KLUEBER - Innovative and sustainable – we’re always one step ahead. Many parts of our technical world would come to a standstill without specialty lubricants. Drive units wouldn’t work, machines would be unable to produce and water wouldn’t flow through the pipes. Thanks to specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication, though, all of these things can continue to function, and do so efficiently, sustainably and reliably – often without even being noticeable by the consumer. For best results, we tailor our specialty lubricant solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers with a focus on two essential core areas: innovation and sustainability. With innovative technology, we promote sustainability, laying the foundation for a world in which industry and environment go hand in hand. Protection of the environment is what motivates us to continuously develop our products – and it’s our customers that benefit the most.



  • Lubricating greases
  • Lubricating oils
  • Lubricating pastes
  • Lubricating waxes
  • Lubricant sprays
  • Bonded coatings
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Hydro Lubricants
  • Process lubricants
  • Lubricant dispensers (Single-point lubricant dispenser and Multi-point lubricating systems)

Lubricating greases

Lubricating greases: sustainably resolving wear and corrosion with the optimal grease choice

Wherever there is friction in a mechanical system, wear and corrosion can obstruct your production process and damage your machinery. You can resolve this issue with high-quality lubricating greases – because the optimal grease lubrication helps you keep your production up and running and your machines in good condition.
At a glance: lubricating greases from Klüber Lubrication

  • Excellent solutions for mechanical friction: effective and sustained protection against wear, corrosion and risks from external factors.
  • Proven track record for individual requirements: applications for our reliable speciality lubricants include valves and fittings, rolling and plain bearings, gears, plastics, contacts, pneumatic components and many more.
  • High-quality solutions from the world market leader: competence and expertise based on more than 90 years of research and experience.

What are industrial lubricating greases?

Lubricating greases, when carefully chosen, are effective in industrial applications at reducing mechanical friction and wear. From a purely chemical perspective, they are mixtures consisting of

  • approximately 75 percent lubricating oil;
  • approximately 15 percent thickener;
  • and up to 10 percent additives.

Lubricating greases are the ideal choice when you want to provide long-term protection for friction points. Along with excellent lubrication, they provide effective protection against external factors such as water spray, humidity and contaminants, depending on the operating conditions.

The result: Your machines are protected against wear and corrosion. This keeps you on the safe side, both mechanically and economically.
Strong adhesion through consistent lubricants

The question of whether grease or oil lubrication would be the better choice for your application depends on your individual requirements. By choosing the right lubricant you can master existing challenges. In all cases, what matters is the design and mode of operation of your machine.

An advantage of grease lubrication over oil lubrication is that the lubricant is consistent and therefore stays longer at the friction point. This is especially beneficial with lubrication points that are not sealed and where the base oil is held at the friction point by the consistency of the lubricating grease, which enables an optimal supply of the base oil to the friction point; when relubrication is not possible, meaning that a single lubricant fill has to provide lubricity over the component’s entire lifetime.

Basically, grease lubrication is the most obvious choice when the design of an industrial application rules out the use of oil lubrication. An example of grease applications is spindle bearings in machine tools, which rotate very fast and have low surface pressure. For large drives with high surface pressures and low speed, by contrast, lubrication with oils or fluids may be more appropriate.
The advantages of grease lubrication:

  • Simpler design with respect to sealing
  • Long service life with reduced maintenance effort
  • Often a lifetime lubrication
  • Lower consumption
  • Improved sealing

 Optimal grease lubrication: the right lubricating grease for your individual needs

You should select a suitable lubricating grease for the applications you want to optimise and protect. Our product range includes more than 1,500 different lubricating greases to precisely match your individual needs. Boost your production to a new level – for example, with high-performance lubricating greases for unusually high or low temperatures, or especially versatile lubricating greases.

  • Lubricating greases for rolling bearings and plain bearings
  • Lubricating greases for gears
  • Lubricating greases for plastics
  • Greases for electrical contacts
  • Lubricating greases for industrial valves and actuators
  • Lubricating greases for pneumatic systems

Suitable grease lubrication is indispensable for reliable operation and service life attainment of rolling bearings. For example, good oil release is especially important for high-speed rolling bearings. For each application, you need a suitable lubricant that meets your individual demands. You can choose from high-temperature, low-temperature, high-speed or heavy-duty lubricating greases, as well as H1 lubricating greases.

Selected greases for rolling and plain bearings:

More product recommendations for specific applications are available under journal bearings and rolling bearings.


