AF GRUPPEN - AF Gruppen is a leading contracting and industrial group. The purpose of our business is to create value for our customers, owners, employees, and society at large. We are proud of our good financial results, but every bit as important are the non-financial values that we create every day. A safe working environment for our employees and sub-contractor personnel, new services that help solve society’s environmental challenges and ethical business operations that create security for our customers. This, in turn, provides us with the opportunity to create additional value for our owners.

AERON® is a well-known brand in the global marine and offshore industry. Since 1979, we have developed an AERON® high quality product range, specially designed for shipboard and offshore environments. AERON® HVAC+R products are designed to ensure optimal climate solutions for passengers, personnel, cargo, machinery and instruments aboard modern passenger ships.

The world needs more energy efficient solutions. Our commitment is to provide smart technical solutions that will benefit our customers and the environment even with the most demanding global comfort and safety requirements.

Product List

AERON® Products

  • Air Handling Units
  • Fan Coils & SCU units
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Air terminals & Cabin Units
  • Automation & PLC
  • Fans, Silencers and Dampers
  • Louvers & Droplet Separators
  • Antenna Cooling Units
  • AERON® Container Solutions
  • ATEX Products
  • Spare parts
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
  • Heaters
  • Galley Ventilation

Air Handling Units

Based on our long worldwide experience in the marine and offshore market, we have developed several types of high quality Air Handling Units (AHU). We offer a flexible range of units in many sizes. The units are available in modules that enable us to deliver solutions tailor made to all kind of marine and offshore installations. Our products come in selections of single or dual-pipe units, low or high-pressure units.

Technical information for the AERON® AHU:

  • The AHU’s are assembled from a wide range of standard sections
  • Available in 12 sizes up to appr. 100 000 m3/h
  • May be delivered capacity of 1 x 100%, 2 x 50% or 2 x 100%
  • Have very good acoustic and thermal insulation
  • May be delivered with housing in Alum-Zink, Galvanized or Stainless Steel
  • Will be delivered in special marine or offshore execution
  • Will be delivered with large inspection doors
  • The fan and motor mounted on vibration dampers with flexible connections
  • The Casing is made of double skinned panels, insulated between with 50 mm high efficient mineral wool or polyurethane foam
  • The AHU is mounted on a common solid skid with hoisting equipment for easy installation or divided into smaller sections as desired

Types of standard AERON Air Handling Units:

  • Horizontal Marine AHU for indoor installation
  • Vertical Marine AHU for indoor installation
  • Horizontal Offshore AHU for indoor installation
  • Horizontal Offshore AHU for outdoor installation
  • Other special types available upon request

AERON® Marine Air Handling Units comes with all necessary accessories in order to minimize installation work at the yard. The heat exchangers and evaporators are available in any type of materials the customer demands.

Flat Packed Air Handling Units

We have developed a special unique system, which makes it possible to supply ‘flat-pack’ AHU equipment as an alternative to fully assembled. The units comes in several pieces and installs easily inside the ship or offshore module. For modification projects, this saves a lot of time and cost, compared to cutting a hole to take in large products.

Fan Coils & SCU units

The AERON® range of Self Contained Units and Fan Coils solutions for demanding marine applications may provide individual air-conditioning in the room by automatic temperature control. The FCU and SCU units normally recirculates the air in the cabin, and some includes necessary fresh air supply.

The vertical fan coils for Cabins are designed for silent cabin comfort with sophisticated air treatment and control. An advanced digital room temperature control system with stepless fan speed control and heating/cooling power regulation completes the solution. To ensure easy installation in prefabricated cabins, FCU can be installed e.g. in the toilet block in the vertical position. In addition to better sound attenuation, this offers easy access to the unit without disturbing passengers

For larger rooms we offer a standard series of Vertical Air Handling Units VAHU or Self Contained Units (SCU) especially suited for air handling in rooms with large dimensions that might require large cooling or heating capacities.

We offer Fan Coils Units (FCU), Vertical Air Handling Units (VAHU) and Self Contained Units (SCU) for the following marine applications:

  • FCU for Cabins, vertical or horizontal types
  • FCU for Public areas
  • FCU, VAHU and SCU for technical rooms
  • FCU, VAHU and SCU for public rooms and technical-/ data rooms
  • Other special made FCU, VAHU and SCU units available upon request.

