KLAUKE - All Klauke solutions involve creativity, technological expertise and a close dialogue with yourselves, our users and our system partners. As a result, we have become a leading company in various sectors and are able to offer you innovative products at all times. Our new developments round out Klauke's existing product range. Through a constant exchange with our customers, we are aware of the importance of individual solutions and are not afraid to develop and manufacture a suitable solution to your requirements. For our new developments, we attach great importance to significantly increasing the ease of use, safety and efficiency. Continuous and extensive investment in our manufacturing equipment puts us in a position to produce increasingly complex parts with increasingly more extreme tolerance specifications in a form-fitting and reliable manner. Our effective project management strategy ensures cost-efficient and timely developments. Our development process ensures the early integration of purchasing and production, so that innovative prototypes can be quickly developed to series maturity and passed on to production after successful field tests.


Electrical connection systems

    Tubular cable lugs and connectors – Cu
        Tubular cable lugs
        Tubular cable lugs for switch cabinet connections
        Angled tubular cable lugs
        Insulated tubular cable lugs and connectors
        Tubular cable lugs and connectors, blue connection®
        Tubular cable lugs and connectors for solid conductors
        Tubular cable lugs and connectors for fine stranded conductors
    Tubular cable lugs and connectors - Ni, stainless steel
        Tubular cable lugs and connectors - stainless steel
        Tubular cable lugs and connectors - nickel
    Compression cable lugs and connectors to DIN - Cu
        Compression cable lugs DIN 46235
        Angle compression cable lugs
        Compression cable lugs, special type
        Compression joints DIN 46267, part 1 and similar versions
    Solderless terminals, connectors and pin terminals to DIN - Cu
        Solderless terminals DIN 46234
        Insulated crimped cable lugs
        Solderless terminals, fork and pin type
        Insulated solderless terminals for meter connections
        DIN 46341 solderless connectors, part 1
    Sleeves for compacted conductors and sector conductors – Cu
    Compression cable lugs and connectors according to DIN - Al
        DIN 46329 compression cable lugs to and similar versions - Al
        Compression joints DIN 46267, part 2 and similar versions - Al
        Reduction compression joints - Al
        Compression joints, full tension - Al
        Compression cable lugs and connectors for Al/St cables DIN EN 50182 - Al
    Compression cable lugs and connectors - Al/Cu
        Compression cable lugs - Al/Cu
        Compression joints - Al/Cu
        Bi-metallic washers
    Clamps and screw connectors
        Punched cable lugs - Cu
        Tubular soldering sleeves - CuZn
        Parallel groove clamps - Cu
        C-type and H-type clamps - Cu
        Screw connectors for shielded copper wires
        Screw connectors for street lighting - CuZn
        Connection clamps, high resistant aluminium alloy
        Compact tap connectors, high resistant aluminium alloy
    Cable end sleeves
        DIN 46228 cable end sleeves, part 1 and part 2
        DIN 46228 insulated cable end sleeves, part 4 and similar versions
        Insulated cable end-sleeves for short circuit protected conductors
        Insulated twin cable end sleeves
        Insulated cable end sleeves, strips and tapes
    Cable connections, insulated and non-insulated
        Insulated cable connections
        Non-insulated receptacles
        Flexible connectors
    Connection technology ranges
        Pocket boxes with cable end sleeves
        Pocket boxes with insulated cable end sleeves
        Assortment boxes with cable end sleeves
        Assortment boxes with insulated cable end sleeves
        Assortment boxes with tubular and compression cable lugs
        Assortment boxes with insulated cable connections
        Boxes/Carrying bags


    Mechanical pressing and crimping tools
        Mechanical pressing and crimping tools
        Mechanical crimping tools with interchangeable dies
    Electromechanical crimping tool
    Battery powered hydraulic crimping tools
        Platform on 10.8 V basis
        Platform on 18 V basis
        Battery powered hydraulic universal tools
    Hand-operated hydraulic crimping tools
    Hydraulic press heads and crimping tool systems
        Hydraulic crimping heads
        Hydraulic crimping tool systems
    Pressing inserts
        Series 50
        Series 4
        Series 5
        Series 18
        Series 22
        Series 13
        Series 15
        Series 25
        Series 45
        Series 100


    Mechanical cutting tools
    Battery powered hydraulic cutting tools
    Hand-operated hydraulic cutting tools
    Hydraulic cutting heads and cutting tool system
    Special cutters
        Profile rail cutting units
        Cutting die

Hydraulic safety tools

    VDE battery powered hydraulic crimping tools Orange
    VDE battery powered hydraulic cutting tools Orange
    Safety cutters


    Round and special shape punches
        Standard punch systems
        SLUG-BUSTER® gap knockout punches
        SLUG-SPLITTER® Punches (stainless steel)
        SPEED PUNCH™ punch system
        Special shape punches
    Punching tools and sets
        Mechanical and hydraulic punching tools
        Battery powered hydraulic punching tool LS 50 FLEX
        Battery powered hydraulic punching tool LS 100 FLEX
        Slug Buster® knockout punch sets
        Speed Punch™ knockout punch sets
        Slug-Splitter® knockout punch sets
        SLUG BUSTER® punching tools and sets
    Hole Saws
        HSS bi-metal hole saws
    Bits and step bits

Universal tools

    Hand-operated hydraulic tool, hydraulic universal head
    Battery powered hydraulic universal tools
    Bus bar tool centre


    Hydraulic pumps
    Accessories for hydraulic tools
        Batteries and mains sets
        For pumps


    VDE tools
        Assortments and sets
        Drain Gun Tool Case
    Basic tools and accessories
        Water pump pliers, fitting pliers
        Electronic/precision mechanic's tools
        Bits, holders and adapters
        Assortments and sets
        Measuring and marking
        Basic tools
        Drain Gun Tool Case
    Stripping tools
        Wire stripping tools
        Stripping tools
    Tools and sets, coax

Cable pulling technology

    Fish tapes and bars
        Flex-O-Twist speed flex leader
        Fibreglass cable puller rods
    Cable pulling systems
        With polyester fish tape (Dura Spinner and Flexi Spinner)
        With fibreglass retractable belt (Speedy Spinner)
        Fish tapes in winder case
        Smart Butler
        Polyester Butler
    Cable puller
        Easy Roller (cable unwinder)
        Cable puller with accessories
    Pulling grips
        Pulling grips, closed
        Pulling grips, open



    Radial crimping tools
        MAP series
        UAP series

    Pressing jaws and interchangeable dies
        Press jaws
        Interchangeable inserts

    Pressing chains

    Axial crimping tools
        MAPAX series

    Hydraulic pumps and crimping heads
        Hydraulic pumps
        Crimping heads

    Hydraulic mechanical pressing tools