    Article-No: 004026

    Spindle bearing grease
    Klüberalfa BF 83-102

    Article-No: 090127

    Lubricating grease for high temperatures and speeds
    Klüberplex BEM 41-141

    Article-No: 020320

    Lubricant for rolling and plain bearings subject to high loads
    BARRIERTA L 55/2

    Article-No: 090013

    High-temperature long-term greases
    Klübersynth BQP 72-82

    Article-No: 094116

    Rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication
    Klüberfood NH1 94-301

    Article-No: 096105

    Synthetic lubricating grease for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries
    Klübersynth BHP 72-102

    Article-No: 094102

    High-temperature lubricant with extraordinary anticorrosion properties for lifetime lubrication

    Article-No: 004074

    High-performance grease for rolling bearings operating at low temperatures
    Klüberspeed BF 72-23

    Article-No: 004246

    High-speed lubricating grease
    Klüberquiet BQ 72-72

    Article-No: 094008

    Low-noise rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication

    Article-No: 090122

    High-temperature and long-term lubricants with good resistance to low temperatures

Lubricating oils

Durable and stable: achieving sustained high performance with lubricating oils

Material wear and corrosion in industrial plants can considerably impair production processes and lead to massive loss of revenue. By choosing the right lubrication, you can effectively combat such issues and sustainably optimise your production processes. The solution is high-performance speciality lubricating oils from Klüber Lubrication.
At a glance: lubricating oils from Klüber Lubrication

  • Multifaceted performance for your production: along with effective greasing, our lubricating oils allow you to minimise wear and friction, provide reliable corrosion protection, and dissolve residue deposits.
  • High performance: with Klüber lubricating oils you achieve optimal results, even with high speeds, heavy loads and high temperatures.
  • Good compatibility and stability: our lubricating oils feature very good compatibility with a wide variety of materials, as well as outstanding wetting capability and low variation in viscosity over a wide temperature range.
  • Special solutions for individual needs: from lubricating oils for a wide variety of industry sectors to enhanced energy efficiency, we provide you with the right solution to your challenge.

What are industrial-use lubricating oils?

Lubricating oils are high-performance substances that reduce mechanical friction and wear when used in suitable composition, similar to lubricating greases. From a purely chemical perspective, lubricating oils are mixtures that basically consists of two components:

  • Base oil component: This can be a base oil or a mixture of different base oils, depending on the desired characteristics.
  • Individual additives: The number and choice of additives varies, depending on the desired characteristics of the lubricating oil.

Benefits of oil lubrication

  • Minimisation of friction and wear: lubricating oils form a stable fluid film that protects the surfaces of friction bodies.
  • Removal of heat (cooling): the correct lubricating oil can easily remove the friction heat occurring in the operation of your machines. An effective lubricating oil has only a slight tendency to decomposition under thermal load, allowing sustained action.
  • Effective lubrication of poorly accessible points: lubricating oils have good flow characteristics (viscosity). This means they can also reach poorly accessible lubrication points, for example in chains.
  • Advantageous behaviour with residues: a special feature of effective lubricating oils is that they can dissolve contaminants resulting from high temperatures and heavy loads. Lubricating oils with a low inherent tendency to residue formation are optimal in such cases.

The right lubricant for your requirements

Lubricating oils provide effective and durable performance in a wide variety of applications. They are widely used in the following application areas, to list a few, and are able to offer high performance and contribute to plant profitability.

  • Lubricating oils for gear units and open gear drives
  • Lubricating oils for plain bearings
  • Lubricating oils for sintered bearings
  • Lubricating oils for chains
  • Lubricating oils for air compressors
  • Lubricating oils for gas compressors
  • Cooling compressor oils
  • Lubricating oils for the automotive industry
  • Needle oils for the textile industry
  • Lubricating oils for the food and pharmaceutical industries

Gear units of all power classes have to deliver more power in a more compact size and at lower weight, effectively resist wear and scuffing, and withstand high gear temperatures. Higher operating temperatures have a negative effect on the life of gear units and conventional lubricants.

High-performance gear oils from Klüber Lubrication help to keep wear low and increase efficiency, thereby reducing operating and maintenance costs. They provide protection against scuffing and micropitting and provide effective support in avoiding damage to gear teeth and premature failure of the gear unit.

We also offer environmentally friendly and biodegradable oils that additionally make a valuable contribution to the sustainable operation of your processes.

Our lubricating oils are available with standard viscosities from ISO VG 32 to 1500, depending on your application, and are used in numerous industrial applications.

    Klübersynth UH1 6-100

    Article-No: 096094

    Synthetic high-performance gear oil for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries with KlüberComp Lube Technology
    Klübersynth GH 6-100

    Article-No: 012159

    Synthetic high-performance gear and high-temperature oil with KlüberComp Lube Technology
    Klübersynth GEM 4-100 N

    Article-No: 012232

    Synthetic high-performance gear and multipurpose oil with KlüberComp Lube Technology
    Klüberfluid C-F 3 Ultra

    Article-No: 039080

    Operational lubricant for large girth gear drives
    Klüberbio EG 2-100

    Article-No: 009039

    Environmentally compatible, synthetic high-performance gear oils
    Klüberoil 4 UH1-100 N

    Article-No: 029040

    Synthetic gear and multi-purpose oils for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries
    Klüberoil GEM 1-100 N

    Article-No: 030054

    High-performance gear and multipurpose oil based on mineral oil
    Klübersynth GE 4 75 W 90