Refrigeration plants

The range of AERON® refrigerating products will cover every need for refrigeration onboard modern ships and offshore installations. All refrigeration machineries and cooling products are supplied according to requirements from yards, owners, classification society, and national authorities.

Our refrigeration machineries are constructed for marine and offshore applications. Components and materials are based on our customers’ requirements and our long experience in the business. Emphasis is put on safety, energy efficiency, small dimensions, low weight and easy maintenance as well as site installation-friendly solutions.

The refrigeration plants can be delivered either as direct expansion systems or as chilled water plants for indirect cooling. Our plants can be delivered with air-cooled or water cooled condensers, compressors for reciprocating or screw type systems, or as multi compressor units fitted with several compressors. Whatever the requirements, we will provide an optimal designed plant that meet your demands.

Our refrigeration products can be delivered, but not limited to the following applications:

  • Air cooled or water-cooled Chilled water refrigeration units – CW.
  • Air cooled or water-cooled Refrigeration units with direct expansion – DX.
  • Air cooled or water-cooled Split AC units for ATEX or non-ATEX.
  • Fan coils for Chilled water or air-cooled refrigeration units.
  • Complete Provision room refrigeration plant
  • Self Contained Units for return air or fresh air supply.
  • Compact Deck units with Air Handling Units and refrigeration units built together
  • Taylor made cooling systems in ATEX or non-ATEX.
  • Antenna cooling units

Air terminals & Cabin Units

AERON® Marine Cabin Units and air terminals are designed for use in low and high speed marine air conditioning systems. Their task is to control the airflow and temperature.

We have a comprehensive range of Cabin Units for wall mounting or ceiling suspension, units for 1-pipe, 2 pipe, 1 pipe with reheat and a wide selection of air terminal units The manually operated cabin units includes a reheater with room thermostat, or just a manual damper (manual model) which both allow the manual adjustment of airflow quantity. The Cabin Units includes a selection of room thermostats and diffusors. We may also offer automatic pressure-independent cabin units that support the most sophisticated indoor environment in cabins.

The airflow can be controlled and maintained individually in each cabin and thus sound levels and comfort are kept in a best possible level. The airflow and temperature can be continuously measured so that the controller will cut off the reheat power below the minimum airflow. Some Marine cabin units can operate on a LON or Ethernet network with a dedicated network adapter. Through intelligent network and pressure-independent operation systems it is possible to reach the best benefits of energy efficiency technology.

Automation & PLC

Exclusive automation systems for HVAC-R systems contribute to higher productivity in friendly working environments and energy savings. To control the HVAC-R systems we deliver everything from simple, virtually maintenance-free plants to state of the art PLC and computerized systems.

The AERON HVAC Automation systems are made for dedicated control of each Air Handling Units (AHU) and refrigeration machineries. The AERON HVAC Automation Systems may also include all other equipment like Cabin Units, Fan Coils, Fans, dampers, valves and sensors for control and monitor the humidity, temperatures, airflows etc. For the overall control functions of the HVAC system, the system may connect to the ships main computer system (IAS) and be delivered with backup systems according to our customers’ requirements.
Advanced energy efficiency solution (VAV)

One of the best benefits from the owner’s point of view is active operation between the AHU (Air Handling Unit) and the terminal units. Data from the terminal units can control the AHU in two ways in order to reduce the energy consumption:

  • Adjusting the fan operation to optimal level
  • Minimizing the need to heat or cool down the air inside the AHU  

Local energy efficiency

Air conditioning could be forced into standby mode when the passenger removes the keycard from its holder. Even though unnecessary cooling and heating is limited while the cabin is not occupied, the indoor climate conditions are simply maintained at a comfortable level. The individual comfort level is quickly re-established when the passenger returns to cabin. If the passenger opens the balcony door, the cabin ventilation unit saves energy by preventing unnecessary cooling. Unlike advanced system, the local solution does not require a network.

Automatic operation could be facilitated by continuous airflow measurement and damper regulation by intelligent control panel. Automatic HFR/M adapts to variations in ductwork pressure and maintains individual conditions in each cabin and is thus pressure independent. Semi-automatic cabin unit does not include airflow measurement and is thus pressure dependent. The HFR/M is an excellent choice for suites, deluxe cabins and office areas where the total airflow needs to be distributed to several points, but controlled centrally with one control panel.

