CANALPLAST - Canalplast is, since more than 60 years, a specialized company in the production and development of trunking systems for electrical installation. Our effort, the technology of our production and the quality of our products bring our presence in the national markets and make us grow more and more towards the international ones, placing us among the leaders of the sector, with a network of agencies and own promoters that constantly cooperate with the clients and their design dept and having as partners the distributors of electric material with which we collaborate for the “satisfaction of the end client”. Canalplast’s facilities cover an area of more than 25,000 m2. Using constantly updated technologies, Canalplast produces profiles made of high quality materials. These products follow a rigid quality control procedure, from production to packing and storing. Canalplast’s facilities house the Research and Development department, as well as administrative and production departments. Approximately 3,000 stock items are stored in our 8,500 m2 warehouse. A Customer Care department is in charge of coordinating all orders, from placement to final shipment to the customer.

Products List

Wire duct

  • Slot 8mm
  • Slot 4mm
  • Slot 5mm
  • Corner wire duct
  • Halogen free 5mm PC/ABS
  • Halogen free 5mm noryl

DIN Rail

  • DIN Rail

Lift trunking

  • Pre-punched
  • Closed

Air conditioning trunking

  • With wrap-around cover
  • With snap-on cover
  • Floor supports
  • Wall bracket – Pipe – Siphon


  • With standard cover
  • With wrap around cover
  • With integrated cover

Installation trunking

  • With standard cover
  • With safety cover
  • With safety cover and modules
  • With quick coupling modules
  • Floor trunking

Service box

  • Desk type
  • Floor type
  • Underfloor type
  • Column type