KOJA - Koja Group. The Koja Group is highly versatile and is constantly developing. The group operates globally, offering customers intelligent and energy efficient HVAC technology, air handling solutions and industrial process fans. As a family-owned business, we work responsibly and create the best solutions for the entire life cycle of the equipment.

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Our own product development enables us to produce the best solution, dimensioned in accordance with the customer’s needs. HVAC equipment and systems are tested under actual operating conditions at Koja’s unique product development and testing center, the R&D Center. We can optimise the solutions for the needs of each customer project, produce verified performance data from an early stage of product development and forecast life cycle costs based on measurement data. Our own centre enables project execution on a fast schedule.

  • Top technology R&D Center
  • Component testing under actual operating conditions
  • Verified measurement data from the product development stage
  • Energy consumption is minimised with the aid of increasingly precise consumption forecasts
  • Smart, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions


All our products are manufactured on our own production lines in Finland. Our modern and energy- efficient factory guarantees that products can be flexibly and reliably manufactured with a short lead time. Our own production includes the manufacturing of heat exchangers. Finished products can be delivered automated, electrified and tested. Our highly skilled personnel ensure the consistent quality of our products.

  • Air handling units and heat exchangers developed and manufactured by Koja
  • Unparalleled thermal, flow and mechanical characteristics
  • Equipment electrification at the factory
  • A modern, energy-efficient factory brings flexibility and delivery reliability
  • A supervised, safe and healthy working environment


Our highly skilled personnel carry out comprehensive engineering work from basic engineering and calculation to electric automation, where Koja’s expertise is world-class. Careful overall planning covers duct and piping diagrams, details and AC room arrangement, as well as operating descriptions and PI diagrams. Koja’s professionals also take care of air volume and water flow adjustment, measurement and balancing.

  • Engineering always with the intended purpose in mind
  • Individual dimensioning for all purposes
  • Energy efficiency of the life cycle considered starting from the design phase
  • Equipment deliveries pre-tested and fitted
  • Cost and energy savings already at the shipyard
  • Modern tools for efficient project management


Cabins, public areas, staircases, special facilities, cargo holds and engine rooms – the supply of fresh air is essentially based on tested and pre-installed electric automation. Our advanced automation expertise brings unbeatable solutions to ships. We design and implement high-quality cabin and HVAC automation, and take care of their commissioning. Pre-electrified equipment works safely and is easy to install.

  • Pleasant travel conditions on all the world’s seas
  • Electrical engineering and delivery of machinery fully equipped
  • Pre-electrified equipment is quick and easy to install
  • Start-up of electrical systems by professionals
  • Commissioning and optimised tuning of air conditioning automation


Koja’s services support customers during all stages of the systems’ life cycle. We offer a broad selection of spare parts, which we deliver from our warehouses in Finland and the USA. Our service network operates globally. Modernisation solutions improve energy efficiency and extend the life cycle of systems – from minor improvements to large-scale renewals. Our services also include surveys and IoT solutions.

  • Longer life cycle for products and systems
  • Ensuring the efficiency and functioning of systems
  • A broad selection of spare parts, warehouses in Finland and the USA
  • Sensible modernisation solutions from an experienced operator
  • Projects executed within the promised schedule and budget


Koja always implements a customised switchboard design specifically for each ship and piece of equipment, in accordance with the customer’s needs. Koja’s top professionals are not satisfied with standard solutions. In the largest ships, hundreds of switchboards may control the equipment – all implemented by Koja.

Koja designs the electrification of air conditioning equipment for each project. Each ship is different, and electrification is implemented in a way that ensures that electrical functions and interfaces operate optimally in each case.


Koja’s goal is to implement an air conditioning system the passenger does not even notice. When the system is in operation, people are comfortable and do not feel any draft. Fresh air is produced optimally as needed, saving energy. Air quality, temperature, CO2 content and other adjustments ensure that conditions are under control.

HVAC automation is always implemented specifically for each ship. In addition to a design operating description, Koja can supply the whole automation system and carry out its commissioning. Our automation expertise covers all ship sizes, from small boats to huge systems – always in a customised fashion and using state-of-the-art components.


Koja’s cabin automation systems are very extensive. Lighting, curtains, windows or any other parts of the cabin that require adjustment can be connected to the system. The status information of each cabin can be seen in the automation control room. Conditions in a cabin can be adjusted from the control room, or the passenger can adjust them using a touchscreen or mobile application.

Operation must be hassle-free to the end user. Koja offers expertise in control arrangements for all kinds of cabin. We can manage all the special features of a loft cabin, suite or a cabin with a balcony, for example. The cornerstone of Koja’s basic engineering is the easy commissioning of the automation system. Our extensive engineering expertise always utilises the latest innovations and technologies.