Monitor your cabin comfort and savings

We may offer supervision software that runs on a computer and offers an excellent tool for HVAC engineers and hotel management. The software offers and overview from a cabin ventilation system, to each cabin that can be individually adjusted, controlled and monitored via network. The software enables the changing of parameters and set-points, for individual cabins or for cabin groups, as well as printed listings of different elements that have a direct impact on indoor climate conditions, safety and energy-efficiency. The supervision system can also display the history data and trends. Symbolic representation of the process and clear displays make the software easy and convenient to use.

Fans, Silencers and Dampers

We are offering all types of fans needed to create an optimal ventilation system for marine and offshore applications. With requisite certificates according to class and governmental requirements.

Axial Fans

Typical applications for these fans are mechanical ventilation of technical rooms like engine rooms, cargo rooms a.o. where you transport large air volumes at relative small pressure drops.

Explosion - Proof Fans for Hazardous Area

Hazardous areas onboard offshore rigs, chemical tankers, oil tankers and gas carriers have very stringent requirements with regard to design and execution of the ventilation fans concerning safety. We offer a wide range of special fans for installation in hazardous areas.

Centrifugal Fans

Typical applications for these fans are exhaust air from different rooms in accommodation areas or as supply or exhaust fans for any room with narrow spaces that requires small ducts with high speed air distribution.

Dampers and Fire-dampers

We deliver any types of heavy-duty dampers for marine and offshore applications, including certified fire-dampers approved by classification societies.


We deliver any type of square and circular high efficiency silencers.

Louvers & Droplet Separators

Humidity does more damage than most people realize. Humidity leads to corrosion, which will shorten the lifespan of machinery, metal structures, electrical installations and electronic systems.

Installation onboard offshore platforms and various types of ships are often exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Louvers in general, particular the intake louvers are often exposed to larger amounts of water from heavy rain, strong winds, green sea and water spray. To ensure the longevity of the louvers, but also to increase the lifespan and performance of machinery, electronic systems and more, a well-dimensioned and high efficient intake louver systems is always well invested money.

AERON® droplet separators are heavy duty, high efficient water and moisture eliminators that yield high efficiency with low operating pressure drop. The separators are available in sea water resistant aluminum alloy or in stainless steel. The droplet separators can be combined with a filter coalesces system for water and dust separation.

All our louvers and droplet separators that can be delivered in combination with a damper or hatch for weather-tight closing. In addition to the advanced moisture eliminators, we also supply all kind of simple louvers, hoods and goosenecks.

Antenna Cooling Units

AERON® Antenna unit type AM is a lightweight, compact cooling unit designed for cooling of antenna systems.

The AM unit is equipped with compressor, evaporator and air-cooled condenser all fitted together in a ”ready to use” unit. The AM can operate at surrounding temperatures up to 65˚C. The units will be delivered with thermostat and complete control panel for easy operation.

The AM Unit is a compact, flexible and quiet running air-condition unit. The unit is designed to operate inside or below radar domes in a non EX zone. The unit normally has a cooling capacity of 2,5 - 3.5 kW. The unit is built in stainless steel chassis AISI 316 quality for long lasting lifetime. The construction is strong due to the harsh environment often found in demanding marine and offshore installations.

AERON® Container Solutions

Our AERON® container’s can be delivered both for marine and offshore applications. These can be delivered fully insulated and with necessary light, ventilation, cooling and heating. You only need to supply electricity and necessary water and ventilation ducts.

We may deliver  containers for storage of special equipment in ATEX or non ATEX, and containers with complete HVAC-R systems for accommodation or technical rooms.  The systems may be designed according to customers’ requirements and all will be delivered in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.

Typical applications:

  • Storage of lithium battery packages in ATEX with necessary HVAC
  • Storage of painting equipment in ATEX with necessary HVAC.
  • Container with complete HVAC Systems for accommodation
  • Container for cooling of Instrumentroom or Technical rooms
  • Container with complete provision room cooling system
  • Containers for temporary refuges with necessary equipment.
  • Other tailor made solutions in ATEX or non ATEX.    

Examples of AERON® HVAC container

  • Containers with Mist Eliminator louvers, Air Handling Units, fans etc.
  • Refrigeration machinery with air-cooled or water cooled condensers.
  • Cooling system with necessary heat exchangers, integrated pumps.
  • Complete solutions with integrated PLC automation & control system.

ATEX Products

Our ATEX product ranges complies with the ATEX directive and consist of both standard products and products tailor made to our customers’ requirements and operation environments.

