GM INTERNATIONAL - G.M. International srl. G.M. International s.r.l is a manufacturer of intrinsically safe barriers and instrumentation for use in Hazardous Areas.



Intrinsically Safe Isolators

Intrinsically Safe Galvanic Isolators provide the most simple and cost effective means of implementing Intrinsic Safety into Hazardous Area applications.

Applications: Analog Input Analog Output Digital Input Digital Output Signal Converter Serial Line Converter Load Cell Isolator Converter Vibration Transducer Frequency input Resistance Repeater Temperature Input Flammable Liquid Presence Detector Smoke Detector Configurator Accessory

Safety Relays

When a load cannot be driven directly by a safety controller, an interposing relay becomes a requirement. For example, if the controller cannot handle the amount of power required to switch the load; or the voltage is different from 24 Vdc; or multiple contacts are required to be driven by the same control signal. SIL certified safety relays are a requirement to meet the necessary Risk Reduction Factor (RRF) when switching a load ON or OFF, in an IEC61508/61511 Safety Instrumented Function (SIF). SIL certified relays guarantee that the safety function is met with a suitable and known probability of failure (PFD).

Applications: Safety Relay

Non Intrinsically Safe Isolators

G.M. International new universal mount Galvanic Isolators provide the most simple and cost effective means of implementing isolation in non Hazardous applications.

Applications: Analog Input Analog Output Digital Input Signal Converter Load Cell Isolator Converter Vibration Transducer Resistance Repeater Temperature Input Power Supply Distribution

Multiplexer systems

When a consistent quantity of variables must be made available to a distant location, instead of wiring each process variable signal with long individual connection lines up to the control room, it is advantageous to connect all input signals to a conveniently located field Multiplexer with short connections lines to the sensors. Data is then sent through a single communication line to the remote monitoring area. Multiplexer solutions are available both for Intrinsically Safe applications and for HART® compatible transmitters.

Applications: Intrinsically Safe System HART® compatible Configurator Accessory

Power Supplies

GM International manufactures a wide range of Power Supplies, suitable for all hazardous locations needs, including also intrinsically safe applications.
Power supplies are designed to provide the greatest levels of availability and safety for high integrity and critical applications.

Applications: Non incendive Intrinsically Safe

Termination Boards

G.M. International offers a wide range of standard or customized Termination Boards for 8/16 units (32/64 channels) for an easy interaction with instrumentation of main manufacturers such as Invensys Foxboro, ABB, Triconex, Yokogawa, Honeywell and many others.

Our termination boards are also available with the new HART Interface System that drastically reduces the number of multiplexer modules.

Applications: HART® compatible ABB Termination Boards HIMA Termination Boards Honeywell Termination Boards Invensys Termination Boards Triconex Termination Boards GM International Termination Boards Yokogawa Termination Boards Pass through modules

Surge arresters

D9000 series provides surge protection for all kinds of applications in different industries such as Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Steel etc. avoiding signal interruption and protecting control room equipment.

Applications: Surge Arrester

Elcon adapters

G.M. International offers continuity in the service of Elcon Instruments 1000 series (no longer available from the manufacturer).
All models are ATEX, FM, FM-C Certified and guarantee interchangeability with Elcon 1000 Series modules without modifying any wiring or connections.
No need to change Elcon boards using the same Elcon part-number.

Applications: Elcon 1000 series adapter


Field indicators can be connected in series to a 4-20 mA loop or can be driven from Safe Area to provide local indication in Hazardous Areas. Extremely low power consumption and in-field configurability.

Applications: Accessory Field Indicator