    Article-No: 012117

    Synthetic high-performance gear oil
    Klüberfluid C-PG 17

    Article-No: 039223

    Operational open gear lubricant for large girth gear drives

Lubricating pastes

Assembly pastes: reliable performance under extreme conditions

Regardless of whether it's by provoking fretting corrosion, stick-slip or seizing: challenging production conditions can badly affect machine components and be the cause of the significant wear that often leads to costly repairs. However, you can clearly combat these issues with assembly pastes from Klüber Lubrication. Our pastes help to increase the lifetime of your components by providing reliable and efficient protection, even under the most extreme conditions.
At a glance: assembly pastes from Klüber Lubrication

  • High performance under the most extreme conditions: for example, at high temperatures of up to 1200 °C or enormous compressive loads
  • Effective help during assembly: in positive or power-locking connections, for example
  • Reliable protection: against tribocorrosion, fretting corrosion, or stick-slip
  • High-quality solutions from the world market leader: competence and expertise based on more than 90 years of research and experience

What are industrial-use assembly pastes?

Assembly pastes are grease-like lubricants with a high content of solid lubricant. They form a highly effective lubricating film that reliably separates your components from each other, even under the most difficult conditions, and provide long-lasting protection for your components. Due to their excellent thermal stability they deliver outstanding performance even at very high temperatures.
The benefits of lubricating pastes and assembly pastes:

Assembly pastes are particularly recommended in situations where friction points are exposed to demanding conditions. They are the preferred choice in situations requiring high load-bearing capability, special emergency running characteristics or sustained media resistance.
Your benefits

  • Effective protection against a wide variety of abrasion risks such as tribocorrosion, seizing, wear, and fretting corrosion
  • High performance in both normal temperature and high temperature ranges
  • Reliable operation under high forces in bolted joints
  • No stick-slip at high surface pressure and low speed
  • Support for run-in processes on a wide variety of machines and components

The right assembly paste for your individual requirements

Choosing the correct assembly paste always depends on the purpose and application of the process it is being applied to. These factors determine which industrial assembly paste will best support your production and achieve optimal results.

  • Assembly pastes for machines and installations
  • Lubricating pastes for the automotive sector
  • Assembly pastes for the food industry

Friction wear and fretting corrosion pose an especially high risk to industrial machinery and facilities and can severely impair entire production processes. To increase the durability of your machinery you need the optimal assembly paste that ensures smooth production processes. With our speciality pastes you can achieve constant preload forces, simplifying the assembly of your bolted joints. At the same time, they make bolts easier to undo if necessary, even under conditions of extreme thermal stress.

Chucks and machine guides can also be reliably lubricated with our speciality pastes to improve the start-up and run-in of your components and machines.

Selected assembly pastes for mechanical and plant engineering:

    Klüberpaste ME 31-52

    Article-No: 005115

    Lubricating and assembly paste
    Klüberpaste HEL 46-450

    Article-No: 089032

    High-temperature screw paste

Lubricating waxes

At a glance: lubricating waxes and wax emulsions

The purpose-designed industrial lubricating waxes and wax emulsions from Klüber Lubrication deliver a ready-to-handle surface. At the same time, they reliably protect your components against wear and corrosion. Depending on the lubrication, for-life lubrication is possible in many cases, thus saving unnecessary labour expenses.
What are industrial lubricating waxes and wax emulsion?

Lubricating waxes are not solid lubricants in the proper sense. They form a dry-to-the-touch layer on the surface of the prepared part to ensure reliable lubrication while reducing boundary and mixed lubrication friction. They consist of high-molecular synthetic hydrocarbons, additives and oil (mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon).

Wax emulsions differ from lubricating waxes in that they are water-based and contain emulsifiers. The water evaporates leaving a film that adheres reliably to the surface.

Worth knowing: at a specific temperature waxes become fluid. The melting point depends on the constituents and the composition of the wax.
Lubricating waxes – protect chains and other components reliably against wear and corrosion

Dry lubrication using one of our speciality industrial lubricants offers many advantages. While greases are often very susceptible to the adhesion of dust and dirt, the surfaces of wax-lubricated components stay cleaner. Depending on the product, cold application is often possible allowing the wax to be applied to the polished surfaces without other aids.

Lubricating waxes offer excellent protection against wear and corrosion of, for example, ropes and chains.  The right speciality lubricant can make the assembly of small parts considerably easier, such as allowing bolts, bushings or rivets to be easily pressed into their fixture due to the lower resistance.

