MBA INSTRUMENTS - Reliable technology, innovative products and tailor-made solutions - we do our best every day to fulfill the high requirements of our customers. Wherever special applications are required, we are your first point of contact. This applies on the one hand, to level measurement in bulk materials with a wide variety of material properties. On the other hand, you are also in the right place with us when you need reliable systems for the conductivity measurement of petroleum products such as kerosene. We are always looking for excellent technical solutions that can be used in practice both easily and safely. Our autonomy at the Quickborn site makes us independent and flexible, our worldwide connections continually provide new impetus. Flat hierarchies guarantee productive mutual exchange. We value the creativity and commitment of our employees - they are the ones who develop progressive ideas and mature them into optimal applications. We supply you with products of the highest quality and safety standards, which are precisely adapted to your specific application. Our measuring technology thus ensures efficient and safe work processes - and you can concentrate entirely on your core business. As a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) we have made it our mission to meet the highest safety standards for the design and production of our measuring instruments and to create products you can always rely on. The satisfaction of our clients is our greatest motivation.

Product List

Level measurement

Reliable measuring methods for every application are our specialty. In addition to our proven rotary paddle technology, this includes membrane switches and radar and swing paddle devices, as well as the solder system. With the electronic, digital rotary paddle, we have also developed a maintenance-free device for universal use and set a new milestone in level measurement.

Conductivity measurement

Our measuring devices are designed for conductivity measurements in light mineral oils (such as kerosene or Jet A-1) or cutting oil, and listed, certified and approved by ASTM2624. Whether as a manual or continuous in-line measurement in the pipeline, the technology of our devices and systems has proven its worth over the past several decades.