GRASSLIN - Grässlin develops and manufactures groundbreaking products of premium quality in the fields of time switch technology, lighting control and hour counters.​ ​Since our very beginnings, we have been developing solutions to make the work of ​ our users easier and more efficient. Our aim is to deliver technologically advanced user-friendly products with customised functions for efficient building automation.​ ​Grässlin products are used in a wide range of applications: from the time-based control of lighting systems, pump controls, gates and shop windows to measuring the use of machines, vehicles and buildings on the basis of operation. As a pioneer in time switch technology and temperature control, Grässlin maintains long-term partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers in the heating & electronics industry.​ We work in close collaboration with our industry customers to develop customer-specific OEM solutions which are designed to meet individual requirements. ​ Sound market knowledge and more than 60 years of practical experience combined with in-depth technical expertise provide the basis for successful and mutually beneficial OEM partnerships.


Time Switch Technology

  • DIN Rail Time Switches
  • Universal Time Switches
  • Time Switch Modules

Light Control

  • Twilight Switches
  • Staircase Time Switches
  • Motion detectors


  • Hour Counters