Our lubricating waxes also prevent squeaking of hinges and ensure smooth running and operation of industrial components in frictional contact.
Wax emulsions - the cost-efficient lubrication solution for mass-coating

Wax emulsions are particularly suitable for simultaneous automatic lubrication of a high number of small parts. They are easy to apply to industrial components by means of spraying or dip-spin coating. With a suitable wax emulsion, you can coat screws & bolts, rivets, dowels, seals, sliding surfaces or plug-in connections quickly and above all cost-efficiently. The integrated UV indicator enables an effective quality control of the coating after application.
Your benefits

  • Clean and dry lubrication: ready-to-handle surface; dust and dirt do not adhere to the surface
  • Excellent lubricating behaviour: reduction of wear due to boundary friction
  • Reliable corrosion protection
  • High-end solution: industry-specific expertise, high-performance test rigs
  • Worldwide availability of products

Lubricating waxes and wax emulsions from Klüber Lubrication

No matter whether you opt for an industrial lubricating wax or a wax emulsion, the products from Klüber Lubrication will support you in optimising the service life of your components and provide chains, ropes and other applications with long-term protection against corrosion and wear.

  • Based on our holistic approach and our high-performance test equipment we develop the optimal solution for your specific requirements and applications. Our application engineers are available to you at any time for dip-feed bath inspection or dealing with general application issues.
  • Based on our state-of-the-art and innovative test rigs that we use to test and continuously improve our lubricants, we can provide you with the optimal performance your application demands.
  1. Selected lubricating waxes from Klüber Lubrication
  2. Selected wax emulsions from Klüber Lubrication

Klüberplus SK 11-299 was especially developed for the initial lubrication of steel chains. The lubricant is mainly used for chains exposed to dust, dirt, lint or in direct contact with water.

This lubricant is used for conveyor, drive and control chains operating under low load and at chain temperatures of up to 60 °C in non-aggressive environments, where long running times or for-life lubrication can be attained.

Klüberplus SK 02-295 is suitable for many different applications. It is registered as NSF H1 and can be used for the lubrication of food-industry components that have incidental, technically unavoidable food contact. Klüberplus SK 02-295 has been especially developed for industrial applications such as press fits, allowing for easier pressing in of pins, bolts and bushings. It is also very suitable for use in metal forming processes such as the deep drawing of CrNi steel, aluminium sheets or threading and boring of sheets.

    Klüberplus SK 11-299

    Article-No: 012219

    Lubricating wax for chains
    Klüberplus SK 02-295

    Article-No: 012166

    Lubricating wax
    Klüberplus SK 13-398

    Article-No: 047059

    Special grease for the lubrication and preservation of wire ropes during manufacture

Lubricant sprays

Speciality lubricants at the push of a button

Lubricant sprays ensure quick and easy lubrication and relubrication of areas difficult to access and for spot application. We offer speciality lubricants in spray cans for a wide range of applications to protect your machines and components reliably against wear.

Sprays are an easy-to-use alternative to conventional lubricant containers. They lubricate chains, linear guides or cables and can be used for assembly, cleaning, coating, as contact spray, rust remover and in metalworking. Additionally, sprays are suitable for testing purposes before replacing a lubricant.
Wide selection of oils, greases, fluids, pastes and dry lubricants

Our tried and tested speciality lubricants sprays cover a huge variety of applications. Our product portfolio includes lubricants which are readily biodegradable, comply with food standards and regulations, are noise-damping and withstand extreme temperatures and loads.

Bonded coatings

Bonded coatings – longer component service life thanks to optimal anti-friction properties

Bonded coatings, also known as anti-friction coatings, offer many advantages compared to conventional oils and greases for high temperatures, applications with special hygiene requirements or highly loaded industrial machine elements. Our special tribo-coatings help you optimise the friction coefficients and sliding properties of your components and ensure longer lifetimes.
At a glance: bonded coatings from Klüber Lubrication

  • Longer service life: our special low friction coatings optimise friction coefficients and the sliding properties of components and reduce maintenance costs
  • High hygiene and safety requirements: while lubricants may drip from the friction point, bonded coatings form a solid and clean layer.
  • High thermal stability: bonded coatings can be used at temperatures exceeding 300 °C.
  • High-performance solutions: competence and expertise gained from more than 90 years of research and industrial experience

What are bonded coatings?

Bonded coatings, or anti-friction tribo-coatings, form a uniform, dry and low-friction lubricant layer on various materials and components.

A bonded coating has a composition similar to that of a coloured paint. However, instead of the coloured pigments it contains one or several solid lubricants.  The main constituents of a low-friction bonded coating are:

  1. Solid lubricants: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), boron nitride, graphite or a combination of different solid lubricants
  2. Binder: organic or inorganic, consists of 1 or 2 components

Solvent: organic or water

Good adhesion due to dry lubrication

Dry lubrication is always a good choice for industrial applications requiring a clean, for-life lubricant. Bonded coatings can also be used for both particularly low and high temperatures exceeding 300 °C.

Contrary to other lubricants, a bonded coating or anti-friction coating offers the advantage of forming a uniform adhesive layer on the component. The clean lubrication layer, which cannot be washed off and does not have to be renewed (i.e. lifetime lubrication), optimises your production conditions and helps reduce your maintenance costs efficiently.
The advantages of bonded coatings:

  • Completely cover components and form a uniform lubricant layer
  • No contamination due to dry lubrication
  • Reduction of friction and constant friction coefficients
  • Prevention or reduction of noise (no stick-slip)
  • Suitable for particularly high and low temperatures
  • Reliable lifetime lubrication

The right bonded coating for your specific requirements

Our product range includes bonded coatings for metal surfaces and plastics and elastomers.

