Hugo Müller

HUGO MULLER - Hugo Müller GmbH & Co. KG The company was founded by Hugo Müller in 1929. Today it is famous for its two powerful brands “müller” and “paladin”. The produced products are mainly used for building installation and industrial applications. The product portfolio comprises time switches, timers, counters, lighting controls and room climate controls as well as sensors and components for building automation. Within a very short time the innovative company had become well known in the locality as a manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers, headphones, radio assembly kits, radios and sometime later, radio time switches. For Hugo Müller, the change to electronics occurred in 1978, when the first time switch capable of being programmed for a year was introduced to the market. Its success was also virtually pre-programmed – the new product was exceptionally well received. Today, time switches continue to be an important element of the product range and key competency of Hugo Müller, albeit with features which are subject to continuous improvement. This characteristic reflects the Company's objective for the future: The consistent optimization and expansion of the standard product range, including tailor-made products to meet individual customer specific needs. Today, the managing partners are of the third generation of the Müller family. This is a clear indication that the main ambition is the continuous development of the company.


Save Time

  • Digital time switches
  • Masterclocks
  • Analogue time switches
  • Elapsed time counters
  • Count down timers / Relays
  • Shutter controls


  • Staircase lighting timers
  • Twilight switches
  • Digital astro timers
  • Dimmers
  • Smart Bluetooth Dimmers
  • Movement detectors

Connect - KNX

  • KNX-TP products
  • KNX-RF S-mode products

Feel well

  • 0-10V / Modbus sensors
  • Air quality sensors / CO2 monitor
  • Air quality sensors mini KNX
  • Air quality sensors KNX


  • mi.system
  • mi.puck system
  • mi.sensor
  • mi.puck App