Bastini supplies expansion joint solutions in a variety of process applications such as vibration isolation, noise suppression, thermal expansion and contraction, pipe alignment and seismic movements. Pump connections and flow conditioning.

Expansion joints in pipeline systems are designed to absorb minor displacements (axial, lateral and angular), as well as to compensate for vibrations.

Compensators perceive the displacement of the connected parts of the pipeline resulting from the thermal expansion of the pipeline. They reduce the stress in the pipeline and facilitate the installation of the system.

Compensators absorb vibration and dampen noise in industrial plants and engine rooms. However, expansion joints must have a high chemical resistance to the substances flowing through the pipeline, as well as resistance to pressure and temperature.

When choosing the right compensator, it is necessary to take into account the same parameters as when choosing a hose (sleeve), such as medium, operating temperature and pressure, but first of all it is necessary to consider the type of movement (axial, transverse and angular). the flexibility of the compensator, i.e. the force that must be applied to obtain movement / deformation.

  • Metal bellow expansion joints
  • Rubber expansions
  • Fabric expansion
  • PTFE & PVC Expansion Joints
  • Flexible Metal Hose
  • Flexible Couplings
  • Flexible Expansion Loops
  • Angular compensators
  • Axial expansion joints
  • Compensators made of conductive NBR rubber for LPG
  • Compensators made of CSM rubber for chemical substances and natural gas
  • Compensators made of EPDM, CR, IIR rubber
  • Compensators made of FPM FLUORO rubber (VITON)
  • Compensators made of NBR or HNBR
  • Compensators made of NR/BR (natural rubber / butadiene rubber)
  • Compensators made of white NBR
  • Elastomeric compensators
  • Elastomeric expansion joints
  • Energy-saving pump connectors
  • Expansion joints made of fluoroplastic (PTFE)
  • Fabric expansion joints
  • Flexible connectors
  • Flexible expansion loops
  • Flexible metal hose
  • General purpose compensators
  • Inline pressure balanced expansion joints
  • Lateral compensators
  • Lateral expansion joints
  • Materials for expansion joints
  • Metal bellow expansion joints
  • PTFE & PVC expansion joints
  • PTFE compensators
  • PTFE expansion joints
  • Repair of expansion joints
  • Rubber compensators (flanged or grooved)
  • Rubber expansion joints
  • Rubber flange compensator
  • Silicone expansion joint
  • Steel expansion joints


Bastini supplies expansion joints for the following industries: oil and gas, ultra-high vacuum, textile, cement and fertilizer, chemical, metallurgy, refineries, power plants, petrochemicals, textiles, automobiles, railways, shipping, heavy industries, instrumentation, cryogenics, etc.

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