BIHLER - YOUR EXPERT IN AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY. As the world's leading system supplier for stamping and forming, welding and assembly technology, our family-owned company stands for 70 years of cutting-edge technology "Made in Germany". More than 1,100 employees at home and abroad are committed to ensuring that our customers' production processes function flawlessly. Benefit from future-oriented Bihler technology, our high-quality products, tailor-made automation solutions as well as our world-class support. Rely on a strong partner and increase your competitive strength with us – now and in the future.



Increase your productivity with Bihler products

Bihler Technology is the combination of Bihler stamping-forming and assembly techniques within one Integrated Manufacturing Process. Beginning with raw material stamping operations, Bihler integrates key technologies such as welding, thread forming, screw insertion, feeding, sorting, inspection, cleaning, and packaging and much more into a fully-automated assembly solution.

Bihler standard mechanical motion is combined with servo technology, allowing each machine to be customized to meet specific product requirements and still remain re-toolable for new programs. Maximizing flexibility with more value added in your production. The highest quality standards ensure reliable and cost effective production from simple component production through to complex precision assemblies, in any batch size.

With Bihler you safeguard your competitive edge.


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        Linear Machines cam-controlled / servo-controlled
            LM 2000-KT
            LM 2000-NC

        Servo production systems for small, medium and large batches

            Servo stamping and forming machines
                BNC 4

            Servo production and assembly systems
                BIMERIC Modular
                BIMERIC SP
                BM-HP 3000 (hairpins)

            Servo presses
                SP 800

        Mechanical and hybrid production systems for mass production

            Stamping and forming machines
                RM 40K
                RM 40KS
                RM 40P
                RM 40B (bushings)
                RM S
                RM 30K
                GRM 80E
                GRM 80P
                GRM 80P hybrid
                GRM 80B (bushings)

                MC 42
                MC 82
                MC 120
                MCS 1
                MCS 05

            Processing centers
                BZ 1
                CC 1


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        Servo processing modules and peripheral devices

            Servo processing modules
                Material feed
                Processing units
                Contact welding units
                Thread forming units
                Screw insertion unit
                Conveyor belt
                Pick & Place units
                Lift-rotate unit

            Peripheral devices
                Feeding systems
                Stripping unit


Simply better welding with welding technology from Bihler

For more than 50 years, we have been integrating welding processes in fully automated solutions. We have delivered thousands of welding controls and welding units in this period.

Our strengths are in the areas of:

- resistance butt welding, mash seam welding,
- projection welding, contact welding, precious metal welding,
- compacting strands, nut welding and soldering.

Intelligent welding control systems and highly flexible welding devices from Bihler guarantee maximum process reliability, high productivity and excellent welding quality. In the field of laser welding, we rely on the top quality of our technology partner TRUMPF.

Benefit from our wealth of experience in welding technology.


Standardized Tooling System

With the LEANTOOL system you now implement new radial and linear forming tools easier, faster and cheaper.

The perfect consistency of the standardized tooling kit - from planning to design, manufacturing to production - reduces the realization times and manufacturing costs of your new tools by up to 70 percent.

At the same time, you benefit from very fast "time-to-market" for your new stamped and formed parts and assemblies. As tailor-made platforms for the LEANTOOL forming tools, the RM-NC and GRM-NC servo stamping and forming machines, the LM 2000-KT and LM 2000-NC linear machines as well as the BIMERIC servo production and assembly system guarantee a flexible and efficient production.


Implementing new tools according to the linear, progressive and progressive component principle

Highlights at a glance

    Up to 70% standard tools regardless of task
    Up to 50% lower manufacturing costs compared to conventional progressive tools
    Simpler tool technology, since tool movements from 3 sides are performed by the machine by default
    No strip lifting in the tool
    Less material waste compared to conventional progressive tool solutions

LEANTOOL Linear combines the strengths of traditional progressive tool technology with the strengths of Bihler machine technology. The tools consist of a large number of standardized tool parts made of standard parts and blanks. The machine allows individually controllable movements that can be implemented from above, from below and from the side. All this reduces the overall effort and complexity in the tool and guarantees simplicity, speed and safety.

Here you can find many successfully realized LEANTOOL solutions.


