MAGNETROL - Magnetrol achieves operational efficiency, safety and high performance The future of advanced process control solutions is being powered by Magnetrol® – the level and flow expert and your preferred partner for operational efficiency, safety and performance. We design our products to the highest standards of excellence, ensuring remarkable reliability, intelligent functionality and value that far exceeds whole-life costs – for years and even decades of unfailing service. While product innovation has made us a widely recognized name in level and flow control, it’s our commitment to solving tough application problems that has strengthened our customer relationships. We understand there are no "stock" control applications, so we manufacture a diverse portfolio of measurement and control technology solutions. Our extensive product line offers versatility and adaptability to better meet control challenges, reduce operating costs and improve productivity. March 29, 2021 – Magnetrol, along with Orion Instruments, SWI and Introtek, are pleased to announce we have been acquired by AMETEK, Inc. (NYSE: AME) – a leader in advanced analytical, monitoring, testing, calibrating and display instruments.



Atlas™ magnetic level indicator


Aurora® magnetic level indicator

Displacer Switch A15

Displacer switches – single, dual and tri-switch series

E3 Modulevel

E3 Modulevel® liquid level transmitter

Echotel 910

Echotel® 910 ultrasonic level switch

Echotel 941

Echotel® 940/941 compact economical ultrasonic level switches

Echotel 961

Echotel® 961/962 single- and dual-point ultrasonic level switches

Echotel 355

Echotel® model 355 two-wire loop-powered ultrasonic non-contact transmitter

Eclipse 700

Eclipse® 700 guided wave radar transmitter

Eclipse 705 head

Eclipse® 705 guided wave radar transmitter

Eclipse 705 hygienic

Eclipse® 705 guided wave radar transmitter for hygienic applications

Eclipse 706

Eclipse® 706 guided wave radar transmitter

External cage side-side

Flanged external cage liquid level switches


Gemini™ magnetic level indicator

Genesis probes

Genesis™ Models ED1 & ED2 Multiphase Detectors

High-pressure external cage liquid level switch
High-pressure external cage liquid level switch

Jupiter JM4

Jupiter® JM4 magnetostrictive level transmitter

Kotron 082

Kotron® 082 RF capacitance level transmitter

Kotron 805

Kotron® 805 RF capacitance level transmitter


Model F10 vane-actuated mechanical flow switch


Model F50 disc-actuated mechanical flow switch


Model FLS floor-mount level switch


Model J52 refrigerant liquid level switch


Model T10 cable mounted float level switch

TK1 with head

Model TK1 liquid level switch


Models B40 high pressure/ high temperature external cage liquid level switch

Boilerwater column

Models C24/C25, boiler, and water column liquid level switches


Models T20 & T21 top-mounting single-stage and dual-stage float switches

Side mounted float switch

Models T5x & T6x side-mounting float switches

Modulevel pneumatic

Modulevel Pneumatic and APM liquid level control / transmitter

Pulsar R82

Non-contact radar model R82 pulse burst radar transmitter

Pulsar R80 with antenna

Pulsar® model R80 FMCW 80 GHz radar level transmitter

Pulsar R86

Pulsar® model R86 26 GHz non-contact radar transmitter

Pulsar R96 horn

Pulsar® model R96- 6 GHz non-contact radar transmitter

External cage side-bottom

Series 3 ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3 and NACE external cage level switch


Series B73 and series 75 sealed external cage liquid level switches


Solitel® vibrating rod level switch


Thermatel® TA2 thermal mass flow meter

Thermatel TD1

Thermatel® TD1/TD2 thermal dispersion switches

Thermatel TG1 spherical

Thermatel® TG1/TG2 flow/level/interface switches with din rail

Pneumatic tuffy

Tuffy® pneumatic side-mounted float switch


Tuffy®II side-mounted float switch


Vector™ magnetic level indicator