BRUDERER - BRUDERER is renowned the world over as a pacesetter in high-quality punching technology. BRUDERER – combining tradition with innovation. BRUDERER is renowned the world over as a pacesetter in high-quality punching technology. Founded in 1943 by Egon Bruderer, the company took just a few years to develop from humble beginnings into a global player. This tremendous success has been made possible by three company traits, which have all become BRUDERER trademarks: performance, precision and quality. The future as a challenge. BRUDERER employs some 460 people all over the world, 370 of whom work at the Frasnacht site in Switzerland, where all BRUDERER's high-performance stamping presses are produced. Over 95% of the company's products are manufactured for the export market. Sales and service organisations located all over the world combine with the company's own centres of competence, for example in Asia, to ensure direct contact with customers.


BRUDERER Stamping presses

In the sheet metal, stamping and forming industry, BRUDERER stamping presses are synonymous for maximum performance, utmost precision and unsurpassed reliability. Our BSTA range includes high-performance stamping presses with press forces from 180 to 2500 kN and a stroke speed range of 100 to 2000 spm. The unique lever system of the BSTA stamping press distributes the load acting on the ram in the system. This load distribution, the minimal bearing clearances and the efficient lubrication system are the main reasons for the long life and consistently high precision of the BRUDERER high-performance stamping presses.

BSTL 350-88.

Press force         350 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         880 mm
Min.         100 1/min
Adjustable stroke Max.         1200 1/min

BSTA 200.

Press force         200 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         600/700 mm
Min.         100 spm
Adjustable stroke Max.         1800 / option: 2000 spm
Fixed stroke Max.         2000 spm

BSTA 280.

Press force         280 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         750/880 mm
Min.         100 spm
Adjustable stroke Max.         1500 / option: 2000 spm
Fixed stroke Max.         -

BSTA 410.

Press force         410 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         1100 mm
Min.         100 spm
Adjustable stroke Max.         1600 spm
Fixed stroke Max.         -

BSTA 1250.

Press force         1250 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         1170/1510/1810 mm
Min.         100 spm
Adjustable stroke Max.         850 spm
Fixed stroke Max.         -

BSTA 1600.

Press force         1600 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         1170/1510/1810/2200 mm
Min.         100 spm
Adjustable stroke Max.         825/800/800/760 spm
Fixed stroke Max.         -

BSTA 2500.

Press force         2500 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         2700 mm
Min.         100 spm
Adjustable stroke Max.         -
Fixed stroke Max.         710 spm

BSTA 510.

Press force         510 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         950/1100/1250/1500 mm
Min.         100 spm
Adjustable stroke Max.         1120/1120/1050/1050 spm
Fixed stroke Max.         -

BSTA 710-220.

Press force         710 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         2200 mm
Min.         100 spm
Adjustable stroke Max.         850 spm
Fixed stroke Max.         -

BSTA 810.

Press force         810 kN
Tool loading area
L-R         1240/1450/1800 mm
Min.         100 spm
Adjustable stroke Max.         1000/1000/950 spm
Fixed stroke Max.         -

BPG Planetary gear.

The 2 in 1 solution from BRUDERER - tool test press and stamping machine. With the planetary gear, the speed is freely selectable from one stroke per minute. Even at minimum speed you work with 100% power.


  • High-performance stamping machine and test press in one
  • Manual operation for stamping machine
  • Test operation with lowest stroke rates using the full press force
  • Easy adjustment of the ram height by hand operation
  • Display of the relevant measured values on the manual control (press force, distance to bottom dead center)


Customer benefits:

  • Test tool in normal punching operation with original forces and retract
  • Manual operation of the stamping machine
  • Precise control allows easy setup and optimum tool development
  • Easier testing of tools and materials
  • No discrepancies - development and production personnel use the same machine

BRUDERER Feed Units.

The feed units developed by BRUDERER allow for the highest possible accuracy, even for complex production processes. Mechanically or electrically driven versions, suitable for different raw materials.

