeds) is reflected by the range of industries in which we are active with our technology.

From development and choosing materials, to testing and simulation tools as well as excellent application technology, we support our customers in finding the best solution for their application.

  • Engine bearings
  • Industrial Bearings
  • Plain Bearings vs. Roller Bearings

Engine bearings

Markets are changing more rapidly than ever, and environmental requirements and performance demands are evolving constantly. Around the world, manufacturers of high-performance diesel and gas engines face a variety of challenges.
Thanks to its international presence, the Engine Bearing Branch within Miba Bearing Group – as a specialist for engine bearing applications and production – offers its customers flexible and customized solutions. From development to choice of materials and exceptional application engineering, right through to logistics, we stand for innovative problem-solving skills when it comes to engine bearings.

Engine bearings are crucial components playing a significant role in engine function and service life. They help position crank- and camshafts, minimize friction during operation and protect the engine from damage and breakdown. By constantly developing new types of bearings, Miba ensures that modern engines are able to deliver maximum performance efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner even under extreme conditions.

Over several decades, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the tribology of engine bearings and the power train components that run on bearings. Thanks to our extensive experience in many areas, we are able to offer the right solution for every bearing application. Our strengths include independence from raw materials, highly advanced, reliable production processes and efficient quality management that is focused on meeting all functional requirements as cost-effectively as possible.

Industrial Bearings

The Industrial Bearing Branch produces hydrodynamic bearings and labyrinth seals for use in critical rotating equipment, such as turbines, compressors, generators, motors, and industrial pumps. Our fluid film bearings are used in power generation as well as in the oil and gas industry and the petrochemical industry.

Plain bearing vs. roller bearing

Plain bearing vs. roller bearing: How plain bearings are successfully replacing roller bearings

In many applications, the question plain bearing vs. roller bearing goes in favor of plain bearings, due to their increase in performance. Our expertise, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydrodynamic plain bearings, enables us to use Miba plain bearing technology to your advantage, including in wind power and aviation.

Friction materials

Friction materials of the Miba Friction Group are a key performance element in clutches and brakes in the international automotive and machine industries. By developing new friction materials and continuously improving existing friction materials, the Miba Friction Group is making a significant contribution to overall efficiency improvements to clutch and brake systems.

Whether construction equipment or mining vehicles, high-speed trains, aircraft, trucks or passenger vehicles – manufacturers and suppliers from a variety of industries trust the friction material solutions of the Miba Friction Group. As a development partner and supplier, we accompany our partners all over the world. Four global production sites allow us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ needs and requirements.

The Miba Friction Group’s friction materials are used as wet- and dry-running components in the clutches and brakes of vehicles, machinery, aircraft and wind power plants as well as for industrial applications such as in the field of freight handling. In addition to in-house production of steel discs, Miba develops and produces fiber composite, sintered, ceramic, carbon and molybdenum friction materials. Our aim is to guarantee greater performance and operational safety through optimized friction coefficients and the best wear properties for ever smaller and lighter components.

For dry-running applications in clutches and brakes subject to high specific loads, the Miba Friction Group offers ceramic friction materials in combination with mating materials made of steel, cast iron and composite materials.

From truck and tractor clutches to wind power plants and high-speed trains, OEMs and tier 1 suppliers from around the world trust Miba ceramic materials and sintered metallic clutch segments. These are key performance components in clutch and brake systems due to their high friction coefficient stability and wear resistance, coupled with low noise capabilities and high-temperature resistance.

Application areas:

  • Trucks
  • High-speed trains
  • Tractors
  • Wind power plants
  • Motorsports and motorcycles
  • Industrial applications like cranes and conveyors

Miba Coatings

High Tech Coatings (HTC) and Miba Precision Components (China) (MPCC) together form Miba's competence centre for coatings. Among other things, we specialize in functional coatings for NVH optimization (Noise, Vibration, Harshness), for improving tribological properties and corrosion resistance, and for increasing friction in fasteners.

As an active development partner for our customers, progress and innovation are our core value. We see complex tasks as a challenge. Our customers benefit from our customized, innovative solutions and our broad product portfolio in the field of surface coatings.

Why coating?

