Anchors, Chains, Connecting Links

Anchors, Chains, Connecting Links


AC-14 HHP Anchor

Danforth Anchor

Flipper Delta Anchor

Hall Anchor, Spek Anchor

JIS Stockless Anchor

N Type Pool Anchor

TW Type Pool Anchor


Anchor chains

Block-type Connector

Buoy Chains

Chafe Chains

Connecting Chains for Mine Car

Fishery Chain

Galvanized Anchor Chain

High-strength Flat Link Mining Chains

High-strength mining chain

High-strength Round Link Mining Chains

Marine Anchor Chain

Mining Chains

Offshore Mooring Chain

Oil Rig Chain

Oil Rig Grade Anchor Chain (Grade ORQ / R3 /R3S / R4/ R4S / R5 from 34mm to 162mm)

Open Link Anchor Chain

Shortlink chaincables,

Stud Link Anchor chain

Stud Link Marine Anchor Chain

Stud Link Offshore Mooring Chain

Studless Anchor Chain

Studless Link Marine Anchor Chain

Studless Link Offshore Mooring Chain

Studlink chaincables

Chain accessories

A and B type Swivel Shackle

Anchor 'D' Endshackle

Arc-shaped Triangle Plate

Asymmetric Triangle Plate

Connecting parts

End Shackle

GJW Superswivel

Joining Shackle

Kenter Shackle


Mooring Hook

Mounting Rings

Oblong Plate

Pearlink, Pear Shackle

Regular Triangle Plate

Straight Triangle Plate


Swivel Adapter

Swivel Shackle Type B

Swivel forerunner

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