The strip feed units of type BBV, BSV, BZV and VGB provide the ideal link between stamping press and punching tool. The ingenious drive concepts impress with their absolute step accuracy throughout the power range – the basis for the production of high-quality punched parts. Their unrivalled reliability and suitability for universal application optimise productivity whilst delivering maximum efficiency.

Servo feed BSV.

These electrically-driven servo feed units are characterised by high flexibility and accuracy. The areas of application are virtually limitless, thanks to the freely programmable axes. They are most effective in complex production processes with a high level of automation. The dual-feed version of the BSV 75T is particularly suitable in two-track applications for the parallel advancing of two raw material strips. Furthermore, the BSV servo feeders are ideal for feeding forward profiled and pre-stamped strips.

Roller feed BBV.

These entirely mechanical units have been epitomising precision and reliability for decades. They are driven by the main shaft of the punching press via a cardan shaft angle-synchronously to the strip feed unit. The feed works with oscillating rollers to generate the feed movement and with clamping bars that hold down the strip during the punching process. The feed length can be set steplessly, either manually or motor driven. The strip lifting device allows the accurate release of raw punching materials for optimum performance of the centring pins in the stamping tool. The punching press’s central lubrication system manages lubrication and cooling.

Gripper feed BZV.

This gripper feed unit is characterised by outstanding performance data and unrivalled reliability. It is driven by the main shaft of the stamping press via a cardan shaft to the strip feed unit.

The strip clamping with grippers is the ideal solution for feeding forward thin, sensitive and refined raw materials. Due to the linear gripper movement there is no rolling motion of feed rollers on the strip. The grippers are easy to exchange and allow perfect adjustment of the gripper contact area for profiled and pre-stamped strips. The punching press’s central lubrication system manages lubrication and cooling.

BSA servo axis technology.

More possibilities. More flexibility. More room. More productivity. We will be happy to outline your individual possibilities with the BRUDERER servo axis technology.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • More constructive freedom in tool construction
  • More design freedom in the process flow
  • Integration of all functions in the BRUDERER user interface
  • Less space required as it is built into the BRUDERER control cabinet
  • Single point of contact for support and training

Create a perspective.

BRUDERER control systems provide clarity and the highest level of control over all process cycles. They are simple and intuitive to operate and allow entering and changing of data during the production process.

The type B2-Control provides the interface between the machine operator and the stamping press. Amongst the impressive features of this extraordinarily powerful machine controls are maximum operator comfort, optimum functionality and an extensive range of accessories for all manner of requirements. The open architecture supports the problem-free integration of external peripherals and the exchange of data via networks.
B2-Control – for highest demands

The multilingual display provides constant updates regarding all relevant events and operating states for the entire production plant. Tool and machine data can be displayed without interrupting production and modified if necessary.

The ram axis can be corrected manually or automatically – during the production process and to the narrowest of tolerances for maximum process reliability. Factory-set or user-defined retooling sequences provide support during retooling and prevent erroneous operator intervention.
Integrated modularity for maximum functionality

The large number of proprietary modules enables to configure a specific functional scope in accordance with the requirements of individual customers' production environments. The resulting advantages are clear: developments of all modules at the highest level, no additional third-party devices required, central and system-wide control of all functions, increased acceptance and minimised training effort on the part of employees, a partner to provide expert assistance during project planning and service – and not least an unrivalled cost-value ratio.

Production Lines.

From project planning to commissioning.

Our time-served specialists have many years experience of such tasks and can take over the management of your entire project – from conception right through to handover of the ready-to-use production plant on your site.

Even after successful handing over we are there for you and offer you a service which guarantees a competent support of your production plant.

