DIXELL - Dixell technology is leading the way in electronic regulation and control in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, and retail. Dedication to technological innovation and constant focus on efficiency have driven the development of solutions designed to maximize energy savings. Dixell parametric controllers, fan speed controllers and inverters, compressor controls, EEV drivers, sensors and monitoring systems are trusted around the world. These industrial and commercial products play an important role in ensuring human comfort and protecting food throughout the cold chain.


Refrigeration Controllers

High-performance controllers with energy saving algorithms inside for refrigeration applications. 

Air Conditioning Controllers

Extensive range of controllers for HVAC applications in residential, commercial and industrial fields. 

Controls & Monitoring Systems

Innovation systems designed to satisfy all quality, user friendliness and efficiency requirements for every kind of HVAC/R application.

Programmable Controllers

High connectivity programmable controllers dedicated to HVAC units, general purposes and refrigeration applications.
Heating & A/C


Sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure and gas leaks that ensure the right level of accuracy and lead time for every application.
Heating & A/C

Wiring & Accessories

A family of useful accessories such as wirings, programming kits and more that make it easy and fast to use each instrument in every situation.