KOCKUMATION - KOCKUMATION GROUP markets and designs high-quality niche products revolving around our core knowledge in software automation, acoustics and mechatronics. The group focuses on meeting demanding needs in the world wide marine and industrial markets with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to add value to your operation. With head office in Sweden, subsidiaries and agents all over the world and a production facility in the Philippines we are well prepared to serve our customers now and in the future.



Loadmaster - Loading Computers

The SOLAS regulation - Loadmaster® X5

Bulk package

  • Grain calculations complying with IMO grain code
  • Timber calculation
  • Flooded holds check according to IACS regulation S17
  • Auto Bulk Cargo and Auto ballast distribution
  • Loading/unloading sequence simulation
  • OptiTrim. Trim optimization with full stability/strength check

Kockumation Loadmaster Tanker package

  • Online tank monitor with user defined set points and alarms
  • Graphical sequence simulation and prediction
  • Direct calculation of damage stability acc to IACS UR L5
  • Cargo Administration covering all your reporting needs
  • Built in pump log for multi grader operation
  • OptiTrim. Trim optimization with full stability/strength check

Kockumation Loadmaster Offshore package

  • Anchor handling calculations
  • Chain forces calculation
  • Solid and liquid cargo calculations
  • Report handling for discharged quantities
  • Crane Program
  • OptiTrim. Trim optimization with full stability/strength check

Kockumation Loadmaster LNG/LPG package

  • Online tank monitor with user defined set points and alarms
  • Liquefied fraction calculation
  • Vapour fraction calculation
  • Summary calculation
  • Extended ullage report
  • OptiTrim. Trim optimization with full stability/strength check

Kockumation Loadmaster Container package

  • Powerful and user friendly graphical interface for loading and discharging
  • Dangerous goods module
  • Edifact/Baplie translator, VGM compliant
  • Lashmaster lashing optimizer
  • Booking list import and export
  • Ballast exchange simulation
  • OptiTrim. Trim optimization with full stability/strength check
  • Automatic data exchange with booking system

Kockumation Loadmaster Ro/Ro package

  • Powerful and user friendly graphical interface for loading and discharging
  • Drag and drop loading
  • Loading plans and loading plans editor
  • Manual or automatic import of booking lists
  • OptiTrim. Trim optimization with full stability/strength check

Kockumation Loadmaster Cruise package

  • Easy dry weight input
  • Ballast Exchange module
  • Report generator for oil on-board
  • OptiTrim. Trim optimization with full stability/strength check
  • Damage calculation in accordance with IACS UR L5 type 4

Kockumation Loadmaster Offshore Platform package

  • Longitudinal/Transverse stability calculation
  • Damage calculation according to MODU
  • Riser/Mooring line tension
  • Crane program

Levelmaster - Level Gauging Systems


  • 24 measuring points in one cabinet
  • High accuracy with automatic system calibration
  • Adaptive level sensing, Automatic purge
  • High update speed, Low air consumption
  • Low investment cost
  • Easy installation, Maintenance free
  • Density measurements module (optional)


  • 16 measuring points in one cabinet
  • Continuous updating
  • High accuracy with automatic system calibration
  • Adaptive level sensing
  • Low air consumption
  • Low investment cost
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Density measurements module (optional)


The Levelmaster H8 utility driver is a versatile tool for working with the H8 electropneumatic pressure gauging cabinets. It can be used as a stand-alone application during service and commissioning, but also function well as a background driver under normal runtime conditions. In this case it is used for supervision of connected H8 units and as a communication bridge serving other applications with pressures and status in a computer network environment.

LEVELMASTER Presentation

The Levelmaster presentation is a powerful presentation software for any kind of remote level gauging system. The program is flexible in presentation modes and give a clear overview of tank contents. The program operate in Windows operating system and can be installed in conventional computers as well as touch screens and panel PC.


The PT HYB is a "all stainless steel" submersible level transducer for mounting inside the tank. The diaphragm is flush mounted in SS 316. As option the diaphragm can be delivered as gold plated. For side mounting the PT HYB can be delivered with numerous process connections like flanges or threaded versions.