  • Bonded coatings for metal surfaces
  • Bonded coatings for plastics
  • Bonded coatings for elastomers

Bonded coatings protect metals against corrosion and wear. They are particularly suitable for:

  • Applications subject to extremely high or low temperatures
  • Parts in contact with aggressive media
  • When exposed to UV radiation or X-rays
  • For use in a vacuum

These speciality lubricants ensure constant friction for the entire lifetime of, for example, safety belt components.

    Klübertop TP 46-111

    Article-No: 099173

    Water-miscible, thermo-setting PTFE-based bonded coating for low to medium loads
    Klübertop TP 47-391 A/B Komp. A

    Article-No: 099230

    Two-component PTFE bonded coating for metal components
    Klübertop TM 06-111

    Article-No: 099012

    Thermosetting bonded coating for high loads and good corrosion protection
    Klübertop TG 05 N

    Article-No: 099204

    Thermosetting bonded coating

Corrosion inhibitors

Industrial corrosion protection agents: extend component life

Corrosion can seriously affect your processes and products and lead to major repairs, production downtime and costs. By using a matching corrosion protection agent you provide optimal preservation to your components and achieve effective protection against damage to your business.
At a glance: industrial corrosion protection agents made by Klüber Lubrication

  • Lubrication and protection for your components: significant reduction of wear and decomposition processes with various materials
  • Tested effectiveness: numerous tests on in-house test rigs
  • Matching solutions: made specifically for individual requirements
  • High-performance product range: competence and expertise gained from more than 90 years of research and experience

What are corrosion protection agents?

Corrosion protection agents are substances that protect metal and other materials against undesirable decomposition (corrosion) processes. Corrosion occurs, among other things, when a material comes into contact with water.

The resulting costs are horrendous: According to the World Corrosion Organization, corrosion-induced costs amount to a full three to four percent of the gross domestic product of all industrialised nations. Corrosion can only be counteracted by a matching protection agent preserving the material against harmful effects in the long term to ensure equipment availability.

Depending on the technical environment, different kinds of lubricant may serve as industrial corrosion protection agents. No matter if an oil, grease, paste or bonded coating is used: what matters for corrosion protection is the enduring separation between the component to be protected and the surrounding media.
Benefits of industrial corrosion protection agents made by Klüber Lubrication

Corrosion does not only cut short component lifetime but can lead to production downtime and hence high maintenance costs. By selecting an anti-corrosion protection agent matching your requirements, we can support you in the effective prevention of such damage. For this selection to take place, all other tribological requirements (mechanical loads, temperatures) must also be taken into account.
Your benefits

  • Longer relubrication intervals and reduced maintenance costs due to minimised wear
  • Effective protection against different corrosive media
  • For components as varied as chains, gears, hinges, screws and bolts, rails, bearings, etc.
  • Less damage during assembly and disassembly due to easier handling of e.g. screwed connections
  • Less noise
  • Operational safety e.g. due to NSF H1 registration for the food-processing industry

The right corrosion protection for your industrial requirements

To select the right corrosion protection agent for your requirements, individual requirements must be taken into account. Effective rust protection is often just one of several aspects involved in extending component life. Besides the component itself, operating speeds, temperature ranges and surrounding media also play a role in this respect. We always recommend considering corrosion protection in conjunction with all the other tribological requirements in order to find an optimised solution.

We offer both effective anticorrosive agents for intact components to be protected against any future damage and powerful corrosion dissolvers for components already affected by corrosion.

  1. Anticorrosive agents for the protection of intact components
  2. Corrosion dissolvers for corroded components

By using an industrial corrosion protection agent right from the start, you can protect your components against corrosive damage and significantly extend their performance life. We offer you a comprehensive range of anticorrosive greases, pastes, oils and bonded coatings, even for specific forms of corrosion like fretting or contact corrosion.

    Klüberfluid 9 R 100

    Article-No: 025113

    Assembly and anticorrosion fluid
    Klüberfood NH1 K 32 Spray

    Article-No: 081276

    Anticorrosion lubricant for food and pharmaceutical industries

    Article-No: 047044

    Long-term corrosion preventive, effective rust remover
    Klübersynth MZ 4-17

    Article-No: 047122

    Lubricating and corrosion protection oil with good low-temperature properties
    Klüberfood NH1 K 32

    Article-No: 047079

    Anticorrosion lubricant for the food and pharmaceutical industries
    Klübersustain ZW 0-6

    Article-No: 009070

    Innovative anticorrosion fluid from the Hydro Lubricants* series

Hydro Lubricants

Hydro Lubricants – more efficiency with lubricants containing water as a functional component

With its innovative solution of using water as a functional constituent, Klüber Lubrication is opening up hitherto undreamed-of possibilities for industrial applications. As water provides a natural cooling effect, it enables you to effectively reduce temperature in your components while increasing energy efficiency and component life considerably. Hydro Lubricants also help optimise the processes of occupational health and safety, opening up an environmentally sustainable path to the future.
At a glance: Hydro Lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication

  • Innovative technology: water as a core component with a cooling effect.
  • Reduced energy consumption: friction and wear in components are minimised.
  • Substantial temperature reduction in the component: the natural cooling effect of water increases the component's mileage and service life.
  • No harmful solvents: improved occupational safety and health protection.

