Kosaka Laboratory has developed and sold commercial products using precision engineering technology with "Reliable Technology" as the business motto since we started in 1950.

This philosophy has made Kosaka Laboratory one of the leading companies in three industrial fields: Contour Measuring Instrument-centered precision measuring instruments, screw pump-centered hydraulic equipment and automatic machinery including semiconductor manufacturing equipment and automatic packaging machine, most products and technologies that have been developed by Kosaka Laboratory.

Supplying these high quality products that meet customer needs, we are contributing to the industrial development today in a wide range of fields.

Being a leader even in a limited number of fields. This has been our philosophy since the day of establishment. We will make efforts for further technological innovation to contribute to industries tomorrow.

Precision Measuring Instruments

Measuring instruments

Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument, Three-dimensional roughness measuring instrument, Roundness and Cylindricity Measuring Instrument, Contour Measuring Instrument, Roundness measuring instrument, Space coordinates measuring instrument, Noncontact Microfigure Measuring Instrument, VTR related measuring instrument, Disc related measuring instrument, Piston shape measuring instrument, Scroll shape measuring instrument, Automatic measurement related measuring instrument.

Other instruments

High precision rotary stage (air bearing system), various special measuring instruments.

Hydraulic Equipment


Lubricant pump, Fuel injection pump, Fuel transfer pump, Hydraulic pump, Cargo pump, Stripping pump, Sludge pump, Back-filling material injection pump, Slurry injection pump, Agitation pump, Micro pump, Sanitary pump, Twin screw extruder, Pressure control valve.

Pump system

Hydraulic submerged cargo pump system, Shield machine rear equipment, Tank sludge discharger, Hydraulic system, Lubrication system, Quantitative filling machine.

Automatic Machinery

Automatic machine

LD die bonder, PD die bonder, Foil cutter, Various LED die bonder, Glass scriber, Glass breaker, Scriber break line, Glass chamfering machine and line.

Bundling machine

Tape bundling machine, Side taping machine, Film strapping machine.