ELCA - Elca is a company that has been operating for over thirty years in the Electromechanical and Electronic sector. Dynamism and professionalism and a strong desire for continuous growth have consolidated its position on the national and international market.

Thanks to a careful investment policy implemented consistently over the years, Elca is able to boast a strong production unit of cutting-edge machinery and systems, capable of ensuring the highest quality and productivity standards.
Elca has always set customer satisfaction as its corporate quality objective, guaranteeing the technical and safety characteristics defined by European and international standards for its products, for this reason we have followed a constructive philosophy towards new quality standards such as quality approval and CE marking on all our products.

Technologically advanced Elca pays great attention to the objectives of the best service and total customer satisfaction; a commitment also confirmed by obtaining ISO 9001: 2000 certifications, considering the Quality System an essential aspect to grow professionally, to effectively develop company management and to improve customer relations more and more.

The quality of Elca products is based on three main Sections: the first Section is the Technical Unit, the true heart of the system, it consists of a section for design, development of drawings, calculations and estimates. The second is the Production Unit, construction of the windings, assembly of the magnetic sheets, assembly of the transformers, impregnation department.

The third is constituted by the Final Testing Center, all the production, before reaching the final testing, has already undergone a long series of intermediate tests required by the manufacturing procedures and plans in order to obtain the products perfectly compliant with the regulations in force and to specific customer requests.

This catalog has been prepared in order to give a clearer idea about technology, regulations and the use of products, for a direct meeting with the customer.


  • UL/CSA Transformers file number E241443
  • UL/CSA homologated insulation system transformers file number E255070
  • DIN Rail Transformers IP20
  • Transformers enclosed in protection boxes
  • Autotransformers and reactors for starting motorss
  • Special Transformers