Automation and Energy

Automation and Energy

BASTINI - supplier of electrical and electronic components

BASTINI is a supplier of products for electrical process control and automation, as well as electronic components with competitive prices. Our diverse list of products includes; proximity and motion sensors, humidity and temperature sensor data loggers, fuses, light curtains, electrical connectors, actuators, safety relays, panel meters, emergency stops and more.

Whatever your process control and automation requirements, BASTINI, a reliable specialist supplier of electrical and electronic components, has the perfect product solution for you.

  • Onshore Converters
  • Storage inverters
  • Network converters and converters
  • Emergency telegraph system
  • Valve control and management system
  • Cargo tank (reservoir) management system
  • Fuel and oil monitoring system
  • Reporting system from the engine room
  • Ballast control systems
  • Signal tower systems
  • Electric drive systems
  • Energy management systems

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