ENERSYS - EnerSys® is an industrial technology leader serving the global community with mission critical stored energy solutions that meet the growing demand for energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability. We are driven by a passion to provide people everywhere with accessible power to help them work and live better.
Ours is a world of continuous improvement, enabled by our extensive network of teams and partners around the globe utilizing the collective wealth of expertise they bring. We produce excellence today and work with our customers on new solutions helping them win tomorrow. We are never satisfied because we know that your world changes every day. To leverage that change we need to remain curious. That’s why we are constantly innovating and exploring new ways of thinking to find solutions that address your challenges.
Our people are our strength, with diverse teams and close partner network, an endless resource for innovation, insight and enthusiasm. We are part of an extended family, and to thrive we must keep them safe and healthy while sharing their values. We must live by example. We are committed to providing safe, accessible power around the world and ensuring it has a positive impact on our employees, our community and our environment.
We have a great heritage, and for more than one hundred years, customers have trusted us to provide the solid foundation on which they can build their success. We still work every day to win and keep your trust. That’s why we continue to explore new processes and technologies in order to develop hardware and digital solutions that serve the business needs and models of tomorrow.
We’ve always provided exceptional technology, but now we combine the expertise of our global community to do much more than that. We create holistic solutions that empower our customers and give them the courage to push the boundaries of their applications.
It has been a long journey for us. We couldn’t be more excited to be where we are today and look forward to where we are going tomorrow.



Application-specific batteries designed to meet the specific energy storage challenges unique to your industry and all the industries we serve.

  • ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ Batteries
  • ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ ATEX Batteries
  • Cyclon® Batteries
  • Powerbloc™ FPT Batteries
  • NexSys® Core Batteries
  • NexSys® Core ATEX Batteries
  • NexSys® iON Batteries
  • Hawker® Armasafe™ Plus Batteries
  • Hawker® Perfect Plus™ Batteries
  • Hawker® PerfectRail™ Batteries
  • Hawker® Water Less® 20 Batteries
  • Hawker® Safety Plus Nickel Cadmium Aviation Batteries
  • Hawker® Water Less® Batteries
  • Fiamm Motive Power® ATEX Batteries
  • Fiamm Motive Power® Energy Dry Batteries
  • Fiamm Motive Power® Energy Plus Batteries
  • Fiamm Motive Power® Water Less® 20 Batteries
  • Oerlikon® Water Less Batteries
  • PowerSafe® DDm Batteries
  • PowerSafe® OP Batteries
  • PowerSafe® OPzS Batteries
  • PowerSafe® OPzV Batteries
  • PowerSafe® V-FT Batteries
  • PowerSafe® VM Batteries
  • DataSafe® XE Batteries
  • Genesis® NP
  • ODYSSEY® Performance Series™
  • Powerbloc™ Dry MFP Batteries
  • Powerbloc™ TP Batteries
  • NexSys® Pure Batteries
  • IRONCLAD® Batteries
  • Hawker® Evolution Batteries
  • Hawker® Evolution ATEX Batteries
  • Hawker® EvoRail™ Batteries
  • Hawker® Maintenance Free Aircraft Batteries
  • Hawker Perfect Plus ATEX Batteries
  • Hawker® Submarine Batteries
  • Hawker® ATEX Water Less® Batteries
  • Hawker® ZeMa™ Rail Batteries
  • Hawker® ZeMa™ Rail DS Batteries
  • Hawker® Extra Low Maintenance Ni-Cd Aviation Batteries
  • Hawker® Armasafe™ L-Series Batteries
  • Hawker® UK6G40 Battery
  • Fiamm Motive Power® Water Less® Batteries
  • Oerlikon® Evolution Batteries
  • Oerlikon® Perfect Plus Batteries
  • PowerSafe® OGi Batteries
  • PowerSafe® PV Bloc Batteries
  • PowerSafe® SBS Batteries
  • PowerSafe® SBS® EON Technology® Batteries
  • PowerSafe® SBS XC Batteries
  • PowerSafe® TS Batteries
  • PowerSafe® Vb Batteries
  • PowerSafe® V-TT Batteries
  • PowerSafe® SBS XC+ Batteries
  • PowerSafe® SBS XL - 2V DIN-Size Batteries
  • DataSafe® HX+ Batteries
  • DataSafe® HX Batteries
  • DataSafe® NPX Batteries
  • Genesis® EP
  • Genesis® TD
  • GAZ® Ni-Cd Batteries
  • NexSys® Pure Blocs Batteries


Designed with high-efficiency, reliability, durability and value in mind, our chargers are purpose built for motive power, material handling and backup power applications.

  • Hawker® Life iQ™ Modular Chargers
  • Hawker® Lifespeed iQ™ Modular Chargers
  • Hawker® Lifetech® Modular Chargers
  • Hawker® Life COMpact™ Onboard Charger
  • NexSys® charger
  • NexSys® COMpact Onboard Charger
  • NexSys®+ Chargers
  • IMPAQ™ Charger
  • NexSys® COMpact Solution


Solutions designed to ensure that your batteries are charged, discharged and maintained to maximize battery life while reducing costs and operational downtime.

  • EnerSys BACS®
  • EnerSys Wi-iQ® Battery Monitoring Device
  • EnerSys VBMS Battery Management System
  • EnerSys Lifenetwork iQ™
  • EnerSys E Connect
  • EnerSys PRO Series® Battery Handling Solutions
  • EnerSys ACE®
  • EnerSys Datacell II®
  • EnerSys Truck iQ™ Smart Battery Dashboard
  • EnerSys BSI40™ Battery Status Indicator
  • EnerSys XINX® Battery Operations Management Program
  • EnerSys EURO Series™ Cobra Tugger
  • EnerSys PRO Series® Uni-Tugger


Complete systems featuring batteries, power electronics, enclosures and climate control for mission critical communication and industrial applications.

  • SiteFlex® MPC
  • SiteFlex® MicroE350
  • SiteFlex® MicroE1000
  • SiteFlex® E-ACS
  • StreetFlex® FTTH Underground
  • StreetFlex® FWAO
  • StreetFlex® FTTS Slim
  • SiteFlex® Secure SBS
  • SiteFlex® Secure IPBS
  • SiteFlex® IUBS
  • StreetFlex® FTTH Slim
  • StreetFlex® FWAI
  • StreetFlex® FTTS Compact
  • Cordex® E-CXPS-48-05
  • SiteFlex® LCC
  • SiteFlex® IPB
  • SiteFlex® Secure SPBS
  • SiteFlex® Secure DPBS