CASTELL - From power generation & distribution, heavy plant works to loading bays and many industries in between, we believe that everyone has the right to be safe at work. Close collaboration with our customers has built our experience over 100 years, and with this knowledge we help you to reduce and manage your risks. This improves safety practices & culture, can offer efficiency gains and reduces costs associated with workplace accidents. We provide a range of safety components working in synergy to build a solution of trapped key interlocking to suit virtually any application. This enforces the operator to follow a safe procedure or process every time, safeguarding your people and assets.


Access Control

Access to the hazardous area needs to be assessed as either part body or full body access. Once this is determined an access lock can be selected.
A part body access lock has only one lock and the isolation key is used to open this. Whilst the access lock is open the key can not be removed and therefore the process can not be started. Only once the lock is closed can the isolation key be removed and the process restarted.
Full body access locks have two locking mechanisms: The first step in the process is to insert the isolation key. This will allow the personnel key to be removed and then access can be granted by opening the bolt. The isolation key can only be removed once the personnel key has been inserted. Therefore whilst the personnel key is removed and the lock is open the process can not be started. Only once the lock is closed and the personnel key returned can the isolation key be removed and the process restarted.

Custom Products

Castell’s scope of supply extends beyond the standard component range. Component hybrids are developed by our in-house design team.


Through development and experience Castell has a number of methods to isolate switchgear or machinery. This can be done mechanically, through control circuitry or through power circuitry.
In complex operations a number of isolations may need to occur to ensure that switchgear or machinery is safe to work on.
The isolation keys are then used to either gain direct access, are transferred to a time delay unit or for multiple entry points access through a key exchange box.

Key exchange

The use of key exchange boxes forms part of the integrated safety system solution in machinery and switchgear applications.
In complex operations a number of isolations and/or multiple access points may need to occur to ensure that protected areas are safe to work on.
The exchange boxes enable both multiple isolations as well as multiple access through the transfer of keys.

Key Management

While machinery and equipment are essential in any industrial working environment, they can also be dangerous if not properly managed. Ensuring that only authorised employees have access to hazardous areas is vital to safety, as well as smooth operations.
With Smart Key Manager, key movement can be tracked and recorded, and key access can be restricted. This gives greater oversight and control over who is using what, when, and for how long. It also saves time and reduces costs by eradicating the need to track keys manually.


A selection of keys is available to suit a range of applications, from the basic nickel plated key to the stainless steel sealing key. The FS range of keys fits the figure style lock portion whilst the Q range fits the Q style lock portion.
The flip cap provides both protection and the ability to use lockout tagout.


When considering a mechanical safety system for switchgear applications, apart from the trapped key interlocking system, a padlock-based lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) system is also an option.
Castell’s Iso-Lok padlock range is designed to maintain the integrity of the safety system in place, ranging in different forms and sizes to suit the needs of the equipment concerned.

Logistics Solutions

Salvo is a unique loading dock safety system that interlocks the vehicle’s own brakes with the dock door, ensuring that a trailer cannot depart until loading has finished, and the dock door is locked closed.