BERNSTEIN - as a supplier of industrial safety and enclosure technology, BERNSTEIN combines these competences in the DETECT and PROTECT business units and supports you as a customer in implementing your Smart Factory. The product portfolio ranges from switches, sensors and enclosures to support systems and operating terminals to system solutions for operating and safeguarding entire machines and systems.

Products Area

Switches and sensors

Our large selection of switches and sensors allows almost any application. The range extends from insulated or metal-enclosed limit switches to foot switches and safety switchgear.

Enclosure technology

With its traditional enclosure technology division, BERNSTEIN combines superior enclosure technology for encapsulating a wide range of applications with modern and variable support systems.


BERNSTEIN DETECT - we make safety happen
Position Switches and Safety Switches
Switches with separate actuator
Switches with guard locking
Switches for hinged applications
Foot Switches
Rope Pull Switches
Belt alignment switches
Emergency Stop Devices
Safety Evaluation Device
Analog Switching Modules
AS-i Safety at Work
Ex-approved products
Inductive Sensors
Capacitive Sensors
Magnetic Switches / Magnetic Sensors
Contactless Safety Technology
General information

SMART Safety System


BERNSTEIN PROTECT - we keep your visions safe
Standard enclosures
Control enclosures
Suspension Systems
Operator stations
Ex-approved products

Lift and escalator industry

Door contacts SEL