EUROTEK - Eurotek S.r.l e define ourselves as technological craftsmen. We offer solutions with attention to details, precision products with high-quality standards using cutting-edge equipment, advanced and innovative design techniques.


Extrusion heads

The core of extrusion lines

Our extrusion heads are designed for the extrusion of cables, wires, pipes, and tubes both in mono and co-extrusion for different types of material. All of our extrusion heads can be customized.

Thermoplastic extrusion heads

  • FC / FT Series Mono and Co-extrusion up to Ø 30 mm
  • ECMR Series – Mono and Co-extrusion Ø starting from 30mm
  • DS / 3S Series – Double and Triple layer
  • TCP Series – Flat Cable

Fluoropolymers – technopolymers extrusion heads

  • MH Series – Hastelloy Extrusion heads
  • PEEK Series

Polyamide / nylon extrusion heads

  • PA Series

Rubber – silicon Extrusion Heads

  • TH Series

Extrusion heads for tubes/pipes

  • TT Series

Optical fiber extrusion heads

  • FO Series

Extrusion tooling

Eurotek manufactures a multiple range of standard and customized extrusion tooling for any kind of application.

We also manufacture a wide choice of spare parts for extrusion heads, furthermore, we supply AirWipes and Precision Cutters.

Extrusion tooling, spare parts and more

  • Extrusion Tooling
  • Spare parts for extrusion heads
  • Precision cutters
  • Air-wipes

Accessories for extrusion head

  • By-Pass module
  • Connecting flange for extruder and breaker plate
  • Quick color change ‘qcc’ and flow inverter module ‘mif’
  • Trolleys and distributor extractors
  • Cleaning and maintenance tools