What are Hydro Lubricants?

Hydro Lubricants are homogeneous lubricants containing water as a functional component. In these products:

  • Water can be used as an additive.
  • Or the base oil is replaced by water.

In this new technology that is still under development, water offers major functional benefits: it is sustainable, available worldwide, non-toxic, and non-flammable. At present, Hydro Lubricants are primarily used with success in industrial gearbox applications and in e-mobility.

Just how innovative the development of a Hydro Lubricant has been is explained by Wolfgang Sammer, Head of Business Development at Klüber Lubrication, affording us a visionary glance of the future.
Benefits of Hydro Lubricants: optimised performance based on innovation

Water has a natural cooling effect. This particular feature has been put to good use by Klüber Lubrication in its Hydro Lubricant technology; the natural cooling effect reduces heat generation in the component, leading to considerably better efficiency. Furthermore, Hydro Lubricants minimise friction and wear, contributing to a considerably longer service life of your components.
Tapping future potential today with our Hydro Lubricant technology

While the visionary technology of Hydro Lubrication is currently still evolving, it is already being used with success in the Klüberplus C2 series. In this lubricant developed for industrial conveyor belt applications, water and oil components form a homogeneous solution facilitating the metering of the lubricant and reducing the temperature during operation.

Our improved conveyor lubricant from the Klüberplus C2 series now contains water as an additive and is therefore easier to meter, enabling:

  • Easier cleaning during operation with a minimum of standstill
  • Optimised working conditions since water, as a non-flammable application aid, reduces the fire hazard and is non-toxic when inhaled

Another potential to be tapped by Hydro Lubricants is through its application in gearboxes and transmissions, for example in the field of e-mobility and in bearings. We are already conducting initial, promising tests.

As a rule, the more specifically we develop a Hydro Lubricant for a particular application, the more extensive its benefits are.  For this reason, Klüber Lubrication is looking for further cooperation partners and innovation leaders, especially in the fields of e-machines and e-mobility. In close cooperation with our experts you can test lubricants tuned to your specific requirements and benefit from the wide-ranging advantages of this future-driven technology.

Did you know? Klüber Lubrication launched the first Hydro Lubricant for industrial gearbox applications to the market in 2018 and has since been awarded the German Innovation Award for this achievement.

Process lubricants

Process lubricants: the performance factor for your forming process

High quality and dimensional accuracy are essential in all metalworking operations, including pressing, forging, cutting and stamping. Process results are also largely dependent on the lubricants and release agents that are used. They must be easy to apply, leave as few residues as possible, and not impair downstream processes. Klüber Lubrication develops and produces process lubricants that exactly meet these requirements.
At a glance: process lubricants from Klüber Lubrication

  • Perfect quality and long life: Our process lubricants enable high surface quality for your products and preserve tools and materials. 
  • A clean work environment with low residues: Machines, tools and the work environment remain largely free of residues, vapours and odours.    
  • Easy application and low consumption: Save time and money in production.

What are process lubricants?

Process lubricants are lubricants and release agents that are needed in numerous application areas in metalworking and forming, such as sheet metal forming or working, massive forming, or aluminium continuous casting.
Tops for metalworking

Tube bending and deep drawing, forging and continuous casting, stamping and cutting pose highly different requirements for release agents.

    What they all have in common is a high demand for clean processes with the least possible residues and low wear of tools and dies.
    The process should also not produce any vapours or unpleasant odours. Further processing must not be impaired by the lubricants or release agents. This is important for subsequent painting, welding or coating of the workpieces.

Optimal process lubrication: the right lubricant for your individual needs

Klüber Lubrication offers specially developed products for numerous applications in metal forming and processing. The right process lubricants and release agents help you achieve extremely high quality, long life and reliability in your forming processes. The most suitable process lubricant for your application depends on the material and the metalworking process, the tool surface and the processing speed. The temperatures during the forming process also play a role. For cutting, stamping and bending processes, lubricants and release agents with the least possible residues usually work best, while oils with solid lubricants (in most cases graphite) are used for hot forming.

The Klüber Lubrication product portfolio for forming processes includes oils with or without solvents, graphite oil and suspensions, a deep-drawing paste that is unique in the global market, and innovative products such as powders and lubricant varnishes that support the economical operation of your machinery.