Coating is the process of applying a strong adhering layer to the surface of a workpiece to improve its technical or optical properties.

The coating of workpieces offers a wide range of possibilities for combining the best properties of different materials to create higher-performance products. The variety of combinations but also the adaptability to diverse applications opens up an incredibly wide range of possibilities. Whether it is a matter of classic wear and corrosion protection, electrical conductivity or insulation, friction increase and reduction, optical excellence or the possibility of easier assembly of components, the use of coatings has become indispensable. Not only the application possibilities of coatings, but also the technologies with which they are applied are numerous. Therefore, we also have various technologies at our disposal, which enable us to respond to your individual wishes. We offer various polymer, electroplating, APS and PVD coatings but also the necessary flexibility to equip your product for the desired application.

Coating solutions for increasing the coefficient of friction

With our special coating process, we increase the coefficient of friction of your component surfaces - and thus the performance of your products. Through innovative coating solutions components are for the first time provided directly, partially with a friction value-increasing coating. This saves additional components, increases performance and reduces overall costs.

Gripcoat® Direct – Friction Increase
Coating solutions to prevent friction, wear and corrosion

Our products for reducing friction and wear characteristics are used in a wide range of applications. Depending on the application and individual requirement profile, we offer you a coating solution tailored to your component. The coatings are applied to components, which, depending on the application, leads to better performance, weight savings or even the saving of entire components. Often, this is also accompanied by an anti-corrosion effect, or it is the main requirement.

Tailorcoat® ENiP – against wear and corrosion

Tailorcoat® ZnPh - adhesion promoter and light corrosion protection

Motioncoat® Synthec – against friction and wear
Coating solutions for noise and vibration reduction

Our noise and vibration reduction coatings have been specially developed for gears.

They ensure precisely adjusted backlash, optimized NVH behaviour and thus protect your gear from wear.

Spacecoat® – For Backlash Ajustment

SpaceAdaptocoat – Better NVH Behavior
PVD coating solutions for individual applications

With our PVD coatings, we respond individually to your requirements. Thanks to our in-house development team and many years of experience, we can offer you a wide range of possibilities. Applications for our PVD coatings include improving the tribological properties of components. We can also apply coatings for bipolar plates that protect against chemical environments and increasing electrical conductivity as well as silicon coatings for components of the semiconductor industry. We are able to coat complicated geometries and even inner diameters. Flexibility for the development of new applications and coatings, but also the ability to scale up, are what characterise us.

PVD coatings from High Tech Coatings GmbH for your special applications

Power Electronics

Miba Power Electronics Group develops customer-specific solutions for power electronics. Our components are used worldwide in motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft, power plants, refineries, compressors and industrial pumps. With our network spanning three continents, we respond quickly and flexibly to your needs.

Power electronics as a key component

Power electronics components make an important contribution to the efficient generation, transmission and use of electrical energy. Technological expertise, customer-specific solutions and top quality are therefore key factors in the development and production of power electronic components and assemblies. With the right partner for power electronics, you are safe and efficient right from the start.

Miba Power Electronics - power electronics along the entire energy value chain

Miba Power Electronics combines expertise from different areas of power electronics: from power generation and conversion to innovative safety components for eMobility applications.

EBG Resistors

Safe and efficient conversion and transmission of energy with high-power resistors from EBG.

DAU Heat Sinks

Customized development and production of water coolers, air coolers and heat pipes with DAU's Solution Team.

Miba Power Safety Devices for EV solutions

Innovative products with safe power supply for eMobility applications.

Miba Mechanical Engineering for Future Driven Industries

Miba Automation Systems (MAS) manufactures both standardized and special machines for various processing applications, assembly lines and measurement systems. We work together with our customers, so they achieve high-precision and high-speed production of mechanical components of various sizes. The result is custom-built solutions for high-speed production and cost-effective processes. We start with your challenge and develop the right system for you: from conception through to turnkey solution.

Mechanical Engineering Product Areas

Weld preparation machines

Miba delivers the latest technology for weld preparation with fully automatic programs. The longitudinal and circumferential seam milling machine minimizes the weld gap, increases the quality of the weld seam, and as a result, reduces the error rate.