Spare parts

To maintain smooth operation and minimal downtime of the installed equipment, AERON holds an extensive stock of spare parts available through an efficient parts service system. In conjunction with our international representatives and business partners, we do our utmost to satisfy our customer’s needs.

All stocked items are quoted and dispatched the same working day
Together with our business partners, we have a large stock of most components available to ensure minimal delivery time and costs.
In our archive back to 1979, we normally may find exactly which part has been delivered from us for any projects.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

In the wintertime when cold air outside is heated up, the humidity inside could end up below 10%. Human beings will normally prefer humidity between 30-60%. Maintaining a stable humidity is not as easy without a controlled HVAC system. This can only be maintained by humidifying the indoor air in wintertime and cool the indoor air with air-condition in summertime. 


Humidifiers could be used to increase the humidity in the air inside accommodation or other special areas. Humidifiers can be installed in the HVAC Systems to minimize generation of static electricity and to prevent air becoming dry in the accommodation or other special areas. When humidifying is required, Aeron recommend adding clean steam. Humidifying systems can be based on a central steam supply system for the Air Handling Units or local steam generation systems for rooms.

Please note that that the disadvantages of with too humid air could be larger than too dry air, special if the humidity will condensate at cold surfaces and come into building insulation.  Iso standard 7547 for ventilation in accommodations for ships strongly recommend that the upper level of relative humidity is limited to 35% RH. Be aware that since humans lack sensory organs that register moisture, it will act indirectly on us, and dust in the air could led us think that the air is too dry.

In this chapter you will find more information of our standard steam humidifiers for marine and offshore. These humidifiers is special made for marine and offshore, mostly in stainless steel and special made to avoid power leakage. They also have simple programming to adapt to different water qualities. The right level of humidity is important for a good working and indoor environment.

Specially in the summertime or in hot areas, the relative humidity could be very high. The high humidity could may discomfort indoor climate, reduce lifetime, and damage electronic equipment, increase corrosion, increase mould and fungus attacks etc.

When we use air-condition, we normally both cool the air, reduce the humidity in the outside air, and make a better indoor climate. For uninsulated areas without air-condition, it could in some areas be smart to install a dehumidifier to reduce humidity and obtain a better indoor climate specially for the equipment inside.

We have dehumidifiers well suitable for marine and offshore. We may serve you with central dehumidifier connected to Air Handling Unit or local room dehumidifiers. The humidifiers can be delivered with simple control or with stepless control connected to a computer-based control system. In this chapter you will find some standard dehumidifiers, but we may also offer other special solutions based on your requirements.

Our range of dehumidifiers has a variety of applications among others:

Dry air storage in general – humidity control in unheated storage rooms.
Internal corrosion protection of machinery parts, bridges etc.
Reduction of ice in evaporators at doors and ceiling in cold stores and freezers.
Ships protection of Cargo etc.


We can engineer and serve you with most kind of standard wall heaters, heating pumps, duct heaters,  fan heaters and Certified EX heaters for harzardous areas from producers of well known products. We can serve you with heaters based on hot water, steam or electricity. 

Air heating by means of fan heaters is a quick way of heating all types of premises where quick heating is required. Air heating takes place through the air being forced past electrical heating elements by a fan and propelled into the room. In systems where fan heaters are only used for room heating and not for ventilation, the air circulates through the fan heaters repeatedly until the desired temperature has been achieved. A thermostat or a control unit in the room will switch the heating elements on and off in accordance with the required room air temperature. In this chapter we have a few examples of standard heaters. We have wide range of heaters in order to cover most requirements for heaters in marine & offshore.

Galley Ventilation

The stringent and robust standards applicable to ventilation in the marine business and fundamental to the quality assurance of our tailor made galley systems and products. We uses galley equipment from well known producers containing high quality hoods and canopies designed in accordance with applicable standards sush as USPH, Solas, CE, Iso standard etc.

Typical challenges in galley ventilation design relate to optimizing the air volumes inside the galleys for creating a comfortable working conditions and doing this in an energy efficient way, as well as minimizing the grease accumulation inside the hoods and ductwork to improve fire safety and hygienic conditions. Nowadays that ship designs include number of restaurants, challenges can relate to where the galley can be replaced.

Drawings for your projects can be created for you by our engineering team. In this chapter, you will find some examples, but we will offer a tailor made solution for you, based on your requirements.