  • Metalworking: lubricants for metal forming processes or for machine tool applications
  • Your benefits with our process lubricants
  • Broad, practically proven product portfolio available for diverse applications
  • Lower operating costs thanks to less wear and easier aftertreatment, making your forming processes better and more economical
  • High quality of finished parts and long service life of tools and dies
  • Less effort due to ease of use
  • Minimal residue formation reduces impairment of downstream processes

Selected process lubricants:

    Klüberpress HF 2-101

    Article-No: 042006

    Special lubricating oils for hot pressing
    Klüberpress HF 2-102

    Article-No: 042007

    Special lubricating oils for hot pressing
    PRESSPATE SEM 95/800 T

    Article-No: 043050

    High-performance lubricants for cold forming of sheets and tubes
    Klübertec CM 6-100

    Article-No: 096107

    High-performance oil for cold forming

    Article-No: 043104

    High-performance lubricants for cold forming of sheets and tubes
    Klübertec ST 4-702

    Article-No: 046068

    Stamping and forming fluid with residue-free evaporation
    Klübertec ST 4-701

    Article-No: 046067

    Stamping and forming fluid
    Klüberpress E 2-802

    Article-No: 042020

    Powdered release agent for aluminium alloy extrusion
    Klüberpress HF 2-103

    Article-No: 042008

    Special lubricating oils for hot pressing
    Klüberplus S 08-107

    Article-No: 099077

    High-temperature bonded coating for the hot forming of light metals to be applied to the workpiece
    Klübertec CC 4-220

    Article-No: 050191

    Oil designed for the Wagstaff® AirSlip® and NuMax® billet casting process

Lubricant dispensers

Automatic lubricant dispensers: reduce maintenance costs and optimise performance

Plant downtime and disruptions can result in high costs. However, with automatic machine lubrication you can considerably reduce the risk of lubrication-related outages. The Klübermatic range of automatic lubricant dispensers from Klüber Lubrication help by providing continuous and efficient lubrication.
At a glance: lubricant dispensers from Klüber Lubrication

  • Lasting protection against environmental challenges: dust, dirt and moisture are often the cause of extensive production outages
  • Metered lubricant dispensing: automatic lubricant dispensers allow individual adjustment of dispensed amounts to prevent both over and under lubrication
  • Well proven for individual requirements: suitable for both single-point and multi-point lubrication systems
  • High-grade solutions: competence and expertise based on 90 years of research and experience
  • Broad product portfolio: refillable lubricators are available dispensing both high-performance oils or greases

What are lubricant dispensers?

Lubricant dispensers act as controlled lubricant sources. They supply a defined amount of lubricating grease or lubricating oil to a lubrication point at regular intervals. This helps to keep your production equipment up and running.

You can also use automatic lubricant dispensers to optimise the quantity of lubricant applied. This ensures that lubrication is both efficient and that friction points are continuously supplied with sufficient lubricant.

The result: With the appropriate lubricant dispenser and lubricant amounts individually adjusted to your application, you avoid the risks of both over and under lubrication. The lubrication point receives the optimal amount of lubricant and, thanks to the closed system, it is also protected against environmental factors such as dust, dirt and moisture.
Working efficiently thanks to undisrupted production

Automatic lubricant dispensers are generally worthwhile in situations with a relatively time- or labour-intensive relubrication need by providing a continuous supply of the optimal amount of lubricant without additional cost or endeavour. They enable you to effectively reduce effort and conserve resources.

In addition, with the optimal combination of lubricant and refillable dispenser, you can significantly improve occupational safety by reducing maintenance activities in hazardous areas to the minimum necessary.

Furthermore, with the appropriate lubricator there is a reduced need to shut down machines for maintenance, so you can extend maintenance intervals and reduce associated costs.
Proven expertise for your machines and plants

To enable a lubricant to provide effective long-term protection against wear and environmental factors for your machines and spare you potential production loss, it is important to choose the right dispenser for the lubricant.

Automatic lubricant dispensers can be used in many different applications and generally they will need to be adapted to your individual conditions. Nevertheless, there are some application areas that especially benefit from automatic lubricators, such as:

  • Roller bearings
  • Sliding bearings
  • Linear guides
  • Open gears
  • Chains
  • Shaft seals
  • Spindles

Benefits of lubricant dispensers:

  • Less effort and expense thanks to automatic supply to the lubrication point over the duration of the set operating period
  • No over lubrication, resulting in lower lubricant costs
  • No under lubrication, allowing exploitation of the full equipment lifetime
  • Easily deployable, even in poorly accessible locations
  • Higher productivity due to reduced plant downtime

Correct selection of the right lubricant dispenser - our portfolio

Klüber Lubrication's automatic lubricators not only provide you with high-performance products: Above all, they are the results of decades of research and practice, which are unique worldwide and constantly set new standards on the market. Take advantage of this competence, which makes our products unique. Because whether basic version or premium product - we find the best solution for every requirement.