The PT800-SAN is a side mounted level transducer for external mounting. The housing includes a stainless steel integrated junction box with cable gland for simple and low-cost installation and is available with a large range of precise flanged fixings covering DIN, ANSI or JIS


Kockumation has developed it’s latest product the DRAFTMASTER draft monitoring system. Drawing on existing approved and proven components the new system provides an innovative and precise tool that the crew can safely rely upon. The system display drafts and return remaining weight allowance until reaching freeboard limitation.


Water Ingress Monitoring (WIM) according to SOLAS XII/12 rule. Kockumation supply measurement unit, alarm panels and installation material complete with all necessary fittings. No electrical components are located in the holds and only one sensing pipe will produce continuous monitoring with compliant alarms.

Shipmaster - Ship Automation


  • Valves with actuators
  • Solenoid cabinets
  • I/O cabinets with integrated HMI display unit
  • Remote level gauging system
  • Windows based HMI
  • Interface to AMS, loading computer

As part of our package we have a full scale simulation environment where the entire system is tested and FAT approved prior to final delivery enabling us to reduce the onsite commissioning time to an absolute minimum. The simulation environment is used for training of users. A training session prior to embarking the vessel is a great investment for the crew.


  • Total flexibility
  • Integration to any existing system available
  • Scope of supply where working components are kept
  • Turn key packages with installation supervision

Typically, older vessels have automation systems based on legacy technologies and spare parts are rapidly becoming obsolete.
A system failure or even continued support for such systems can be very costly. Apart from having a modern HMI and advanced system capabilities SHIPMASTER® utilizes standard PC components providing our customers access to spare parts at very low prices with great availability.

Tyfon - Acoustic Signal System

Tyfon Signalling, Vessels above 200m

IMO required 1/3 rd Octave Band level at 1m, db: 143

IMO fundamental frequency (hz): 70-200
Type     Power source     Fundamental Frequency (hz)
MKT 150/90 Air-driven 90
MKT 150/110 Air-driven 110
MTX 150/130 Electrically driven 130

Insonex - Sonic Cleaning

Insonex® 200/288

  • Infrasound Generator
  • For medium sized applications
  • Basic Frequency 16 Hz

Insonex® 200

  • Infrasound Generator
  • For small sized applications
  • Basic Frequency 18 Hz

IKT 230/170

  • Fully Audible type
  • For medium sized applications
  • Basic Frequency 170 Hz

IKT 230/220

  • Fully Audible type
  • For small sized applications
  • Basic Frequency 220 Hz

Heatplan - Heating Management

Heatplan - Cargo heating done right

Kockumation Group's HEATPLAN is a helpful tool to be used both in the office and on board ships. This ship specific software is designed to optimize the cargo heating, i.e optimizing the steam consumption, and assist the crew in their daily work. It consists of a very complex and powerful calculating kernel that can generate heat loss data.

For every HEATPLAN software a model of the ship is made. Every aspect of the heating system, outline of the ship and other useful technical information are taken into consideration in order to make as accurate model as possible.

The user manually enters voyage, cargo and weather data. The software then summarizes all of the cargo tanks and shows required steam flow for obtaining the requested temperature, for the most economical plan as possible. The user can also manually input the desired steam flow in a tank, and the software will automatically show the resulting temperature. This is a great tool for optimizing the steam consumption, using available exhaust gas boiler steam and improving the life time on the boiler.

For every new weather forecast the user enters, HEATPLAN will automatically re-calcutate, and show the most effective cargo heating, making it a helpful tool in the day-to-day operations.

Results are shown both directly in the software or in user friendly graphs, where the savings are clearly shown. The voyages can of course be saved as well, and sent between ship and shore.

