HAMANAKA CHAIN Mfg. Co. Ltd was established in 1936 at the Himeji city, Hyogo prefecture, in where the famous world heritage and National Treasure Himeji Castle is located.

Himeji is the major production area of chains in Japan, which makes up 70% of the total in the country. This is closely related to the Himeji castle indeed. At the time when the castle was still under construction, a huge amount of "Matsuhara Nail" was needed, and it led to the massive production and development of forging skills, and thus the foundation of today.

Since our establishment, we specialize in the production of anchor chain cables, mooring buoys, and stud link/studless offshore chain cables. We weathered serval storms and hard times, and every time we became stronger as one team. We believe that our history is filled with hard work and wisdom from our predecessors. We introduced the first flash butt welding machine from Sweden to Asia and manufactured the first flash butt welding chain in Japan. Besides, we are devoted to new developments such as steels for anchor chains, overseas offshore business, and chains for offshore wind power. We always aim to have new breakthroughs.

Based on the sound foundation built by our predecessors, we would like to continue to be devoted to satisfying our customers, developing new items, improving production efficiency, reducing burden to our environment and uniting our society.

At the time in our establishment there was a saying goes "chain is the last production of lives" (cutting the anchor chain under terrible weather and let the ship drift, the ship may sink and it is linked to all lives in the ship). We will definitely remember this origin of ours to provide safe and secured items, to create top world standard chain and receive new challenges.