ELFIN - Elfin is a leading supplier of environmental condition monitoring and recording data logger, sensors and instruments for temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, dew point, wind, rainfall, leaf wetness, soil moisture, soil electrical conductivity, water level and flow, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, CO2, power factor, AC Current, AC Voltage, Kilowatt hour, plug load and others.

We have wide range of environment condition monitoring weather stations for agricultural research, environmental research, water quality monitoring and hydrology studies. Since ELFIN's inception in 2009, we earned reputation as a trusted and reliable partner to our clients through our commitment and dedication.

We are authorized distributor and supplier of Onset's HOBO® and InTemp® weather monitoring stations and data loggers. InTemp® is globally renowned in pharmaceuticals, life sciences and healthcare for it's accuracy, reliability, affordability.

Onset's full range of HOBO® and InTemp® data loggers are highly accurate and reliable for Indoor & Outdoor environmental condition monitoring. For outdoor environmental monitoring, we have temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, CO2, wind speed, rain fall, water level, soil moisture, light intensity measurement sensors and datalogger. For indoor environmental condition monitoring, we have sensors and data loggers for clean room in pharmaceutical, storage and transportation of cold chain products. Broad range of USB, Wifi and bluetooth enabled data loggers and weather stations are used in indoor, outdoor and underwater applications.

We are local representative of ICE Group for static and digital electrical protection relays for industrial generation, transmission and distribution network.

Our products and services are being used in power plants, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, food and beverage industries. Numerous mechanical, electrical and chemical products from leading manufacturers are within our scope of supply as well.

Our technical expertises are focused on the requirements of our clients. Responsive logistics and professional technical support are the key factors of our client service.

Technology is propelling our growth. We are focusing on technologies that optimizes efficiency and reliability of process applications.


InTemp Data Logger

  • CX402-VFC NIST Certified BLE Temperature Data Logger
  • CX405-RTD COVID-19 Vaccine Temperature Monitoring
  • CX450 Temperature/Relative Humidity Data Logger
  • CX603 Dry Ice Data Logger

HOBO Weather Station

  • Micro Weather Station Data Logger
  • Web Enabled Weather Station Data Logger

Multifunction Protection Relay
Industrial Spare Parts
Scan2PMS Passport Scanner
Abrasive Grinding Wheel

HOBO Data Logger

  • MX1100 Bluethooth Series Data Logger
  • MX1102 CO2 Temp RH Data Logger
  • MX2501 pH and Temperature Data Logger
  • TidbiT MX Temp 400 Temperature 400' Data Logger
  • U20-001-04 Water Level Logger
  • U23-001 Pro V2 Temperature/Relative Humidity Data Logger
  • UX100-011A Temperature/RH 2.5% Data Logger

Bioxtend USB Temperature Data Logger
Decontamination Solution