Calculable, fast, value-adding

Optimize the efficiency of your precision parts and tool active parts. With our modern Balzers coating plant we can offer you six different hard material coatings for various materials and tasks. Fixed coating times for each coating type guarantee shortest and calculable delivery times.

Your advantages

    Broad application range and excellent wear resistance of the coatings.
    Higher productivity due to decisive increase in tool active parts.
    Excellent coating adhesion, better demolding behaviour and higher surface quality of the precision parts.
    Reduction in abrasive and adhesive wear


One control platform for all tasks

With the VariControl VC 1 machine and process control system, Bihler emphasizes the keywords „Ease of Use“ and „Process Safety“ at a new, higher level.

With state of the art software and hardware features, the intelligent control system guarantees greater efficiency in your production. The highly flexible control platform allows you to easily control even the most complex automation solutions in the field of stamping and forming assembly technology – on all Bihler machine types.

With Bihler you have everything under control.

Simple, fast machine setup without programming experience

    Short setup times

    Minimized risk of error

    Increased machine performance

    Increased machine availability

    Reduced manufacturing costs

    Reduced tool spare parts costs

    Setup without an external programming device
    Significant cost savings

Direct programming of NC process modules or valve controllers with simple input masks in the control system

    Simple integration of additional servo process modules such as NC units, feeds, presses, strip transport, thread forming or screw fastening units and controls for special functions
    Application range of VC 1 universally expandable
    Flexible use for all Bihler machines and servo-based special solutions
    Control of valve banks or single solenoid valves including end position controls programmable with simple input masks

Freely configurable production menus and user interfaces

    Can be individually adapted for any application by the customer

Multimedia diagnostic and online help system

    Easy to operate even for less highly qualified employees
    Clear, unambiguous instructions
    Simple integration of operating instructions, help texts, graphics, films and individual hot spots for the rapid combining of functions

Integrated recording of measured values and production data

    Efficient process monitoring
    High level of transparency during production
    Integration into any in-house customer network via standardized OPC UA interface (MES / ERP)
    Worldwide access capability
    Automatic documentation of processes/manufactured parts
    Extremely simple networking of machines for streamlined production planning
    Minimum downtime

Simple integration of subsequent processes

    Production systems become scalable
    The machine grows in step with the requirements (quality, throughput, level of automation)
    Low initial investment
    Reusable for new products

Remote maintenance capacity via secure Internet connection (VPN) and Bihler remote maintenance portal

    Improved support and enhanced security
    Fewer service interventions
    Very short reaction times
    Cost savings
    Alternative support with AR glasses

Online change of operating language

    Possible to change language during system operation
    No downtime

Ready for digital manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

    Secure communication and simple networking with external systems for evaluation via OPC UA with connection to MES (Manufacturing Execution System) production control systems
    OPC UA interface for connection to external order management such as ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) – ERP, among other things, sends production orders to the VC 1 control System
    Minimizing downtime through constant online diagnostics of the machine and all processes


The effective way to manufacturing concepts and tool design

The modular Bihler bNX technology software provides optimum support for the virtual modelling of your products as well as the development and design of Bihler stamping and forming tools.

With this globally unique solution for system engineering and tool design, you benefit from shortest development times, significantly lower development costs, optimized products with higher quality and reliable tools with higher output rates. In addition to the fully integrated Bihler Technology Software, bNX also contains the basic software modules of Siemens NX for optimum, market oriented design. The software allows you to quickly adapt to changing product or production requirements – for instance with the consistent templates for our modular LEANTOOL tool kit.


A cost-efficient option

Whatever the case, whether you want to have your existing Bihler system overhauled or decide to purchase a completely modernized machine - overhauled machines from Bihler are always a particularly economical and sustainable alternative. They are equipped with state-of-the-art machine and control technology and offer the same high-quality standards as new machines - with a factory warranty.

We always have a number of older machine types in stock at our plant in Füssen. We can modernize and overhaul them on request - also on-site at your facility. Our experts will design the entire process specifically for your system and ensure rapid installation and commissioning at your facility.

  • Stamping-forming machine RM 30
  • Stamping-forming machine RM 40
  • Stamping-forming machine GRM 50
  • Stamping-forming machine GRM 80
  • Stamping-forming machine MACH 1
  • Stamping-forming machine MACH 05
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