ABB PF - Power Factor (PF) is a measure of how efficiently electrical energy is utilized. The closer the PF is to 1.0 (or 100%), the lower the amount of power lost in transmission and distribution systems and in turn, the higher the efficiency of the system. Most electricity utilities around the world impose financial penalties on their customers for low power factor in the network due to the inefficiency of the electrical equipment. ABB now launches the next generation of RVC power factor controller which enables customers in efficient monitoring and control of power factor through automatic capacitor banks, thereby improving the electrical efficiency of the network. The new RVC significantly enhances the customer experience due to its intuitive graphical user interface, compact design, ease in programming and operation.

Existing PF controllers from ABB are recognized globally as a reliable tool for power factor correction. They are known for their distinct design, ease of use, reliability and versatile functionality.

The new RVC power factor controller consists of many new features that makes its interface smarter and simpler for the benefit of panel builders or OEMs and end users.

  • It measures and displays key parameters like voltage, current, PF and harmonic distortion. It supports a broad range of network voltages from 100V to 440V, allowing the OEMs to have more cost efficient designs.
  • The new RVC has a display that is nearly twice as large as its predecessor. The interface has been upgraded to graphical icons which are arranged intuitively, are easy-to-understand and overcome language barriers. This makes the controller more user friendly for the commissioning and service engineers to monitor the health of the electrical installation.
  • The depth of the casing is also two times lesser than the previous model enabling easier mounting and a more space efficient capacitor bank design.

Finally, the RVC also allows distributors to cross-sell or upsell with ABB capacitors, ABB reactors, ABB UA range of contactors or any other related package solutions offered by the distributors.

The new RVC can be used to control the PF in diverse types of customer networks including residential or commercial buildings, and in diverse industries like mining, steel, chemical, pulp and paper, cement, plastics, printing, automotive, food & beverage and light-to-medium manufacturing.