HEIDENHAIN - DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and produces linear encoders, angle encoders, rotary encoders, and CNC controls for demanding positioning tasks. Rounding out its product portfolio are touch probes, camera systems, length gauges, digital readouts, signal converters, testing devices, and inspection devices. What's more, its practical software solutions for the Digital Shop Floor empower end users to fully digitalize their manufacturing ecosystem. HEIDENHAIN products are primarily used in high-accuracy machine tools as well as manufacturing and processing systems for electronic components. Thanks to its extensive expertise in developing and manufacturing encoders and controls, HEIDENHAIN is in an excellent position to automate the production machines and systems of tomorrow, supplying a number of critical and innovative industries, including machine tools, electronics, robotics, medical technology, elevators, and metrology.


Linear encoders

Linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN measure the position of linear axes without added mechanical intervention, letting your machines attain exceptional positioning accuracy and machining speed.

Angle encoders

Position your rotational axes at high accuracies on the order of a few arc seconds. HEIDENHAIN has the ideal angle encoder for your application, whether sealed, modular, or highly integrated with bearings.

Rotary encoders

Entrust your application to premium quality, durability, and precision. The robust and easy-to-install rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN reliably measure speed and position with accuracy and dependability.

CNC controls

CNC controls from HEIDENHAIN are shop-friendly, versatile, and high-performing. These milling and turning controls optimize motion control, turning your machine tools into user-friendly workstations on the shop floor.

Digital Shop Floor

Gain 360° of insight into your shop floor. The Digital Shop Floor solutions from HEIDENHAIN model your complete process chain through machine-oriented software, advisory support, online services, and more.

Touch probes and vision systems

How can you reduce setup times, boost machine-tool uptimes, and ensure process reliability for high manufacturing quality? With HEIDENHAIN touch probes and camera systems for tool and part measurement.

Signal converters

HEIDENHAIN signal converters adapt encoder signals to the interface requirements of your application's downstream electronics. They can even process additional sensor signals as needed.

Digital readouts

High-performance digital readouts from HEIDENHAIN save time and simplify the operation of machines, automation systems, and metrology applications. Benefits include their built-in touchscreen, intuitive user interface, and dialogue guidance.

Length gauges

Length gauges from HEIDENHAIN can measure even long measuring ranges quickly, reliably, and accurately. Leverage these benefits in your production measurement technology for multi-gauging fixtures, measuring equipment monitoring, and position measurement.

Inspection and testing devices

HEIDENHAIN encoders deliver all of the information needed for adjustment, initial configuration, and monitoring. Our inspection and testing devices leverage these data for machine acceptance testing, functionality testing, and extensive diagnostics.