Polarjet - Tank Cleaning Machines

PJ 15/30

  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ 15/30Single or twin nozzle
  • Primarily for product and chemical tankers or smaller crude carriers
  • Fully programmable; two speed setting and three pitch settings
  • Nozzle movement makes helical patterns inside the tank
  • Manual adjustment of angle
  • Can be equipped with magnetic transmission


  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ ECOReduces slop, water and time with up to 25%
  • New gearbox with tank geometry in focus
  • Made for new installations or as retrofit
  • Easy upgrade from existing PJ 15/30 models

PJ 20

  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ 20Twin nozzle
  • Ideal for fixed installations in marine, offshore and industrial applications, where a 100% gas tight environment is required
  • Non programmable
  • Rotating parts are kept to an absolute minimum
  • Low maintenance requirement

PJ 120

  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ 120Single nozzle
  • Primarily for larger crude carriers
  • Fully programmable; speed and angle limit control
  • Nozzle movement between 0 and 180 degrees
  • Only machine on the market with sector and spot washing
  • Suitable for crude oil washing

Other PJ 120 models

  • Split type - for additional stability
  • Retractable type - to be able to remove the machine from the tank
  • Swingable type - for bulk carriers
  • CPA type - Speed, pitch and angle sector control
  • PJ 123 - Can be supplied with up to four nozzles

PJ 303

  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ 303Multi stage, single nozzle machine
  • Fully programmable; two speed settings and three pitch settings
  • Nozzle movement makes helical patterns inside the tank
  • Can be set to bottom- or sidewashing due to angle adjustment
  • Standard material is SUS 316L, can be offered in higher grades as well

Portable machines

PJ 25
  • Polarmarine Polarjet portable type PJ 25Two or four nozzles
  • Ideal as portable machine but can also be a fixed installation mounted on a standpipe
  • Non-programmable
  • Suitable for corrugated tanks
  • Can be delivered with all necessary accessories, such as hose, couplings, flanges and hose saddle
PJ 50
  • Twin nozzlePolarmarine Polarjet portable type PJ 50
  • Ideally for crude oil and product tankers
  • Specially designed turbine gives safe and reliable starting and stable speed control
  • Can be installed as an effective compliment to fixed machines



Flanges, ball valves, camlocks stainless steel SUS 316L

  • Different sizes available
  • Dust plug/duct cap available


Female/male camlock
Nakajima coupling
Storz coupling
Female/male coupling


Rigid or lay-flat
Hose saddle
Hose spanner
Hose reel

Anti-pirate machine

Polar Jet Blaster
  • Polarmarine Anti-pirate machine type Polarjet BlasterHighly effective against piracy attacks and hijacking
  • Water cannon defense system
  • Mounted on each side, around the vessel
  • 100% coverage
  • Remotely and safely operated from any look out post around the vessel

Gas freeing fans

PJ 300A/300W
  • Polarmarine Gas freeing fan type PJ 300/300WAir or water driven. Choose your own preference
  • Highly effective for reducing the risk of vapor pocket build up inside the tanks
  • Easily maneuvered and positioned
  • Rugged and durable construction, ideal for the marine environment

Cargo hold gun

Polar Jet CHG 20
  • Polarmarine Cargo hold gun type Polarjet CHG 20Effective cargo hold cleaning for bulk carriers
  • Operates with high pressure water and compressed air
  • Reaches up to 35-40 meters
  • Mounted on a tripod

Texon LNG/C Automation

Combustion Controls

The combustion control is a fully automatic, compact and reliable combustion control system for dual-fuel boilers on LNG carriers or single fuel boilers on other types of main steam turbine equipped vessels. The system maintains steam pressure within very close tolerances even during rapid load changes. It governs the supply of fuel and combustion air to the boiler furnace in close accordance with current steam demand, and permits instant and efficient engine control. The air/fuel ratio for optimum combustion efficiency is closely controlled. Combustion trim controller is often included in the system to compensate for the (inevitable) inaccuracy in measurement of fuel calorific values and combustion air mass.

Burner Management

  • The Burner Management System is a fully automatic control system for boiler safety and easy burner light up and shut down.
  • Safety functions such as trip of fuel valves for various reasons are integrated in the system, with some critical sensors duplicated, e g for drum water level.
  • Cascade of burners (Automatic start/stop) can be performed by BMS on order from ACC.
  • The boilers can be operated from a control room panel or workstation as well as from a local control panel on the burner platform. Automatic control can be initiated from both panels.
  • The system requires no manual operations under normal operating conditions.