  1. Single-point lubricant dispenser
  2. Multi-point lubricating systems

Single-point lubricant dispenser

An automatic single-point lubricant dispenser continuously applies the right amount of lubricant to a specific point (the lubricating nipple). Such systems are primarily used in the manufacture of apparatus, machines and vehicles to ensure proper long-term lubrication.
Klübermatic FLEX - The compact and flexible lubrication unit
Klübermatic FLEX

Klübermatic FLEX is a compact, ready-to-use lubricator. It can be used for diverse applications at temperatures between -20 °C and +60 °C. The lubrication interval can be selected in monthly increments between 1 and 12 months.

An electronically controlled chemical reaction generates the pressure to ensure continuous fresh lubricant supply to the lubrication point at set intervals. Klübermatic FLEX is available in volumes of 60 cm³ and 125 cm³.
Klübermatic NOVA - Temperature-independent electrochemical lubricating system

Klübermatic NOVA can be used for all applications between −20 °C and +60 °C.

On the Klübermatic NOVA control unit, a discharge period from 1 to 12 months can be set by push-button. The control unit will then calculate the amount of gas required for constant and reliable lubricant release over that time, taking into account the ambient temperature. Klübermatic NOVA consists of a reusable control unit, an LC unit (LC = lubricant container) with integrated oil retention valve – filled with 125 cm³ of grease or oil – and a protection cover.
Klübermatic STAR VARIO - Temperature-independent precision lubrication

Klübermatic STAR VARIO is fully automatic and works independent of the ambient temperature. It dispenses lubricant with utmost accuracy over 1 to12 months.

It consists of an electro-mechanical drive unit with LCD display with push button control, an LC unit containing 60 cm³, 120 cm³ or 250 cm³  of lubricant and a battery set. The functional condition can be monitored by all around LED lights so that an empty LC unit or malfunction can be detected and remedied without delay.
Klübermatic STAR CONTROL - Individual automatic relubrication by means of external control

Klübermatic STAR CONTROL supplies the lubrication point with oil or grease immediately on starting – ensuring constant, accurate and temperature-independent lubrication. Klübermatic STAR CONTROL is power-supplied directly from the machine it is connected to and can be linked up to the machine’s PLC unit for control and monitoring. Klübermatic STAR CONTROL automatically discharges a set amount of lubricant as long as it remains connected to power. The LC unit (LC = lubricant container) is available with 60 cm³, 120 cm³ or 250 cm³ of lubricant.

Multi-point lubricating systems

In a multi-point lubricating system a central unit supplies individually optimised lubricant quantities to several lubricating nipples or components.
Klübermatic PRO MP-6 – Battery-powered precision multi-point lubricating system for up to 6 lubrication points

Depending on the dispensing time from one day to 24 months, 250 cm3 or 500 cm3 of grease is dispensed from max. 6 outlets to the lubrication points.  As a pressure of up to 25 bar is built up, the grease is distributed without a drop in pressure even when using hose lines up to 5 m long.
Klübermatic PRO C MP-6 – multi-point lubricating system with external control

In addition to PRO MP-6, Klübermatic PRO C MP-6 can be pulse-controlled. The timing of the lubricating pulse can be controlled freely via the programmable controller. As a pressure of up to 25 bar is built up, the grease is distributed without a drop in pressure even when using hose lines up to 5 m long. Klübermatic PRO C MP-6 is power-supplied directly from the machine it is connected to and can be linked up to the machine's PLC unit for control and monitoring.
Klübermatic PRO LINE – flexible multi-point lubricating system for linear guides

Klübermatic PRO C LINE is a special multi-point lubrication system for grease-lubricated linear guides. Varying lubricant quantities can be applied via each outlet. Lubricant metering can be precisely adjusted to the manufacturer's requirements. The PRO Lubricant Container (LC) is filled with 250 cm³ or 500 cm³ of grease and can provide lubricant for up to two years. The high pressure build-up allows remote assembly by means of tubing up to 5 metres in length (per outlet)
Klübermatic PRO C LINE – flexible multi-point lubricating system with flexible outlet and external control

Klübermatic PRO C LINE is a special multi-point lubrication system for lubricating linear guides via 1 to 6 connectors. Varying lubricant quantities can be applied via each outlet. Lubricant metering can be precisely adjusted to the manufacturer's requirements. The PRO Lubricant Container (LC) is filled with 250 cm³ or 500 cm³ of grease and can provide lubricant for up to two years. The high pressure build-up allows remote assembly by means of tubing up to 5 metres in length (per outlet). Klübermatic PRO C LINE is power-supplied directly from the machine it is connected to and can be linked up to the machine's PLC unit for control and monitoring.
Klübermatic ECOSY – ideal for oil lubrication in demanding applications

Klübermatic ECOSY is a multi-point lubricating system and supplies a preset oil quantity to up to 6 lubrication points. Klübermatic ECOSY can be time-, sensor- or pulse-controlled to match different requirements. Lubricant pump and control unit are integrated in a 7 litre plastic tank. The powerful pump of Klübermatic ECOSY enables lubricant supply to lubrication points up to 10 m away, e.g. in hard-to-reach or contaminated areas.