AUXEL - AUXEL is part of the Amphenol group. We design, manufacture, sell and provide support for interconnection and power distribution solutions in Electrical, Power Electronics and Electronics equipment. Today, benefiting from an expertise of over 50 years in the fields of Electrical, Power Electronics and Electronics Equipment, Amphenol AUXEL handles the most advanced technologies to address the challenges of Conducting Current, Insulating, Connecting, Assembling and more. Thanks to a global presence with sales offices, engineering departments and manufacturing units in a variety of key locations, Amphenol AUXEL is able to serve, co-design and support its customers personally all over the world. With a wide range of products recognized as innovative, reliable, safe and cost effective, Amphenol AUXEL provides solutions for various needs and markets: Industrial (Motor Drive,,etc.), Transportation (Rail, Automotive, Avionics), UPS, Solar, Wind, Smart Grid, Electronics (Data centres, etc.).



Your company’s success depends on technological performance and the price you pay for it. In order to guarantee your customers systems with flawless interconnections, you need to be able to count on a partner whose competence is on a par with your own. Together with you, we form a team to find innovative solutions and organize planning, while meeting your budgets. We help you to realize your objectives in terms of performance and return, while bringing your new products onto the market faster than ever before, ensuring your company’s success. To help achieve this success, Amphenol AUXEL’s solutions are divided into 4 categories:

Auxel Laminated Busbars

Electrically optimized laminated busbars, whatever the parameters! 
(IGBT / Capacitor link, DC link, power and measuring components’ interconnection, etc.)

Auxel Plug and Connect

Connection solutions in any configurations!
(End user power terminals, AC/DC terminals, power module links to PCB drivers, etc.)

Auxel Optima

Production-optimized interconnection systems, as simple as ABC!
(Filtering sub-assemblies, Motor/PE/DC connections, Semi Rigid power distribution sets, etc.)

Auxel Customer services

Together with you, in this fast moving world!
(Engineering and Technical, Logistics, Globalization)