Low Sulhur Marine Gas Oil Conversions

  • Meets the requirements for 0.1% sulphur content in ECA/SECA Area
  • Fully automated switch over between HFO/LSMGO and vice versa
  • LSMGO as back up fuel during "gas only" supported.
  • Coriolis type flow meter for accurate LSMGO metering
  • Full operational range for turndown requirements.
  • Ready solutiouns for common HFO/LSMGO or separate.

Main Turbine Control Systems

  • The turbine control system is based on modern control algorithms and process parameter measurements. The system is designed to meet the following criteria:
  • Turbine safety
  • Boiler and steam plant limitations
  • Minimum maintenance for an extended period of >10 years
  • Operator friendliness
  • Swift installation

LD / HD Compressor Controls

  • Compressor capacity is controlled by means of speed and/or inlet vanes in order to maintain fuel gas control valves within optimum control range.
  • Anti surge control systems

Custody Transfer Systems

Texon has been involved in retrofitting older custody transfer to modern radar based system with independent tank overfill protection.

Emergency Shutdown Systems

The Emergency Shut Down System is continuously monitoring a number of input signals in order to retain safety of cargo operations. If an error condition occurs, an ESD-signal is generated and the compressors, cargo valves and cargo pumps are set to a safe condition, i.e. "Emergency Shut Down".

Tank pressure controls

  • The tank pressure can vary between floating tank pressure setpoints.
  • Pressure is reduced by increasing fuel gas firing together with steam dumping or increase of ship speed.
  • Pressure is increased by reducing fuel gas firing together with increased fuel oil firing.

Washmaster - Tank Cleaning Software

Washmaster - Tank cleaning made simple

Kockumation Group can now offer our customers a complete planning and monitoring software for tank cleaning. The WASHMASTER software moves the tank cleaning into a more controlled and effective operation.

A proper monitoring result in a better performance, optimizes the work and takes away the guess work from tank cleaning. The WASHMASTER is a ship specific software that lets the user simulate tank cleaning in a desired tank. Since the software is based on the actual installed tank cleaning machines, the result will be as accurate as possible compared to the real deal.

The WASHMASTER is also available in an Online version. This include live feedback from the tank cleaning machines, and notifies/alarms if there are any problems during the operation.

The user can set a number of different parameters; pitch, speed, time for cleaning, desired washing medium and so on. The user simply press the "start" button and the simulation begins. If the Online feature is activated, the process will start automatically when the machines start.

All of the simulations and settings, including pre-,main- and post washes are saved in a data base for future use. This gives the user a chance to compare different cleaning processes and choose which are the best for a specific tank.

After the cleaning process is finished, the necessary reports will be generated automatically in simple and understandable way. Something that will save a lot of time and energy for the user.

EDIRite – BAPLIE Message Tool

Kockumations' EDIRite provides a modern and easy-to-use tool for viewing and editing any BAPLIE message.

Over the past 10 years the BAPLIE messages has become one of the most used electronic messages in the world. The BAPLIE message is the backbone in electronic container operation. It effectively makes the information about containers onboard a vessel available for the different parties.
With EDIRite you can:

  • View and Edit any BAPLIE message
  • Data in Tabular and Graphical representation.
  • Print BAYPLANs and tabular reports.

EDIRite is designed for:

  • Agents, Operators, Port representatives, etc to: ‘list containers to be discharged’, ‘enter data for containers loaded’, ‘search for container details’, etc.
  • Stowage Planners, Terminals to ‘translate between different formats BAPLIE 1.5, 2.0, Excel’, ‘translate Container Size type codes‘, ‘Operator codes’, etc.
  • Anyone who needs to search for container information in electronic BAPLIE bay plans.

Supported BAPLIE message versions:

Versions SMDG/1.5, SMDG/2.0 and SMDG/2.2 of EDIFACT/BAPLIE format is supported by the program. EDIFACT is an international standard for Electronic Data interchange between different computer applications.