BIRCHER - BBC Bircher Smart Access develops, manufactures and sells detector systems that aim to protect increasingly large flows of people and traffic all over the world, and to create access systems that are convenient to use and that save energy. The innovative detector manufacturer is constantly working on new solutions to overcome future challenges in industry and healthcare.

Six decades at the service of automation solutions
Founded in 1957 near Schaffhausen, Switzerland, BBC Bircher Smart Access has grown into a leading provider of automation solutions with an increasing focus on gate and door applications. By joining the BBC Group, BBC Bircher Smart Access now has a strong foundation for sustainable growth and long-term success. The private group of companies comprises seven subsidiaries, which are active in industry in many different ways. All BBC Group companies set very high standards for themselves, aiming to become the go-to specialist in their particular markets.

Certificates and standards: safety first!
Safety for people, vehicles and plant: this is the requirement that BBC Bircher Smart Access has to meet for its customers. As a result, the detector manufacturer sets the highest quality standards both for itself and its products.

Certified safety, durability and user-friendliness are paramount for the company. To ensure that these features are maintained and continually optimised, BBC Bircher Smart Access develops its quality products according to national and international standards, as well as type approvals.

Individual customer solutions
As a solutions provider, BBC Bircher Smart Access is able to realise customer-specific wishes and needs on an individual basis. Around 180 employees all over the world are working with real passion to achieve this. Taking the values of commitment, integrity, teamwork and courage as its starting point, BBC Bircher Smart Access earns the trust of its customers and partners day in, day out, while also proving that their trust is not misplaced. The detector manufacturer from Schaffhausen wants to grow even more and continue to design high-end solutions for you.


  • Gate detectors
  • Door detectors
  • Contact mats and step mats
  • Safety edges
  • Loop detectors
  • Detector mats for use in caring for those who have dementia or who are prone to accidents
  • CleanSwitch
  • CareMat
  • DW Pressure wave
  • ExpertSystem
  • ExpertSystem XL
  • ExpertSystem XRF
  • Helios 2T
  • Herkules 2E
  • LBDoor
  • LBGate
  • Merkur 2
  • PIR 20
  • PIR 30
  • PrimeMotion
  • PrimeScan
  • PrimeTec
  • ProAccess
  • ProLoop
  • RFGate 2
  • RFGate 3
  • RK 30
  • Switching Devices
  • Safety edges
  • Safety mats
  • SpotScan
  • TopScan
  • UniScan
  • Accessories


  • ExpertSystem
  • CleanAccess