KROMSCHRODER - Elster Kromschröder products for industrial heat treatment processes combine energy efficiency, maximum safety and availability as well as an optimum price/performance ratio resulting in tailor-made solutions for the industry.

High system availability is the prerequisite for cost-effective operation.

The design and robust construction of the Elster Kromschröder firing systems ensure a long service life of your installation. This modularity of our product range proves particularly useful for the modernization or expansion of existing systems since it means that individual system components can be easily retrofitted or replaced.

Our ideas ignite your interest straight away

For example, impulse burners/high-speed burners to ensure a perfect mixture of gas and air, reduction systems for low-pollutant production, reliable controls and burners for the gas type of your choice and self recuperative burners for making energy savings of up to 30%.

Our combustion equipment will stand up to any test, for example:

  • Gas pressure control and safety lines as a system solution
  • Continuously controlled heating systems with cold air and pneumatic ratio control system
  • Stage-controlled heating systems with menox low NOx burners
  • Stage-controlled heating systems with self recuperative burners
  • Indirect heating with self recuperative burner and single-ended radiant tube
  • Ceramic flat flame burners for high-temperature processes and air preheating to high temperatures


  • Manual valves and filters
  • Pressure regulators
  • Valves and butterfly valves
  • Pressure switches
  • Combination controls and Moduline
  • Electronic flame detection and control
  • Pilot burners and burners
  • Further ignition- and control devices
  • Thermo-electrical safety devices
  • Accessories
  • Measuring and testing instruments
  • Leadtime Cockpit Utilisation
  • Leadtime Cockpit Metering