AZBIL - AZBIL since our establishment in 1906, we have pursued measurement and control technologies, delivering unique solutions to our customers. In April 2012, we changed our company name from Yamatake Corporation to Azbil Corporation, making the azbil brand familiar to many people. Today, the azbil Group provides unique levels of customer-oriented value in offices, production sites, and daily life all over the world through its three business segments: Building Automation, Advanced Automation, and Life Automation. Development, design, manufacture, sales, rental, installation, repair, maintenance, import/export, testing and inspection of instruments, equipment and systems in the following fields

  • Measurement and control instruments, equipment and systems
  • Electrical, communication and precision instruments, equipment and systems
  • Air conditioning control instruments, equipment and systems
  • Disaster prevention and security equipment and systems
  • Optical instruments, equipment and systems
  • Electrical/electronic equipment for medical applications and medical appliances
  • Waste treatment equipment and systems (water, oil, atmosphere, etc.)
  • Assisted/nursing care equipment and systems for elderly and/or persons with disabilities
  • Gas meters and gas-related equipment for gas supply
  • Water meters, hot water meters and related equipment for water and hot water supply


Building Automation & Controls

    Building Management System
    Direct Digital Controllers
    Valves and Actuators
    User Terminals

Solutions & Services

    Cost reduction
    Increase tenants’ satisfaction
    Optimize building facility performance
    CSR Activities

Market-specific Solutions

    Office Building
    Retail Facilities
    Pharmaceutical factory


  • Industrial Automation Control and Monitoring Systems and Software
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Flowmeters
  • Level Transmitters
  • Temperature Transmitters/ Thermal Sensors/ Humidity Sensors
  • Analyzers
  • Communicators
  • Control Valves and Actuators
  • Controllers (Temperature Controllers) / Recorders / Communication Gateways
  • Combustion Safety and Control Systems
  • Switches and Sensors
  • Diagnosis of Factory and Plant Equipment
  • Discontinued products for factories and plants

Support and Training

  • Maintenance Support
  • Life Cycle Support
  • Energy-Saving Program for Factories and Plants
  • Equipment Diagnosis Support for Factories and Plants
  • Advanced Automation Company Training Center

Solutions for Factory and Plant Problems

  • Valve Solutions - A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation
  • Operation Management
  • Energy Management
  • Facility Asset Management
  • Safety Management

Solutions for Pharmaceutical Production