Electric mobility production facilities

Our customers rely on our expertise in stator production using hairpin technology. From the analysis of the electromagnetic environment to the machining of the pins, we fulfill the specifications in providing perfectly matched solutions.

Machines for series production

With mechanical engineering for stationary machines such as transfer lines, rotary transfer systems and fine boring machines, it is not just high machining accuracy and short cycle times that we achieve. We also create flexible solutions for our customers, for example, in the energy and automotive sectors as well as in the machining of large components.


Miba offers exactly the right components for all eMobility applications. Our outstanding development and system expertise combined with our long-term production experience allows us to offer a wide range of eDrive and hybrid drive systems. Together with vehicle manufacturers, we accelerate and successfully manage the transformation to eMobility – with Technologies for a Cleaner Planet.

We are aware that mobility and power generation will look completely different in the future and support our custom­ers every day with pioneering technologies. We help them reduce carbon emissions, increase the efficiency of existing drive concepts, keep pace with the trend toward new alternative energy sources and much more.

Active parts for eMotors

Miba strives to create active parts (rotors and stators) for e-motors with world best efficiency and power density.

With our outstanding technologies we create e-motors with more than 98% efficiency and smallest dimensions.

To meet highest requirements we apply latest hair-pin stator technology with highest numbers of conductors per slot. Out patented winding scheme reduces electric and magnetic losses and allows maximum copper fill factors.

Advanced winding and assembly systems for the electric motor industry


  • Magnetic plausibility
  • Winding and insulation analysis
  • Producibility studies


  • A-, B- and C-samples
  • Based on serial production
  • Serial production tooling


  • Hair-Pin and I-Pin stator assembly lines
  • Fully automated
  • Highest quantities
  • 3rd generation/latest technology

Electric Motor components with
3D Flux Guidance

Soft Magnetic Composite materials (SMC material) develop their full potential only when their special material properties are used in the electric motor development. One of the outstanding features in this context is the ability to efficiently guide the magnetic flux in all three dimensions. We support our customers in using the advantages of SMC material in the design of electrical machines.

Advantages of axial-flux motors with SMC

  • High torque density
  • Disc shape enables new installation concepts
  • Very quiet running behavior

Advantages of claw-pole motors with SMC

  • Compact and lightweight (high power density)
  • Ideal for applications with high torque and low revolutions
  • Very easy assembly process through common part strategy

Products for eAxles and eTransmissions

Powder-metal gears

  • Vibration-damping properties that reduce the emitted noise
  • Ideal for electric powertrains with high-revolution eMotors thanks to NVH advantages
  • Allow complex structures to realize lightweight designs and additional functions 

High-performance self-energizing (servo-)synchronizers

  • Customized design
  • System optimization for improved efficiency
  • Validation on in-house testing equipment

High-strength powder metal components for clutch actuation and parking lock devices

  • Cost-efficient net-shape compacting and sinter-hardening
  • Densgrad® and Denscal® high-density processes


SPACECOAT® – noise reduction solution

SPACECOAT® provides a well-defined gear clearance during assembly, which greatly improves engine acoustics. The polymer coating allows a simple, fast, accurate and cost-effective assembly.

MOTIONCOAT® SPlus – Direct coating in bearing areas

MOTIONCOAT® SPlus is a running layer system that is applied directly to the component and features excellent tribological properties, mainly used to realize temperature and corrosion resistance, weight reduction, wear resistance and low friction.

GRIPCOAT® Direct – Static friction increase up to factor 6

GRIPCOAT® Direct is the first process for directly applying selectively a friction-enhancing coating to components. Therefore reducing space and weight or increased transmitted torque and force of joining's.

Bipolar plate coatings

High electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance for best performance over long lifetime in fuel-cell applications.
Power Electronics

Components and assemblies with focus on passive power


  • Thick-film technology for high-power systems
  • Used in power distribution units (PDUs) and motor-controlling units (MCUs)


  • High-performance converters and switches
  • Battery packs for vehicles


Components and assemblies with focus on passive power electronic components and thermal management

  • Air-cooled heat sinks
  • Water-cooled cold plates
  • Vacuum-brazed heat sinks
  • Heat pipes
  • High-precision high-voltage resistors
  • High-power resistors