Overview of services:

  •     Management of every aspect of a project – you only need one contact
  •     Fulfilment of your qualitative and quantitative requirements
  •     Acknowledgement of your individual needs and country-specific safety regulations
  •     Budgeting and scheduling
  •     Complete integration of the production plant into your existing production environment
  •     System-wide control and functionality for maximum productivity
  •     Commissioning and training services provided by our specialists
  •     "Made by BRUDERER" – your one-stop-shop for service and expertise

Certified interfaces.

As a production plant is assembled from a combination of various items of equipment, the weakest link in the resulting chain will have a direct effect on productivity and profitability. Alongside actual functionality, integration and system-wide and central control play a decisive role.

At BRUDERER, we can offer an extensive range of accessories which as well as meeting your individual needs, beat others hands down. What's more, they are 100 % compatible for integration into the machine control and support system-wide control without exception.

In respect of peripherals too, for an expert partner, you need look no further than BRUDERER. We have contacts with reputable manufacturers in this sector all over the world – long-term collaboration and experiences gained from this are your guarantee of a high-performance punching process.

The following examples will provide you with a brief overview of the wide and varied range of possible products and services. Turn our expertise to your advantage and contact us. Our specialists would be delighted to advise you in accordance with your needs.

BRUDERER is open to communication with various suppliers of peripheral equipment and has already worked closely with a number of leading peripheral equipment manufacturers. We will gladly make a recommendation.

Tool monitoring.

Tool monitoring for material flow control via the punching tool supports the detection of: feed, double sheet, part ejection and static switch status.

    Systems with 4, 8 or 16 inputs
    Type of monitoring can be selected for each input
    Indication of values in graphic format on the display
    Simple programming
    Full integration into B-Control

Press force monitoring.

Press force detection both protects the punching press against overload and supports monitoring of tool punching pressure on an individually configurable basis.

    Systems with 2 or 4 inputs
    Underload and overload monitoring
    Indication of values in graphic format on the display
    Simple programming
    Full integration into B-Control

Position monitoring and control.

This function monitors and controls the tool closing dimension using sensors in the tool. The ram position is regulated in order to ensure that the BDC position remains constant during the punching process.

    Systems for up to 8 sensors
    Monitoring of tool closing dimension to the narrowest of tolerances
    Regulation of BDC position during the punching process
    Position "teach-in" function
    Full integration into B-Control

Energy control/overnight shutdown.

This module can be used to gradually step down the press drives in accordance with a predefined scenario, thereby decreasing energy consumption when production is running with reduced personnel resources:

    Reduction to minimum speed
    Shut down main drive
    Shut down oil pump
    Main switch off / disconnection of press from mains power supply
    Full integration into B-Control

Internet of Things / Industry 4.0.

As far as intelligent networking of machines and processes is concerned, BRUDERER offers numerous possibilities to increase efficiency and process reliability in production.

    The BSTA control collects all data on the stamping process
    If desired, we can save the data obtained in this way in a cloud and analyse it
    We are able to support our customers quickly and efficiently via remote maintenance
    All our products (stamping presses, feed units and control units) can communicate with other peripheral equipment if required

Tool clamping system.

BRUDERER's tool clamping system is suitable for use in any application. The customer-specific solutions reduce retooling times and simplify the process.

    System for up to 24 clamping elements
    Customer-specific solutions
    Separate oil supplies and monitoring functions for each clamping circuit
    Outstanding clamping force of clamping elements
    Control via B-Control

Feed length adjustment.

Motorised feed length adjustment compensates potential deviations in feed length automatically during the punching process, supports the operator during retooling and reduces erroneous operator interventions.

  • Option for BBV type feed units
  • Fully-automatic and dynamic correction of feed axis
  • Correction of feed length during stamping process
  • Tool-specific feed data storage
  • Full integration into B-Control

Tool support brackets.

The support brackets facilitate the insertion and removal of heavy punching tools and increase safety during retooling.

  • Brackets can be supplied in various sizes
  • Robust brackets with roller bearing for easy handling
  • Integrated safety elements for optimum safety
  • Locking device for tool trolleys
  • Brackets mounted on stamping press